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Solenn Heussaff
In the woods today! #Shooting #Tiyanak
Why eating slow is key.
Maddie and Mark of T'iyanak. #Soon #Shooting #Tiyanak (photo @raprramirez )
BTS T'iyanak shooting (photo by @raprramirez ) #Shooting #Tiyanak
Morning! Made super earky breaky ! T'iyanak shooting in a bit! Dark multigrain rustico bread with cheddar cheese and cayenne pepper, and fresh juice of dragon fruit,kiwi and orange. Good morning indeed :) #SolennCooking #CasaPulgosa #Tiyanak #Shooting
Last for tonight haha. Kamote balls. Good for snack or for your work out. Just boil kamote then mash it with coconut sugat, vanilla, mixed nuts, raisins ,cranberries, cinamon. Tjen shape into balls :) #SolennCooking #CasaPulgosa
Prepping breakfast for tom. And bain for shooting of T'iyanak! #SolennCooking simple yet yummy, toasted granola, mixed nuts, mango, dried figues, chia seeds,greek yogurt and raw honey.
Hope you guys can join me on oct 12!!!! Lets fight the war against breast cancer. I will be running 10km. But u guys can walk/run 5km or 10km :) #PINKwarAgainstBreastCancer
โ€œ@Johnvalle20: #thenakedtruth bernardokath solennheussaff ๐Ÿ˜โค๏ธ ๐Ÿ‘‰Sept 19,
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Cooked yummy dinner for crazy eyes. Haha eating before 7pm is best for your body. Grilled salmon fillet and salad with tomatoes, avocado, quinoa, feta cheese and a sweet balsamico dressing. #SolennCooking #CasaPulgosa
Together with @solennheussaff, letโ€™s wage war against breast cancer: #AvonPinkWAR
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For those asking me , from one of my fav books. You dont need to starve. Eat right and maintain a balanced lifestyle. We only live once kaya enjoy naman natin ha . Haha
My juice for today : Melon, Mango, Calamansi, Mint, Ginger, Honey and Chia :)
Breaky with hubba bubba after boxing with @kickboxxed
My man prepping my well deserved gluten free waffles ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜›
Morning! Boxing time!!! And love my toilet mirror! From india :)
Narealize ni @solennheussaff na hindi siya dapat matakot sa malalaking tao. Now we know! #MPSportScience
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MP featuring sport science now na on GMA!! #MPsportScience #MPfeaturingSportScience @gmapinoytv
MP featuring Sport Science now na on GMA!! #MPSportScience
The wind is so strong and scary. Ingat everyone....
Now prepating gluten free cinamon vanilla mix for Waffles in the morning after boxing. YES, i kmow the Naked Truth is in 4 days.
Dinner is served :) missed cooking! Yoghurt and spices marinated chicken breast, quinoa in chicken broth and veggie mix :)
Cooking solenn style marinated chicken for @nicobolzicco nom nom
Kulitan sa set #Tiyanak ( photo by @raprramirez )
Vitamin for the sickly sos haha
MP Featuring Sport Science, tonight na at 10 pm on gma! This show will air every other sunday. nood tayo mamaya! :) #MPfeaturingSportScience #MPsportScience
Today on Philippine Star. Cant wait to read the article @iamsuperbianca !! A fan of the way she writes! Check it out guys :)
Maddie of T'iyanak #Shooting #BTS #Tiyanak @raprramirez photography
BTS T'iyanak. Photo by @raprramirez #Tiyanak
T'Iyanak BTS. Teaser will be out soon!:) #Tiyanak
Down and dirty on a saturday night #Shooting #Tiyanak
This starts tomorrow na!!!:) MP Featuring Sport science ,this sunday na on GMA at 10 pm! #MPfeaturingSportScience #MPsportScience @gmanetwork
Ang saya naman sa set haha more energy for more scenes #Tiyanak #Shooting
Intense script reading before shooting the scene. #Tiyanak #Shooting
Baon sa set by me :) #Adobo #OrganicQuinoa #Ratatouille
#OnSet #Tiyanak @officialjuday @akosimangtomas
MP Featuring Sport science starts airing tomorrow na! Very interesting show im sure all of you will love. Will post time tomorrow :) @gmanetwork @emmanuelpacquiao #MPfeaturingSportScience
Morning! Off to T'iyanak shooting. Prepared my morning juice. For today: pineapple, cucumber, pear and mint. Topped with chia seeds :)
Despadida for Gime! I argentinian when im with them haha
Shooting Taste Buddies #TasteBuddies @tastebuddiesnewstv
Deciding what to cook for dinner tonight and gona try out new smoothies in the am :)
Made one of my fav breaky this morning ! Omelette of tuna, home made pesto , tomato and cheddar cheese!!
Was hiding from @nicobolzicco this morning ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ #camouflage
So inlove with jazz #crispon28th
Jazz night at Crisp:) #crispon28th
Freestyle jam sesh at Crisp :)