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Smosh Games
Joven is kind of into Batman, so you can imagine how happy he'll be in today's Arkham Knight Gametime at 1pm PT!
This is a joke for EarthBound fans, and only EarthBound fans.
We played #Hearthstone with Dude Perfect, now it's time to do trick shots! Uh-oh! Watch at 1pm PT!
Pretty horrific death if you think about it.
Okay, so @DudePerfect can probably out-trick shot us... but can they out-Hearthstone us? Find out at 1pm PT!
Older, but still don't feel like you've evolved....
Mom, we're on the cover of @LAWeekly! HOW SMOSH'S DOOFY YOUTUBE VIDEOS GOT 7.4 BILLION VIEWS…
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What happens in today's GTS that makes Joven angry enough to declaring he's quitting Smosh Games? Watch at 1pm PT!
Non-gamers won't see anything wrong with it, and maybe you won't either... at first.
We're on Snapchat! It's gonna be an unnecessary and exclusive look onto our lives! Follow us at realsmoshgames!
Zombies? Whatever. Try surviving with DINOSAURS! We're gonna attempt just that in Ark on today's Gametime at 1pm PT!
Sometimes you just gotta get those experience points....
RT if you think Nintendo should release an Amiibo of the Mr. T guy from Earthbound so we can be him in #MarioMaker.
What's Flitz been up to all this time in Minecraft? Something grand, no doubt! Check it out on #Maricraft at 1pm PT!
Is Amiibo backwards compatible, do you think?
You guys wanna see what happened at E3, right? It was pretty crazy. Check out our Bonus report at 1pm PT today!
Some new characters are in Smash now, one of whom has got Flitz all excited! New #SmoshSmash at 1pm PT today!
You voted, and Cards Against Humanity was the clear winner. Get ready for a Gamebang with the new Smoshers at 1pm PT!
Teamed with @MadeMan for #FathersDay to play GTA with our dads! RT to thank Dad! #ForFathers
It's Buth time again on Grand Theft Smosh at 1pm PT. This time, though... we're bringing our fathers into the mix.
Finally finished all the Streetpass puzzles! Thanks @PamelaHorton13 for providing the final piece! #Nintendo #E3

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