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Smosh Games
We are headed to San Fransisco for a few days. What should we do up here?? It's a scavenger hunt where YOU make the rules!!
Conserve your power and keep your eyes on your screen, 'cause here is our Honest Trailer for Five Nights At Freddy's!
New Honest Game Trailer at 1pm PT! Keep an eye on this page, because if you don't... it may come and stuff you into a mascot costume.
These are the proper names of the buttons.
No, @FLitz you can't take home the exclusive #sunsetoverdrive Xbox One.
It's Missile Wars in this bombastic new #Maricraft! Who will be victorious and who will be... explodedtorius?
At 1pm PT: MISSILE WARS in #Maricraft! It's like Star Wars but with missiles instead of stars. So not like Star Wars.
So THAT's why they call it the Boxing Ring!
It's Bonus scenes from out last Grand Theft Smosh! We are racing around on the top of golf carts! Risky!
Never got around to car roof racing on Thursday's Grand Theft Smosh, so we're doing it for the bonus video at 1pm PT!
Feeling unproductive today? Do this little survey and feel SO MUCH MORE ACCOMPLISHED!
Have you succumbed to this affliction yet?
Shh... don't say another word... just watch @LaserCorn's Top 5 Silent Protagonists!
Hope Robin has a baby delivery book handy....
Do you prefer the strong, silent type? It's our Top 5 silent protagonists at 1pm PT today!
If you see one scary movie this Halloween...
Priests are such romantics... in Age of Empires, anyway....
We're streaming today... but not until 4pm PST! That gives you fifteen minutes to pretend you're watching us stream before it's a reality!
We're revealing all sorts of dirty secrets about ourselves as we play Loaded Questions in this new Gamebang!
Since we have "new" members, we're gonna get to know each other a little better at 1pm PT. It might get a bit adult.
Okay, we never got around to rooftop racing... because we were too busy singing! New Grand Theft Smosh!
Riding on the roofs of speeding golf carts? It's a thing, and we're doing it on Grand Theft Smosh today at 1pm PT!
Ever wonder how Mortal Kombat fighters can survive past Round 1? Thanks to @warpzonetweets, you can wonder no more!
To clear Gametime things up: Face-painted Link is Fierce Diety Link, walking plant is Mobile Sprout, and Magicant is from Mother. #smashbros
Ian, Anthony and FLitz are playing Smash Bros. 3DS! Witness their aboMiinations!
Finally, we're able to bring you some Smash Bros! Watch Ian, Anthony, and FLitz use their Mii Fighters at 1pm PT!
Overachieving can backfire on you.
Can't make up your mind? Make Mii Brawlers named after what you want. Have them fight as CPU Lv9. Winner decides.
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In case you're worried gamers today are all violent cynics: Miyamoto playing a Mario level created by the kid in red.
Behold! The wonders of New York City and the New York Comic-Con! It's a Smosh Games Field Trip with @LaserCorn!
There's this city on the East Coast called New York City, and Lasercorn went to its Comic-Con. Watch at 1pm PT!
"This hurts me as much as it hurts you."
Maybe his sword spin will get rid of whirlpools too?
Head to @GameStop from 10/27 to 11/16 to get a @Pokemon code card for the Mythical Pokemon Diancie for #PokemonXY. While supplies last.
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Oh my GLOB, Vanessa! These jerks are, like, in Lumpy Space and TOTALLY messing everything up! New #Maricraft!
OMG. We're going into Lumpy Space today on #Maricraft at 1pm PT!