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Retweeted by SNCKPCK ★彡
haha later!!!!!!! ima go ride a bike!!!!
star hat ★彡!!!!!!! be the star of the youniverse!!!! hehe!!!!
star hat ★彡!!!!! be the star of the youniverse!!! hehe!!! ★彡
why does burger king wana make a mcwhopper for world peace day... u literally r killin animal in the name of peace!!!!!! frick yall!!!!
been getting into magic the gathering haha!!!! check out my cool cards ive got over the past month!!
this is the weirdest song ive ever heard thanks @SNCKPCK
Retweeted by SNCKPCK ★彡
looty is lookin MAJESTIC!!!!
u deserve 2 be treated like a holographic ancient mew pokémon. u are special. u are loved.
the rain drops on the window are like an amplified version of the earths beating heart
your heart can and will break, but that doesn’t mean it can’t grow back stronger and more alive than it ever was <3
whatever time it is and wherever place you are i hope u know ur loved <3
i’d triple heel flip over 32 xtra-large pizzAs just 2 kiss u
you WILL feel sad in life sometimes but that just makes the happy times that much better. keep that head up ok!!
yall got some bikes??? send me a pic of urs!!!!!!
sometimes u have to stop worrying about others and what they think!!! if it makes you happy then do it!!!
if ur wondering what vegan options there are for ur everyday food LOOK HERE!!! ->
day 25 of being vegan and i have died!!!!!! im a ghost now!!!!!! HAHA JK!!!!!!! im better than ever!!!!!!
i dont even care what we do today honestly, i just wana kiss you
being positive doesn’t mean you can’t be sad! it means experiencing your feelings but always trying to look at the good things in life.
its ok 2 address the areas in which a person needs 2 improve. its not ok 2 label them “problematic,” that puts them in a box&sets them aside
i want to look at the sun and tell it how much i love it but it hurts my eyes. i am srry sun i luv u
ꈍ ◡ ꈍ love yall ꈍ ◡ ꈍ
u cant pet dogs in space cause there is no dogs in space
tobacco can only hurt u in the end. stay healthy. i care about you
o mama is so beautiful she makes everyone have a nice day! NICE!
depression is not a lifestyle!!! its an illness!! it can be treated!!
if u sleep with one eye open u must be a cyborg or something cause thats not normal
yep it has happened. u are literally the coolest person on the planet
together we can make a change in the world just spread those ~posi vibes~
boybands never last!!!!!!!!! enjoy 5sos and one direction while u can hehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
welcome 2 planet earth where there are anteaters and tony hawks walkin’ around how cool
if ur walkin’ on sunshine like that song please put on sunscreen SPF 666!!! stay safe pals!!!
be thankful for everything U have. like dang ur reading this on a phone or a computer or w/e. be thankful not bored
depression / anxiety isn’t something someone can just “get over”. its an illness. a chemical imbalance in their brain. remember this please.
people are people. who cares what gender they are, what sexual orientation they are, or what their fav color is! people are people! respect!
im literalally a dogogy and my pawss keepe hittin thew wrong keys
pretty much you’re the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me
ur my sun in the sky
everything you do makes me more in love with you
peaches is still doing great in texas :+)
peaches is still doing great in texas :+)
thank u 2 all my pals who have supported me either by downloading my free content or buying a shirt/book!!! i really appreciate U!!! <3

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