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If you feel like you won't accomplish anything today just read @SNCKPCK tweets or listen to his Snapchat bc I'm 100000% you'll feel better
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@SNCKPCK Wearing your stay positive shirt On my BIRTHDAY WOOW BIRTHDAY POSITIVITY
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morning!!! hey im drinkin coffee and enjoying the day! hey! are you a morning person? i feel like im an every time person
you are this leaf: naturally breathtakingly beautiful, colorful, constantly changing, & unique.
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goodnight my pals!!! sleep well and dream nice dreams of like walruses and jumbo sized fruit roll ups and stuff
@SNCKPCK this one is for my lactose intolerant pups that love ice cream x
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you are unique and no one will EVER be exactly like you, no matter how hard they try ! so take risks, have ur own style , be extravagant !!!
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shoutout to dogs that love peanut butter but are allergic to it. send some love their way !!!
u mean the world 2 me!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!! kind words mean so much !!!!!
came upstairs and found peaches getting peaches hair all over the bLACK HOODIES
triCK OR TREAT!!!!!!!!!!
glow in the dark frick head hoodies go up 4 sale 2night!! only 48 are made. so VERY limited! !
make some time in yr life for relaxation away from the technology!! just relax or read or sit or nap or bike or fly or ya get the picture
everytime i wield a burrito i wish a hawk would just fly onto my arm and start head banging to baha men
tattoos are cool!!! never think bad about someone with tattoos. yO freedom 2 express yOself rules !!!
listen to me!!!! you will never ever get 2 be what u wana be unless u take action!!! frickin' do that one thing youve always wanted to do!
true love will find u in the end
good morning pals!!!! such a nice day to wAke and bake !! some cinnaamon !!! rolls for!!! breakfast!!!!
yes its true im actually just a dog behind a computer!!!! hahaha just catfished the entire internet! mission complete
frickhead hoodies going online 10pm central oct 12th!!!!! tomorrow !!! only 48!!!! :^)
YOU LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL RIGHT NOW!! whether u have makeup on or completely natural ur literally a babe ok
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i love fall so much. the weather is so nice and all the warm colors and spooky halloween things are just the beST!!
if yr getting mad and angry like a grumpy koala then just relax and take it easy like a lil tiny turtle!!!
Stand in front of a mirror and look yourself in the eyes then repeat after me: "I am beautiful and I am worth it."
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@SNCKPCK my cat kinda looks like peaches!!!! His name is catgerard.He's not as sassy as peaches though
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in anything u ever do, ill just be here loving you 😊
ya boy rondel gettin crazy on snapchat!!!!!!! add me :^) my username is snckpck
shine bright like a hotdog
rdy 4 the day with my lil hat n backpack!!!!
goodmorning pals!!!!! ahhhhh today seems like it will be great!! lets make it awesome !!
always keep pushin’ yrself 2 new heights like a frickin’ eagle!!! ok goodnight!!!
you're everything you think you are so why not be ALLLLL THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE AND TURN INTO A HOTDOG
@SNCKPCK my friend was in an airplane today and got this picture before a rainstorm!! :0
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