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its never 2 late 2 learn something new!!! im almost 22 and im learning guitar from scratch!!!! improve yrself everyday!! u can do it!!
study for tests and do ur work but take care of yourself bc u come first!!
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looɔ uıʞǝɥ os ǝɹɐ noʎ uʍop ǝpısdn ᄅ ʇnoʇnoɥs
"Pew pew, I just shot you with some love!" @SNCKPCK, you're snapchat story makes my day, everyday.
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my beautiful new baby!!! its a LAG T66 DCE!!!!
listen 2 some happy tunes 2 cheer u up!!! i made a spotify playlist of some v posi music!!! have fun!…
planet earth is our home! we gotta treat it like our own home!! pick up trash if U can and make it a nicer place 2 live!!
missin my boy philip seymour hoffman
GOODMORNING! me and peaches are awwake and ready 4 world domination isnt that right peaches! *peaches takes hit of dank catnip* PEACHES WHY
yay i got my shirt from @SNCKPCK 😊 (also i kinda tried to be cute but it didnt really work out too well sry!!)
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Hey @SNCKPCK I was feeling a lil down so I drew this for you. What do you think?
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stacys mom has got it going on but you know who got it going on better? YOU
gonna listen to @SNCKPCK to get in a better moodddd
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MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! here is some SNCKPCK christmas music 4 u!!!…
Im singing and dancing to the entirety of the snckpck christmas album while decorating, life is good
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life can suck at times but it can also be the best thing in the universe. keep striving 2 be better!!!!
Chillin w/ no make up on that's when I'm the prettiest I hope that u don't take it wrong !!!! #STAYINPOSI @SNCKPCK
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Idk about u but I think my desktop background is amazi n g @SNCKPCK
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just bought my first guitar!!!!!!! wow SNCKPCK music is gonna evolve!!!!
so weird 2 think people listen 2 my music all the time !!!! so crazy!!! glad my work is being enjoyed : )
going outside 2 drive my frickin car and listen 2 rad frickin music!!! have a nice morning pals!!
hey you. you're beautiful. no, don't look behind you, even though that person is beautiful too and everyone is beautiful in their own way.
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u have galaxies in ur eyes and nebulas in ur veins and stardust in ur soul
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u have everything 2 make what u want in life already. life is everything. and everything is life.
Think about how much there is left to experience, places to see, people to meet, kissed to have, films to see, books to read
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i made a video on how to self publish your own book!!!! hope this helps someone out there!…
new SNCKPCK music v soon!!!!!!!!1
dogs are amazing. if u have a dog please send pics