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Smosh Games
We're getting close to entering the End! So close, we can smell it! Smells like a new #Maricraft.
Credit cards are such jerks. New Money & Cash!
Our Twitter account is still unverified. For all you know, this could be a pack of wild dogs on keyboards PRETENDING to be Smosh Games.
Joven will be going to Europe to represent #teamsmoshgames in the #ForzaFuel challenge! #ad
Either he has good cards or something interesting is happening beneath the table. Catch Joven on…
We're going to try to make it to the End on today's #Maricraft at 1pm PT!
Thank you for the award, @streamys! In celebration, this year we WON'T release Resident Evil's deadly T-Virus on the population! #Streamys
Who needs the Triforce of Courage when you've got a gun?
It's Smosh Games vs. @warpzonetweets in an intense, turnover-ridden Madden 15 battle!
Stayed tuned for more of our epic Madden 15 tournament against @wzrpsonetweets and @thekatiewilson at 1pm PT!
Some of you will just be like, "Hey, it's Mario!" But others will see this frustration for what it really is.
C'mon Liam Neeson, we don't want to hang out with the Tunnel Snakes!
Take a look at the sexy side of intergalactic relations with @AtomicMari's new Top 5!
Aliens can be sexy, right? Who DOESN'T want some hot Jabba action? See @AtomicMari's Top 5 bangable aliens at 1pm PT!
Gentlemen, hold onto your hats! It's our TF2 Honest Game Trailer and you don't even need a Mann Co. key to watch it!
Mega Altaria's got nothing on Flareon.
Come watch a new Honest Game Trailer at 11am PT today! We are pretty pumped about this one. In fact... WE ARE FULLY CHARGED!
Something CRAZY is going to happen very soon. What could it be? Special announcement on Monday! #ForzaFuel #ad
No stream this week! But you can still come and chat with fellow Smosh Games fans at!
Does this guy have his own Smosh Wiki page yet? NO STREAM THIS WEEK! But... next week! #ApologeticOctorok #Sorry
Today's Gamebang is shocking! And painful! Can you feel the schadenfreude?
On today's Gamebang at 1pm, we're playing a game where the losers get PAINFUL shocks! Why? BECAUSE WE'RE CRAZY.
If you don't have this guy in your Tomodachi Life island, you are playing the game wrong.
Nintendo... please actually release this game (Mother 3) to the Western world....
We aren't afraid of UFOs! We're a biker gang! OH NO A UFO! New Grand Theft Smosh!
Save up to 33% on select games through 10/2 in our Super Smashing Sale! This week includes Mario, Yoshi and more.
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Aliens in Los Santos: Fact or Fiction? Find out on today's Grand Theft Smosh at 1pm PT!
Those of you who preferred Saints Row when it was more "realistic" aren't gonna be happy with its upcoming DLC!
Forgot to add text to this before, but, yeah... it's Yoshi! Remember Yoshi? He's back... in car form!
A new @warpzonetweets video featuring @MatPatGT and Captain Planet? Better RT this to show you're recycling stuff!
Wait a minute... this isn't Sonic! WHAT IS GOING ON???? New Gametime with Smosh (and @FLitz!)!
Join us today at 1pm PT when we play Sonic 3 CD & Knuckles! It... doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
We don't speak German, but hopefully we speak Animal! New Button Bash with @Gronkh und friends!
That moment when you get spotted and think, MAYBE I can keep going...?
I teamed up with @warpzonetweets to take on @SmoshGames in Madden15! Who will win? Video on SmoshGames!
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Duck Dynasty as a game? Awesome! Just kidding, nobody cares. But wouldn't it be cool if videogames became TV shows?
This familiar weapon will be available in #HyruleWarriors as part of add-on content arriving on launch day! #Zelda
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We're gonna play #TheSims4 with Sims based on us, but we need your help: Let us know the crazy scenarios you want to see us put our Sims in!
Did you know LOST and Breaking Bad were originally video games? Okay, that's not true. New Why We're Single at 1 PT!
It's Minecraft... in SPACE! It's a new Star Wars #Maricraft!