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Look at all these cats i just saw !! Theyre doing great !! Theyre having a good time !! @SNCKPCK
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(ノ´ヮ´)ノ ! the perfect fall album ☀︎ songs for someone you love + download/stream free ★彡 ★彡
@SNCKPCK guess who's hanging out with elephants in Thailand atm !!!
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hi earth!!! hope ur day is filled with fun & i wish u the very best 2day!!!!!!!!
look what came today!!!!! @SNCKPCK thank u!! ( ˃̶᷇ ‧̫ ˂̶᷆ ) ∗ˈ‧₊°
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LIVE on #Periscope: spooky songs 2 pump u up for halloween…
my favorite thing to do is lay on dead leaves with u
get pumped!!!! today will b a great ride!!!! remember 2 drink ur ovaltine haha jk frick ovaltine
My review are now 100% vegan and gluten-free.
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im decorating mail!!!!!!!
@SNCKPCK hey man I painted the lyrics to spooky ghosts and I skipped some but hey ily ily ❤️
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my phone died just like my soul when the jonas brothers broke up
im eating 3 banannananas
life is abt petting as many dogs as u can
u can b kind every1 can
this is my fav shirt and it has holes everywhere!!!! i need another!!! please advise if u kno who made it i 4got :+(
thank U 2 all my pals who r finding my music!!!! its really cool to see people love it : )))))) ++++
i was listening to memphis may fire and this just interrupts it and starts playing @SNCKPCK whats good
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found myself thinking #wwsd?? (wot would @SNCKPCK do) after a particularly hard day + was able to still feel ok + smile so ty 💞 u inspire me
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its a nice saturday 2 listen 2 some SNCKPCK tunes!!!! download them all for free @!! or find me on spotify + itunes!
👻a@SNCKPCKK october playlist🎃 - skeleleletons - spooky ghosts - vampire duck - wilbert the ghost owl
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saw E.T. 2day☁👽🚴⚡️
vegans do eat cheese!!! its just not made from dairy!!!…
wow manchester ct is really killin' it in the stay at home and watch scary movies kinda days!!! love it!!!!
vegan for 60 days baby!!! and im feelin' like a super hero!!!!!!! ++
don’t spend time thinking about something you want to achieve! go act on it!!! you can do it!!
i’m supporting all your dreams. if you want to be a astronaut then you bet i will be in my backyard lookin up in the night sky for u!
always be kind to kids and animals. know its okay to make mistakes sometimes. learn from them. its a new day tomorrow and the day after that
have you seen the show cosmos? i highly suggest watching the carl sagan + neil degrasse tyson ones so ur mind can be blown
all your awkward experiences & embarrassing rejection moments in ur life are actually good for you! youll never succeed if you dont try : )
be thankful for a new day! the universe gave us another day to start again and be ourselves!
so many beautiful people :’ ) wow!!!!! 10 / 10 every1 !
one day i will perform “PIZZA DOG” and there will be a golden retriever mosh pit
wow! twitter is really bumpin’ 2 night!!!! send me ur crzy selfies that are happenin right now!!!! holy hek!!!!
have you ever tried writing your feelings down? or even just write about nothing, everything, and even things in-between.
let the breeze of the wind guide ur negativity and anxiety away from u. try and relax to overcome them.

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