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Smosh Games
We got to go to Halloween Horror Nights! Watch our trip at 1:30pm PT! It'll be as if you're cowering there with us!
You teach me and I'll teach you.
As you may have heard, Smosh Games is two years old now. We didn't say anything sooner in case the channel was sensitive about its age.
That fish ghost had BETTER not be real!
Some folks are good at getting chicks in the mood, but one of us is good at getting chickens in the mood. #Maricraft!
"Before we go to the End, we're going to need chickens. Lots of chickens." New #Maricraft at 1pm PT!
"Crippled by poison! Better get a kill on one of these guys... wait, where did they all go?" Every. Single. Time.
What REALLY happened in Joven's #ForzaFuel trip? And just HOW good is he at FH2? New Bonus! #TeamSmoshGames #ad
Joven will be talking all about his European jaunt (as well as playing some Forza!) on today's Bonus at 1pm PT!
What it must look like if you miss your target when you hit the "use" button.
Isn't it nice to get dressed up every once in a while? Here are @LaserCorn's Top 5 disguises!
Clayface wearing a Spy mask to look like Mystique. Wait... WHAT? Tune in for our Top 5 disguises today at 1pm PT!
Eating food you find in video games.
Have you witnessed the Pandamonium yet in this new Gamebang?
what she says: im fine what she means: why didnt they include anything wind waker in hyrule warriors why did they do this to me i cant belie
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One week for Smash Bros, but only TEN MINUTES for Smosh Games Streaming Bros! Join us at 3pm PT!
The Valve Complete Pack has TF2, but not Dota 2. NO DEAL.
Valve Complete Pack on sale for $25 (down from 146). That's a PRETTY good deal! They even threw in TF2, how generous!
Trapped on a small island with a giant bear trying to kill you? It's Pandamonium, and it's happening today at 1pm PT!
Makes sense... until you really think about it.
That's the end of our #TheSims4 comics, but you can make your own! Search hashtag "#smoshgames" while in the Sims 4 to get us in your game!
Panda-based Gamebang tomorrow. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at thumbnail creation!
Keep your eyes on the sky! It's a new Grand Theft Smosh!
We are as majestic and graceful as eagles, and are going to Flight School just to prove it! New GTS at 1pm PT!
These get weirder and weirder every day. It's yet another #TheSims4 comic!
Going to space and destroying a family... we are the best and the worst people. New Gametime with #TheSims4!
We're moving into the Goth house in #TheSims4 at 1pm PT today! Think their lives will improve? Also: SPACE!
New Nintendo 3DS & New Nintendo 3DS XL will launch 21st November in Australia & New Zealand #NintendoDirectAU
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Oof. This picture is just... PAINFUL to look at. Some people need to check themselves before they wreck their stuff.
It's Injustice with @NerdistNews! We're also quizzing them in comic trivia, because why not? New Button Bash!
We'll be playing Injustice with @NerdistNews and seeing how well they know their comicbook stuff at 6pm PT today!
WATCH YO' SELF, SLICK! It's another #Sims4 comic!
The quick B Dasher kart returns in Mario Kart 8 and will be in the 1st DLC pack! #MK8
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We visited Seattle to drop a ring into a volcano. Couldn't find a volcano, so played Shadows of Mordor instead!
John Malkovich Recreates Iconic Photos And It’s Awesome!
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We got to go to Monolith and play Shadows of Mordor! Don't worry, we'll show you what happened today at 1pm PT!
Our channel hit five million subscribers? Wow! That's like one person for every... subscription...? We aren't good at analogies....
This cat was found living under a truck parked by the S. S. Anne.
Have you ever wanted to watch a Goomba review an E.T. game for the GBA? Yes, you have, you just didn't know it yet.
It's the final competition in our Madden 15 tournament! Who will win, and who will face the humiliating punishment?
Our epic Madden 15 tournament is coming to a climactic close at 1pm PT today! Sohinki vs. Odom of @warpzonetweets!