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Smashing Magazine
This is probably one of the best names for a tool. ZorroSVG puts an SVG mask on images to save bandwidth.
If you happen to be in New York City in December, please ping me — would love to meet, and perhaps organize a (free) meet-up?
Oh my! I'll be running a RWD + Front-End workshop on design patterns, UX and performance in NYC, US in December!…
Looks interesting: lazySizes loads images, iframes, scripts asynchronously, incl srcset/<picture>. Have you tried it?
That's quite useful if you really dislike the (humble) command line: Gemba lets you drag’n'drop files into Git.
Do you actually use your browser bookmarks bar? Removed it a while back and find myself much more productive using Alfred for specific URLs.
One of those buzzwords you’ve probably heard before: Information architecture.… - Card sorting elaborated by @paj_one
Safari preferences / Advanced / Show full website address
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A handy little tool: Support Details collects user settings and exports them as PDF — e.g. for bug reports.
Apple on Hamburger Menus: "Don’t use hamburger menus on iOS.”…
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Goodie! Icons that represent monuments across the globe, available in PNG and SVG formats:…
History Lesson: 996 ⏰ 1388 ⌛️ 1605 📰 1826 📷 1841 💡 1876 ☎️ 1888 🎥 1899 🔦 1904 📻 1910 🎧 1925 📺 1962 📟 1964 📠 1965 💻 1973 📼 1982 💾 2007 📱
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Lovely. Google Design has open-sourced 750 glyphs as part of the Material Design system icons pack.…
“Resolution by itself is not a solution.” @tlootno’s proof of concept for better media queries and font sizing ➸
Retweeted by Smashing Magazine, a yet another website tracking type pairings and showcasing them on the site.
A pretty fancy Grunt plugin that extends HTML image tags with srcset and sizes attributes.… #rwd
I wrote an article to backup my statement about dropping Accessibility in favour of IE8 support.… #fronteers14
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If you happen to have issues with Gmail SMTP server on OS X Yosemite, here is a quick fix:…
Sounds like a good deal to me! (Amazing) hand lettering signs in exchange for lunch in NYC.
Simpler means that if I click a link on an email from you on my phone I'm getting what I want instead of app spam
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Have you been playing with <picture> and srscet/sizes recently? Would be great to see examples in the wild. Any ideas? #rwd
That's a clever idea: a remote service to manage updates, tweaking and other WordPress issues. (via @rachelandrew)
Goodie! Travel and Ecology Icon Set (50 free icons, AI, SVG, PSD and PNG).…
Slow weekend ahead? Perhaps you'll consider sitting down and finally understanding and mastering all things API.
What is your elephant right now? Perhaps a work deadline? Well, why not handle it one bite at a time...… by @retinart
There may be many public WiFi hotspots available when you're on the go, but that's not necessarily a good thing.…
“Content First design with Content Slice Diagrams”. An interesting approach to prioritizing content. #ux…
Can’t get to Brighton? I’ve teamed up with @smashingmag to bring my CreativeJS workshops online!…
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New in the lab: WOFF2 See the Wizard, a Wonderful JavaScript Feature Test by @zachleat
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This 2.9KB library for lazy loading images automatically calculates the sizes attribute…
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There’s nothing more annoying than knowing that the content is already available but blocked due to heavy Web fonts.
And it’s not difficult to achieve either. Fonts in localStorage or use WebFontLoader:…. One-time-font-switch is OK.
Sorry, but blocking the rendering of the content due to web fonts is disrespectful, annoying and unnecessary. Fallback first, Webfont later.
This quick demo explains the difference between CSS transform-style: preserve-3d and flat…
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@smashingmag rendering starts at 585ms from DSL in #Brussels. Nice to see people focused on web performance :)
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Most techniques are mentioned in our article on Improving SmashingMag's Performance, by yours truly:…
First results: start render time is around 0.713s on DSL from Amsterdam. Without any voodoo perf magic. Details:…
Just pushed a new update on @smashingmag: delaying loading of Gravatars, improving critical CSS, Retina favicon. Please do report bugs! :-)
Friendly reminder: Two weeks left to submit your artwork and present it in a Smashing wallpaper. Join in! ;-)…
A CSS-only approach for tracking UI interactions using Google Analytics.…
A very detailed article on web font performance and dynamic subsetting.…
We're giving away 1 ticket to the upcoming @dsgndayconf in Amsterdam. To win, tell us what kind of music will be playing at the afterparty!
Oh well, you can see it this way. “There is much to learn from the paper towel!”… #ux by @craigmod
A new @smashingconf video is up: dear Patty Toland from @filamentgroup speaking about Design Consistency in RWD.
Ah, so this is how you quickly prototype with Keynote.… by @andrewcohen
So the SPDY protocol requires SSL, but what if some ad spots are delivered directly, not via SSL? Can you still use SPDY then? Any ideas?