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Smashing Magazine
So, Oxford in March! Who's planning on joining us? :) Sign up for the latest news on tickets coming soon…
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@Tevko @brad_frost srcset/sizes = information to help browser decide which best. Picture w media attrs = explicit DO THIS ONLY
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Very useful. How browsers choose the best responsive image based on the srcset value.… (via @simevidas)
★ Font Family Reunion—Compatibility tables for CSS font-family defaults. Read more:…
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This is how computers actually render bezier curves - ~@benefritz
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"Stop asking design candidates to redesign your product. It’s unfair and (even worse) it’s ineffective"…
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Finally! The shiny new book by @ppk is now released: “There Are More Bugs In Mobile Than Particles In The Universe!”…
We hope you'll loooove these October wallpapers as much as we do:… A big Thank You to everyone who has participated!
The very first copy of the “Mobile Web Handbook” by @ppk is here. The book is now shipping! Expect it shortly ;-)
Neat! How to make photos come to life with a little bit of CSS magic.… (via @CSSWeekly)
I thought APNG was long dead, but apparently Apple decided to implement it in Safari 8 (!) I wonder what that means…
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We asked @brendandawes to experiment with physical email interactions. He made six fascinating objects.…
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Reading is a complex process — that makes it all the more important to balance the line length and font size in RWD.…
One thing to consider: many of the slower devices tested on… are still _incredibly_ popular. Design accordingly.
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Just about time to get it right! The Pronunciation of European Typefaces (a short video).…
Have you noticed interesting examples of responsive websites, or navigation, to be precise, lately? E.g. the new nav?
If you happen to be stuck at the Athens airport, and fly over to Zurich tonight, let’s grab a coffee!
Oh, right. Free Airport Wi-Fi for 60 mins is expiring, roaming is slow and business Wi-Fi is broken. It’s going to be… interesting.
Good morning! Last boarding call for RWD online workshops on Design Patterns and RWD Front-End Performance by yours truly, tomorrow...
If you design apps and wondering how iPhone 6 / 6 Plus affect the workflow, here is a nice guide by @marcedwards.…
A bit of CSS stuff about :target, including a little technique for better jumplinks within a page.
A nice little too to use Google Spreadsheets as your CMS, displaying data on a static site.
Dear #digitized14, thank you so much for having me—it’s been a pleasure and honour to be speaking in Athens. See you next year? ;-)
WebPageTest Bulk Tester: a Google App Script for spreadsheet that uses the WebPageTest API to bulk test URLs.… #perf
Generating gradients from presets, and in the browser. — Useful.
If you happen to use Mac OS 10.8.5, could you upload somewhere and share a link? A friend deleted the app by accident. Thanks!
Useful to keep in the bookmarks: Mobile Web App Checklist.…
It's been such a pleasure speaking at #digitized14 in Athens, Greece! Thank you, everyone! A view from the stage:
Two lovely SVG icon sets, with copy-paste CSS/LESS and HTML. (via @vpieters)
Even years later, this website is highly recommended. For Print Only, a showcase of beautifully crafted print work.
What if forms presented one easy-to-answer question at a time, like for example in the 1983 film WarGames?… by @okuiux
A very interesting slide deck by @tkadlec on the performance work for RadioLiberty.…
New LDAP password: IHateYouIHateYouIHateYou©@£$∞§|[]≈][|§∞$£@£$∞§|[]≈[|§∞$£@£$∞§|[][|§∞$£$∞§|[]≈±§∞$£$∞§|[][|§∞$£$∞§|[][|§∞$£$∞§|[][|§
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A very, very detailed overview of common performance best practices.… written by @MarkGavalda
📎 Slow weekend ahead? Why not design a desktop wallpaper for October and submit it to@smashingmagg? :-) Join in!…m
Wrote up a summary of the @filamentgroup approach to avoid FOIT for content fonts using @scottjehl’s loadCSS:…
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Here's the average weekday traffic for news and media sites, segmented by device: #ONA14
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With quite a few useful case-studies and lessons learned, derived from actual real-life projects. Good stuff!…
If you're interested in RWD Front-End + Design/UX, join us at online workshops next week………
If you like colors, you might like the CMYK Color Swatch Calendar 2015.
"When it comes to responsive images, knowing which use case you’re solving tells you what solution you need."… @grigs
There are a lot of options for hosting websites, so many that it’s easy to get lost. Ultimate guide:… by @MarkGavalda
.@smashingmag’s excellent optimization post shows just how messy web font implementation has become for some orgs:…
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WebPageTest, it looks like we have a little problem for great grunt-perfbudget task (via @tkadlec):…
Sketchnotes from 17 talks and 1 workshop at @smashingconf Freiburg now collected on:
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If you like that talk, you might want to read the follow-up, too: “Rarely Say Yes To Feature Requests”…
Good point: Product Strategy is About Saying “No”, a presentation by @destraynor.…