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i feel like many people think of me as a super hero but im a regular person. i have different feelings than just positive 24/7! thats life!
when u see someone lookin mightly beautiful you should say “holy heart eyes!!!”
i wana kiss u till the sun finally catches up to tag the moon
a lot of people want to know my real name!!! its bernard !!! whats yours?
wana walk down to the beach? lets write love poems in the sand then watch the waves make them disappear from the sand and into your heart
i know u love rollercoasters so you must love to fall. well hello why dont we just both fall in love !!!!!!! duh !! like its the best!!!
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enjoy the earth : )
dont keep chasing someone who wont chase you back ok. i know it seems like they may be the only one but they arent even worth your time!!!
there is so many fish in the sea just like there are so many mustache hairs on steve harveys upper lip!!!!
seatbelts are cool because life is cool
always pet a dog when you have the chance!
if u were a ghost u could walk through the ground and examine the dinosaur bones hidden beneath ur house
its super easy to forget the universe above our heads. all those stars and planets are out there. maybe even life somewhere! so crazy!
i’d catch all the spiders in the house so we could explore the spooky basement beneath us while holding hands
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hello this is an emergency. i need help cause im getting a heart attack bc ur so beautifu loWWOWWW OOWA
ask me any question people!!!! im online!!!!!!!!
how to be happy: acknowledge your faults and weaknesses spend time improving yourself then spend your time doing something you love
yO!!!! if u need new friends just fav this tweet and follow everyone else that does!!! say hi 2 new people on ur timeline!!!
sometimes all it takes is a spoon and a jar of peanut butter 2 remind yourself that life is amazing and everything will be alright
thats ok now i have a cast on my arm that u can write a love poem on for me to carry around and read! its like a temporary love kiss!!!
let climb to the top of a tree and watch the sunset. if u fall well i hope u are ok. ill fall 2 so we can make it even *ow i broke my arm*
if life is feelin' dull just add a lil skipping 2 it! skipping is scientifically proven 2 boost your attitude!! hehe jk! but it sure is fun!
shoutout 2 everyone helpin' out the earth and makin' it a better place to live and enjoy!!!
I just discover @SNCKPCK yesterday, and I'm already hooked☺️ His music is so cute!
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me + jenny are recording an album 2day in the snckpck studio!!!! it will b free 2 all humans and animals!!!
yO if unicorns were real i would have a pet unicorn as an old man i think
need a dinosaur pal
kickball would b cooler if the ball was a pokéball and everytime u kicked it u opened up a can of whoop asSPERAGUS pokémon on the other team
havin' fun on a rainy day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Remember that every day is a new beginning.
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i have almost ridden 500 miles this year!!!!!!!!
im a real mail carrier now!!!
im a real mail carrier!!!!
ive been riding my bike to the post office a lot lately!! yay for not polluting the earth riding in a car!!!!
the coolest thing on earth would probably be antarctica bc wow its freezing there!! but you're a close second <3
relax. if yr relaxin currently then just relax some more to feel even more relaxed
nothing is easy!!!!! things only become easy once you try 2 make it happen a few billion times
internet party w/ me and jenny!!!!!!! happening in a few minutes!!!!!!! afternoon spreecast!!!!!!!…
omg!!!! me n jenny are doing an early spreecast in 45 mins!!!!!!
@SNCKPCK 's snapchats always make me feel better 😌💐🌳🌸🍃🌾
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ur a 420/10 wow so beautiful

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