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Smosh Games
We recreated the Chemical Plant Zone song from Sonic 2 in this weeks episode of Unplugged!
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Hope we win at the @streamys so we can make lame puns like, "mmm... tastes like streamed corn!" Hope the judges don't see this tweet....
More @CaptainSparklez in #Maricraft! We'll need his expertise as we attempt to remove @LaserCorn from royalty!
More time with Mr. Sparklez in today's @MariCraft at 1pm PT! We're gonna raid some castles!
(Mega Man is known as Rockman in Japan)
Found @Sohinki's elementary school yearbook photo!
We're off to get some new Magic cards! Won't you join us?
We need more Magic cards, so we're gonna get more Magic cards. Join us on our trip at 1pm PT today!
This "Xx_xX" thing in naming is getting pretty stale!
Is this the darkest timeline? Here are Lasercorn's Top 5 darkest moments in video games!
At 1pm PT, it's the Top 5 darkest moments in games! Dark as in tone, not lack of light, that is. Then it'd be Doom 3.
Guess it's time to up the difficulty level!
When a character is female, people only want to talk about how hot they are. @warpzonetweets is equal opportunity!
What is UP with that Octorok today? Anyway, as you know, his presence means NO STREAM TODAY. So sorry!!! Next week?
Hot and horny narwhal-on-narwhal action! It's a new Gamebang with a very misleading Twitter description!
These are the Narwhals we'll use in the Gamebang. Which is your favorite? You'll have to watch to see who uses whom!
What's better than narwhals? Narwhals... in SPACE! It's a Starwhal Gamebang at 1pm PT today!
Hope they have this feature in Mortal Kombat X.
Let this be a warning to all you trainers out there!