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spooky ghosts come out 2 roam very very soon!!!!!
Live a buffet lifestyle.…. take anything you want, as much as you want, until it’s all gone (it will be someday)
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instead of always asking yourself "why", ask yourself "why not" and life will be more exciting !!
give urself a hug u deserve one
share your cute little smile with the world today! it'll make everyone so happy! and make you happy as well!!
thank U 2 every1 who shares my work with their friends!!!!!
always pet a dog when you have the chance!
try your best always!! and be proud of yourself bc u deserve it!
your laugh brightens up peoples day and ur smile is so pretty and u r such an interesting individual wow
so proud of everyone who is alive today, look how far you have come!!!! keep going friend!
whether or not you got what you wanted today, be thankful bc ur alive!!! and that's the best gift of all!
enjoy what life has to offer you!! it may not be as much as someone else but that doesn't mean it's worth any less
i don't get how you can be so concerned with someone elses weight and what they wear. they deserve to be happy with the way they look.
everyone deserves to be loved and to be treated well. yes, im talking to you!!!!
u should make an effort to wake up early and see the sunrise, even if ur not a morning person!! it reminds u how spectacular life is!!
you are here on this earth right now you are alive and shining and lovely and you have the power to change your life & maybe someone else's!
take little moments to observe things around you!! the world is so big and there's still so much to see!!
love your body, it is doing it's very best to keep you alive!!
all ur imperfections make u who u are, don't hide them away!
don't keep ur hurt bottled in!! that doesn't do any good. talk to someone u love and trust please!! i want u all to be happy
stretch, smile, and take a deep breath!! you'll feel much better!
cleanin' the house!!!! jammin' out!!!!
the sky is so beautiful!!
i love to explore and see new things!! don't be afraid to go out of your comfort zone!
if you're ever feeling sad or lonely, reach out to your friends! they can help you and show you the love that you truly deserve!!
if u think I just write tweet on twitter then U should learn what I rlLLY do hehe!! hav fun!
don't forget that people love and need you. without you, there would be a gaping void in your friends and family's hearts
becoming vegan was one of the best decisions of my life and it changed it dramatically 4 the better +
don't ever put urself down or say ur not good enough. u have the ability to be eternal and all u have to do is prove it
how's your day so far??
u mean so much more than u know
think of how amazing life is and don't be afraid to do things that make you happy!!
i hope everyone is happy tonight. the world has so many opportunities to give u, u just have to take them
we're all so much more similar than we may think, appreciate ur differences but embrace the similarities as well
there's beauty in every kind of weather, just like there's beauty in every kind of person!!
if u love someone, let them know. do not feel ashamed of ur feelings
life is beautiful and so are u
@SNCKPCK I drew u !! took 35+ hours over 10 days but I did it !! it was super fun 2 do :+) hope u like it
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my fav thing about you is everything
once u realize that not everyone on earth is going 2 like you and you stop trying 2 please people life is 300% better
earth is cool you should enjoy your stay on earth. look at it as much as you can because earth is cool.
take a deep breath and just live
hey just relax and have fun. life is great so try not 2 worry about it & just let it be great
sometimes all it takes is a spoon and a jar of peanut butter 2 remind yourself that life is amazing and everything will be alright

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