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Smosh Games
Things are getting pretty meta. Today at 1pm PT. It's our Top 5 Top 5's! Yay two years of Smosh Games!
Fill out a super easy survey and get paid! C’mon what else are you doing?
Could a Bioshock movie be a mistake? Satchbag raises some interesting points: What do YOU think about what he says?
This is an awesome video created for us by @SeikoInDaHouse to celebrate 2 Years of @SmoshGames!… -- thanks, Seiko! <3
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No stream at 3, but Mari and Wes are streaming now:
Watch out! Some of us are zombies! It's a staggering new Gamebang!
It's that spooky time of year again! Some of us are becoming zombies in Contagion on today's Gamebang at 1pm PT!
Time to bring the Death Bus out of retirement! And this time: It's AIRBORNE! New Grand Theft Smosh!
It's time to bring the death bus out of retirement! Join us for Grand Theft Smosh at 1pm PT!
Starting RIGHT NOW, Payday is FREE on Steam as long as you add it to your library within 24 hours! Go!
Ian and Anthony left us alone with their Sims. Time for us to get creative before they come back! New Gametime!
Ian and Anthony left us in control of their Sims. So now it's OUR turn for Sim torture at 1pm PT!
Props to NOA's localization team for this one.
Watching our Honest Trailer for Dark Souls is waaaay less frustrating and slightly less fatal than playing the game:
It has been discovered that you can dupe weapons in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Here's how.
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If you have an @Xbox One/360, download our app! You'll get access to every prank, fail, #HonestTrailer and more #xbox
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What do get when you wear your shoes a lot in unclean environments? Dark soles. New Honest Game Trailer today at 1pm PT!
REVIEW: Our #Bayonetta2 review is up! Could this #WiiU exclusive be one of the year's best?
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At first, this seemed like a silly idea, but upon further reflection... LEGO Minecraft pretty much HAS to be a thing.
Thank you to all the fun folk for the official @SmoshGames member congratulations. Extra sentence to wrap up my thanks in a deeper way.
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It's all been leading up to this! We're finally battling the Ender Dragon in this new #Maricraft!
It's the fearsome Ender Dragon! Can we defeat it? You'll have to tune in to #Maricraft at 1pm PT to see!
Classroom Aquatic is an Oculus game in which a dolphin cheats on a pop quiz. Yes, you read that right. #IndieCade
Runbow. Got a funny feeling we'll be doing a Gamebang of this at some point. #IndieCade
Grim Fandango Remastered! Keep this on your radar if you haven't played the original. Or even if you have! #indiecade
It's been two years, so we're making FLitz and Wes read fanfiction! That's one way to celebrate 1 billion views!
Two years, 5 million subs, and we're celebrating by reading your fanfiction. That's wise, right? Join us at 1pm PT!
When you vote on #FoodBattle2014, vote for rock candy. "Rock Candy" raises your stats in Earthbound. Just sayin'.
Spoiler warning: These games might make you cry. It's @TheJovenshire's Top 5 saddest game endings!
Even though we are suuuuuper tough 24/7... some games kind of make us cry. Top 5 saddest games at 1 pm PT!
Would you be excited if this was real?
Mega Pidgeot! A.K.A. "Pidgeot who dipped its feathers in blue ink and also sneezed while getting a haircut."
New Game Bang featuring HORRIFYINGLY SPICY chocolate punishments! One of our best yet... Don't make us do another!
Mario Party Gamebang at 1pm PT! Losers have a one in three chance of eating a hot sauce-covered chocolate ball!