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Patti finds her morning light.* *(before anyone has a conniption fit, it's not a real gun)
I didn't think something could be better than their first album "an awesome wave" but @thereal_altj did it again. I love every song on this.… Hilarious and truthful short film by Matthew Frost about human exchange in our modern age.
@ladyluofthewolves shared this short with me directed by Matthew Frost and I wanted to share it because as strange as it is to say. This has happened to me. Quite a bit. The best thing this film captures is not the odd life of having any sort of celebrity but the bizarre reality of our new world ord
teekigram's photo stunner. Inside and out.
Many people have asked me where they can send letters to make sure that I receive them, apparently there are some fake addresses floating around and I hate that. So if you want a sure way to get something to me directly: A hello, a letter, (please no live animals) send it to this address!!! Troian B
"face it" by my girl @witchoria such peace on an early morning. Thank you.
Yes! If you have not seen Emma Watson's speech to the UN introducing the #heforshe movement, reclaiming "feminism" as an inclusive and supportive term that is beneficial for BOTH men and women and the extension of the formal invitation to all men to get involved in the conversation that can and will
Emma Watson Fights For Gender Equality With UN Speech. BRAVO! Yes feminism is an inclusive and positive Movement!…
“So when I sat behind the drumset, your heartbeat’s what I try to play…Ill be grateful for this day, Ill be greatful for each day to come.”
Thanks @themarkwildman for always making me look like a badass
@michaelablaney bought @shaym a "Selfie Stick". A good time was had by all
Um apparently you guys are so awesome and supportive you made "Instagram Intervention" IMMORTAL on @funnyordie !!! With over 100k views and an 80% funny rating now the video will be on the "immortal" page. THANK YOU! Much love!
Part II (blarf) @themarkwildman
Hammock with @themarkwildman
"There is no spoon." ... Except for this giant spoon.
A reminder of the power of a woman. Curtosey of @babarpeerzada
How completely stunning is our Mother Earth?
Girl gets it. @lanadelrey
"Tom, get your plane right on time. I know your part will go fine."
Parting is such sweet sorrow.
#friday #typicaltroian #pleaseletmesleep!!
An urban legend curtosey of @ladyluofthewolves
I might not be as good as I want to be. But nothing comes close to the feeling of freedom I find in dance. Maybe one day I'll find it in singing, writing, even acting. But for now. Just give me an amazing choreographer @sirheffington and a great song @lanadelrey and I'm good. I'm gone.
These will never be this white again
"I just won Instagram, B*tch." - me. @funnyordie brings out my dark side.
Guys I think. I have a problem... Go to to find out what.
Regram of @babarpeerzada who walked in to see me 14 ft in the air and upside down, naturally I said "sup?"
Oh yeah. This ain't her first rodeo. @ladyluofthewolves
Wonderful and more wonderful. My best friend and sister @lulu_brud keep blowing my mind with her stunning creations!…