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Pillow Talk
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I love wearing hoodies...
Girls rather hear a guy say, "I've made plans for us," instead of the usual, "I don't know.. whatever you wanna do."
9 Numbers That Are Even Sexier Than 69 #1 21 is not just the drinking age in the USA.…
A REAL boyfriend will tell HOES that he has a Girlfriend...
Some guys just can't handle the responsibility and privilege of having a faithful girl. They would rather have a million hoes.
That nasty sex talk, rough sex , body sweating, Chest to chest, lip biting, neck sucking
A good boyfriend should always send you a goodmorning
If Your Boyfriend Has A Bestfriend, Fake Sister Or Anything That's NOT Blood Make Sure That B*tch Kno Her Place
"Stop" ?? "Stop It" ?? "Babe Quit" ?? "Baby You Play Too Much" ?? "Stop Thats My..." ?? "You Still Want Me To Stop ?" ?? "NO !"???.
You are MINE, my baby, my headache, my love, my smile, my frown, my wrong, my right, my pain, my happiness, my everything...
That "Nobody knows our business" type of relationship >>
Being called "babe" or "baby" >
"GIRLS" want attention, "WOMEN" want respect,"HOES" want d*ck, "B.TCHES" want drama, "BOYS" want pu$$y,
Don't call me "Boo", "Bae", "Baby", "Babe", or "Love" unless I�m the ONLY ONE you're calling that.
A Real Boyfriend Will NEVER Make His Girlfriend Feel Like She's In Competition With Another Girl!
High school relationships that end in marriage. >>>>>
Never jeopardize a GOOD thing for a NEW thing......
The female that holds you down is the one you should keep around...
If Your Faithful, I'm Faithful. If Your Down For Me, I�m Down For You. If You Fight For Me, I'll Fight For You. Ride For Me I'll Ride For u!
S/O To The Girls That Know How To Love A Man For Who He Is
Cheating and having hoes gets old. Everyone should want to reach a point where they're mature enough to stay faithful
As a girlfriend you might see thirsty hoes trying to get a sip of your man. As a boyfriend it's his job to make those hoes dehydrate!
If you only knew many guys she turned down and rejected just to stay faithful
Hold me down when I have nothing. I'll give you the world when I have everything.......
A real woman will be your backbone...yet these hoes will be your downfall!!
Females who ask for nothing >>>>>>>> Deserve the world!
Faithful girls CRY the MOST...
I want to get married ONCE! No divorce, no re-marriages,
If your girlfriend is pretty
9 Weird Things Your Penis Does #1 a stray drop of pee still trickles into your underwear…
When I date someone, I think long term. What's the point of dating someone if you only want them temporarily?
Being a good Girlfriend/Boyfriend is more than just what you do in front of them, it's what you do when they're not around!
When I'm single, I'm single. When I'm in a relationship, I'm in a relationship!
High school made me realize that a lot of people will change just to fit in.
We fight, We curse, We kiss, We hug, We text , We talk, We argue, We laugh, We smile, We love. ? That's just us...
When gauging relationships hopes we need to get better at discerning a prospects intent vs capabilities #somepillowtalk
No girlfriend should EVER feel like she's in a competition with another girl. PERIOD!
Nobody appreciates a good girl, until she doesn't give a f*ck anymore...
Hearing something that absolutely kills you inside and having to act like you�re fine. <
Thats sexy AF RT if you are that flexible Fave if you want a girl that flexible…
I used to like #oomf but. . . .. Ummmm. .. .. Yeah. . .. *Walks Away*
Dear October, Why are people tweeting "Damn it's October already?".. . WTF did you think came after September? September Jr.?
All relationships have their ups and downs but emotional turmoil should not be an everyday occurrence #pillowtalk
Calls are cool, texts are alright, tweets are okay, but nothing is better then seeing you in person.
Females who don't ask for much deserve EVERYTHING...
Who doesn’t like to hear that they are loved? Second, you need to show it.
That relationship where you can talk all the way from "good-morning" to "good-night" and never get bored of each other >>>>