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@rebeccawherrera shared this beautiful picture with me this week of Marilyn Monroe and her make up artist "Whitey." What a production and team effort it is to look "camera ready".
keeoone's photo clearly whatever you were saying was hilarious...
Just watched the silent film "The Passion of Joan of Arc" directed by Carl Th. Dreyer, 1928. The original copy burned in a fire a few years after it came out, then the copy of the copy burned in another fire a few decades later. Finally the only known reel of what they guess to be the original versi
We are taking full advantage of our morning on the Sony Lot.
Pretty in the front. Sexy in the back. Happy Monday.
halfadams's video When I lose. He still makes me look beautiful.
halfadams's photo absolutely awesome "The Affair" on Showtime!
The moment before regram @babarpeerzada
Today is the of International Day of the Girl Child. Since 2012, the United Nations marks 11 October as The day promotes girls' human rights, highlights gender inequalities that remain between girls and boys and addresses the various forms of discrimination and abuse suffered by girls around the wor
Before Sunrise/Sunset/Midnight … these films mean so much to me. #richardlinklater
After we go. Nature reclaims what was always hers.
This is @olliekjones or as you will know him Colin. Today's been fun ; )
.@halfadams I've always had a secret crush on mike Ross.
.@KatieQLowes @adamshapiro @halfadams can we have a Skype how to act in love for TV session?
.@maxjenkinsyall:It's Max! Did you know I'm in a TV show now? #MysteriesofLaura tonight at 8 on NBC!" CONGRATS! I will totally check it out
@diomcleod you were right! My record is Purple with a beautiful white. can't wait to hear more. #year
I was waiting for Jen Lawrence's response to the nude photo leak, well said: 'It's Not A Scandal. It's A Sex Crime'
Leave the pink light on.
We try for fall. We try.
This is me to a T... (shirt) #regram @thefatjewish
Do what the sidewalk demands.
WB RANCH. The sky reminds me of "Another Earth"
My friends from dance class make the most beautiful leggings from recycled bottles. I'm in love. @teekigram , you're pretty much all the pants a girl will ever need
Yeah I can't believe it was the set of #pll either. But I am way down with this installation art.
Sometimes @mandiline lets me heavily influence Spencer's outfit. And I get to play with all my favorite style icons. #anniehall #laracroft #jamesdean #pattismith #jurassicpark ...yup a movie about dinosaurs still dictates how I dress. I said it. Totally not ashamed.
@halfadams how is it possible to love you even with that stache. Got a new @funnyordie with the hilarious @igotler @wgreenbe @bodhispapa @drewhowerton and Mr. Pine. Guys, thanks for letting me get medieval on your asses. Check it out. "Pa-Gents".
Did another @funnyordie with my friends and @halfadams Exposing the cutthroat world of adult male pageants have fun!
.@HeforShe join the movement and talk to the women & men in your life to begin the conversation to change our world!
dalberda's photo I just love this. The quiet last moment to yourself before you go on stage.
This is @thewillbradley you will know him soon.
Patti finds her morning light.* *(before anyone has a conniption fit, it's not a real gun)
I didn't think something could be better than their first album "an awesome wave" but @thereal_altj did it again. I love every song on this.