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Thinking of you and your family, @meyerweb. #663399Becca
Hey #Ottawa , we have @nskbelanger talking about owning your success @Shopify next thursday June 19th!
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Huh. The WiiU pad shows ads.
Mario Kart credits have quite the jazzy music. I kinda want to just listen to it forever.
Find someone to have dinner with or head home and play Mario Kart? Yeah, I think we both know what’ll happen here.
Now that I have the wiiu, all my devices go through hdmi. None of that component cabling crap. #firstworldhappiness
I'm snookca on the wiiu.
I've set a personal goal to scratch the two remaining continents I haven't been to off my list: Asia and Antarctica. Conference, anyone?
I couldn't resist any longer. /cc @jessabean
"The medicinal marijuana factory must have high security."
They’re basically the same thing now.
I think @SavedYouAClick is probably the best Twitter account. Like, ever.
I barely use my pebble but I'm still tempted to get an android watch.
'Unix is user-friendly; it's just picky about who its friends are.'
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So awesome having lunch with @chrislobay and @snookca at @Shopify. Pretty positive it's the best place to work in Ottawa.
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Thunderstorm. Love it.
We need UX researchers at Shopify.… Come work with me!
A night to myself. Unsure what to do. Might play Forza or Titanfall. Chill out.
So sad that @bigrigbrew doesn't have pork tacos anymore. Fish tacos will have to do.
Grabbing lunch at @bigrigbrew. Pork tacos y'all.
And thus begins my birthday week. 5 days until 40.
Ask HN: Where did all the Product Managers go?
As a manager, do you empower people or tell them what to do?
I should not be given a whole weekend to stew on something that is pissing me off.
I’m not enjoying It’s slow to load and don’t like emailing on event changes/declines and inability to move to other calendars.
You don't need a "mentor" AKA, my (almost) fool proof strategy for asking strangers to have coffee with me:
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I enjoyed this interview of @simmy on @greatdiscontent I’ve always been a fan of his work.
1) SVG has <text> 2) <text> can use @font-face 3) It scales well and is accessible/selectable ✽ ::…
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Many incorrectly mistake fear for respect. I suspect because the expected result from either is obedience.
Having a sudden craving for pop tarts.
Need cat food. Too lazy to go to store. Could someone drop off cat food? KTHXBYE.
"Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!" And down the rabbit hole I go.
As much as people like to lambaste IE, it could do some cool stuff. Like Data Binding.…
Hail! Thunder! Lightening! Aw yeah!
Exquisite nighttime photo capturing the demolition progress of the Bay Bridge. © 2014 photographer Sam Burbank.
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You know what got sent out earlier today? The latest SMACSS newsletter. Over 6,000 people got it. Did you? Sign up at
New York and New Orleans. It’s all about the new with the SMACSS Workshop.
Lilacs and cherry blossoms. Ottawa, you are beautiful this morning.
The Hidden Beauty of Airport Runways.…
In Portland, OR and looking to learn about CSS animations? Check out
3am in Düsseldorf. How are you doing?
It's @btconf day 2. Let's do this.
Sweet nth-child of mine
Simple designs = simple code. The stuff I’ve worked on since has been much larger in size and scope.
Looking back on sites that I did 7-8 years ago and impressing myself at how lean my code was.
My hotel has basic and premium wifi. I can pay for "prioritized bandwidth". Where's my net neutrality?!
I don’t understand the thermostat in my hotel room. The choices seem to be “hot” or “hotter”.