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☮ Sophie ☮
Welcome to the diamond life....
We have sent client @SophieKasaei_ to @revivme in Vegas and now client @LateyshaValleys to @revivme in Miami #globalrejuvenation#IVdrips
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We are literally like tiny little ants in America.Never seen so many obese unhealthy monta ppl in my life.Feel so comfortable wit me gut out
There's no such thing as a hangover here in viva #Cure
Where is good on a Tuesday In Vegas? #Vegas
Snap backs and shades #VEGAS
Holding the heed and Stella
Happy Tuesday! #poolselfie
Blaming the way I feel on the jet lag #Vegas
@funkkychicken: Pretty sure I was just in a lift in Vegas with @SophieKasaei_ 😮” Iye 😃
We met a Geordie nanna on our flight to Vegas. She supported Sunderland though 👎
American fashion sense is fucking awful like. It's like going back to the olden days
BRB just popping to Vegas
Would you rather be really really hot or really really cold?
Life is so good 👌
That's me and @KatieMaitland1 on our journey to Vegas! Can't wait to meet the girls out there! This is going to a fucked up week bitchesss
The lovely Sophie from Geordie shore in yesterday getting her Cinderella extensions. @SophieKasaei_
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What's the best excursions people have done in Vegas?
@tandelrey: @SophieKasaei_ @LeaRoseCheng ERM HES BLACK YOU'RE A FUCKING PAKI YOU SILLY CUNT” nice to know. I'm half Iranian actually
Last minute syndrome got me again. Going away tomorrow and not packed 1 thing. Got work in the morning too #Unprepared #As #Usual
@MrSeanAndrews: I seriously hope @SophieKasaei_ is in the celebrity Big Brother this year! #CelebBigBrother” we will see 😉
Thank you to @SalonMhair for colouring my hair yesterday!! Loved my day with the girls #NEWCASTLE