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☮ Sophie ☮
Night night yal ❤️❤️💋💋
@_punkrockhood: @SophieKasaei_ PLEASE PLEASE SOME AUSTRALIA ❤️” was there 4 days ago
How lush is this mesh skater skirt from my shop @OTRBoutique Only £22 available in all sizes… call to order 💋
@itsJakeFrank: @SophieKasaei_ please come to South Africa alreadyyyy 😍” I know man!!!! I promise I will do soon xx
@nicwhitaker: @SophieKasaei_ your clothes range is amazing! ❤️” thanks all down to @HouseOfSHB 😘
@GeordieShoreWW: @SophieKasaei_ it's been incredible to watch you grow and transform, I'm so proud of you Soph 😊 x” aww this is cute ❤️❤️💋
@geordieworld: @SophieKasaei_ your Holly's and charlottes ranges are so nice doing so well for yourselves well done❤️❤️” thank you xx
@rana_arganoil1: @SophieKasaei_ love the look of it Hun. Defo need to get me one of them. X” it's my raving gothic attire haha
The gorgeous HunniBunni Passport Cover as owned by @SophieKasaei_ shown here with the tropical background #Christmas
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How lush is this mesh skater skirt from my shop @otrboutique Only £22 available in all sizes SML Call to order from 10am for delivery.... We also ship worldwide 😃
Just when you thought things were getting good.....
After this weekend Jerry's defo right #WhoIsJerry #AskJerry
Addicted to @lasulaboutique another amazing outfit just arrived :) #lasula #love #bargain #wow #spon ❤❤❤❤❤
@RitchellMaxwell: @SophieKasaei_ did you enjoy ur visit to NZ???” It was the best!!
@KTSomerset: @SophieKasaei_ @OTRBoutique 😃 miss you on Geordie Shore, glad we still get to hear what your up to on twitter 💜”😘😘😘
@SophieKasaei_ I've just bought a house with l'boyf after 4 years, and our daughters due in 30 days, when we got told we'd never have kids 😻
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@SophieKasaei_ just spent another amazing weekend with my wife !! Doing nothing special just in love :)
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@bekahsaurus_x: @SophieKasaei_ my fabulous boyfriend moving 450 miles to be near me! Such a lucky girl! @duddydudes ♡♡”aww my wish 😔
@naynaybree: @SophieKasaei_ next time you come to Australia, don't forget Perth ok? 💋” I was there in January!!
@annabellebrand1: @SophieKasaei_ @OTRBoutique I sat on the toliet yesterday talking to your dad” whilst having a poo #Positivity
@SophieKasaei_ @OTRBoutique Just came home from a world trip that has changed my life. So looking forward to what the future holds...
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@chloejoomun: @SophieKasaei_ I'm going to Australia this week, but Dubai first!😆#cantwaitt” been to both and they are amazing!!!
@abbiegeorgiaaa: @SophieKasaei_ just moved my Australia and starting my life in England 😁✌️” omg wow I love australia tho!!
@imlou_: @SophieKasaei_ i'm booking my holiday on monday to go away with my bestfriends, now that's positive ☺️” where u going??
@LA_Mayon: @SophieKasaei_ @OTRBoutique I'm single lol” any girls looking for love??? Haha
@nikkiaston: @SophieKasaei_ it's my little boys 3rd birthday on Wednesday :) and he's amazing! #positivemonday” awww #ProudMammy
@SophieKasaei_ @OTRBoutique I've just quit my job and this is my last week! Believe me that's the most positive thing !
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@DamonJCarter: @SophieKasaei_ mine is joining the Army best thing of my year so far” WOW respect to you lad do our country proud... 👍
@KTSomerset: @SophieKasaei_ @OTRBoutique couldn't be happier, love my husband & our house 😃😍” aww I can't wait to settle down one day..😃
Monday morning... Let's keep it positive guys!Tell me 1 positive thing about yr life atm.... Mine is I'm so proud of my shop @OTRBoutique❤️
So on Friday we were followed by OK mag to film a day in the life of me.... First stop was at my boutique @otrboutique then it was onto @geordietours I had such a good time and safe to say I think the producers did too 😂 #Mortal #MyLife
Hahahaaa windswept waiting for taxi hoes
One of my favourite dresses from my range with @houseofshb to check out this and more go to ❤️❤️ #SelfieStick
RT if your feeling rough as a badgers arse or FAVOURITE if your feeling fresh as a new born baby #WeekendFeelings
@TheDreamboys: Check out the strongest Male Strip Show team in the World @TheDreamboys Show u buzin
Tryna have a civilised Sunday dinner with the girls and there just sitting on this whilst I'm try a have a convo 😂
Miss my tinker 😔.....
This is one of my all time face dresses from my collection @houseofshb find this and more at ❤️❤️
I'm in love with this dress! Find this and more with @houseofshb #MyCollection
@IWearMyWages: In love with the Aria dress from the @SophieKasaei_ range at @HouseOfSHB - blog post coming soon.... xo” yeyyy excited to c!
Ahhhhh Ffs I'm wide awake!!! Nothing else to do then put my gym attire on and go do some cardio!!! Lets sweat bitch! #JetLagProbs