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Smosh Games
Probably the greatest picture ever taken. Or is there a combination you'd prefer to see?
Red Orchestra 2 now FREE on Steam (today only). If we hurry, we can flood their servers with noobs, drive out the pros, and ruin everything.
Ian and Anthony are playing Titanfall! Is it wise to give them mechs?
You can always count on @warpzonetweets to ask the hard questions about superheroes:
Next Ace Attorney will take place in Japan's Meiji period. Expect it to be even weirder when translators again force it to be set in SoCal.
Nintendo is doing the season pass/DLC thing for Mario Golf. Stay tuned for inevitable reveal that Capt. Falcon and Ness are Smash Bros. DLC.
This has gotta be the real reason why he mainly works only at night.
You're used to seeing Mari play scary games, but now you can watch @LaserCorn and @Sohinki give Daylight a try!
Gonna eat lunch and answer questions for a Bonus video. Where'd we get that idea? Tweet us your questions using #smoshgameslunch!
The spooky horror game Daylight is coming out next week, but we'll be showing you a Backseat of it today at 1pm PT!
With your help, @AtomicMari's been getting pretty good at Minecraft. Think she can survive out in the wilderness?
Join @AtomicMari in a new episode of #Maricraft today at 3pm PT! We'll let the image speak for itself.
We've loved videogame voices ever since we first had "Do a barrel roll" barked at us! Here are some of our favorites:
On today's Why We're Single at 1pm PT, we're talking about our favorite game voices! Baby Mario didn't make the list.
Trivia Time! Can you name the moves that are being performed (or which are about to be) and the games they come from?
It's a new Raging Bonus featuring @jacksfilms and You Don't Know Jack! That's two Jacks for the price of none!
We're playing You Don't Know Jack with @jacksfilms at 1pm PT today! Did we already lose the game by knowing Jack?
We'd be way more physically fit if the world were more like a survival horror game.
Sometimes, the outside world just can't make any good offers, and that's fine with us!
Watch Ian and Anthony slice and dice using Jake's sword from Adventure Time in this mathematical Man At Arms video:
Wizard of Oz could use a buff. Here are @Sohinki's Top 5 video game wizards:
Tune in at 1pm PT today as @Sohinki lists his Top 5 videogame wizards! Hope you have a thing for beards!
Behold, mateys! It's the Honest Trailer for Assassin's Creed IV!
New Honest Games Trailer coming at 11am PT today! Here's a hint: it's on a game that features pirates. And assassins. And their creed. IV.