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Smosh Games
We're on the hunt for civilizations to colonize in #Maricraft!
Congrats to @YahtzeeCroshaw, whose Zero Punctuation just turned 7 years old! So many words, so few commas or periods.
It's Marifest Destiny! We're gonna go exploring for civilizations to conquer on today's #Maricraft at 1pm PT!
Comic-Con madness with Smosh Games!
It's breakfasttime at Comic-Con! Or lunchtime. We'll see what we feel like. Tune in at 1pm PT!
Who's at #SDCC ?? Come say hi to Jovenshire and Lasercorn outside of Room 25A at the Convention Center at 1pm TODAY.
Comic-Con just might be why we're single. We've got some shenanigans to show you today at 1pm PT!
It's 3:30 in the morning and I'm still watching @SmoshGames. What the hell is wrong with me?
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Thank you, @SmoshGames, for getting me hooked onto Game Theorists. #AnotherChannelToBingeWatch xD
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Animal Crossing never made a whole lot of sense.
Morgan Freeman was in Resident Evil 3?
No live stream today, because Comic-Con! You can still go to our Twitch channel and pretend we're streaming if you really want to, though.
We test our knowledge on today's Game Bang. Don't Miss it!
We're playing Ellen's "Head's Up" guessing game on Gamebang at 1pm PT! See which of us know zip about pop culture!
Don't miss the Smosh Games Epic Movie Trailer in Grand Theft Smosh Today!
We have an idea for the most epic movie trailer ever, and we're putting it together in GTA. Watch us try at 1pm PT!
This is pretty spot-on, don't you think?
Game characters should really start protecting their left eyes.