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Peter Sciretta
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VOTD: Short Fan Edit of 'Jurassic World' Trailer Puts it in 'Godzilla' Territory
Christian Bale "Jealous" of Batfleck; Emily Blunt "Loves" 'Captain Marvel' Fan Casting
My favorite moment in life is that half second after the 20th Century Fox fanfare when the movie still might be STAR WARS.
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Watched #JurassicWorld trailer and felt old: In my youth, giant-ass sharks ruled the box office. Now, giant-ass sharks are just dino-bait...
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Finish the year off strong with @slashfilm’s list of 50 films from 2014 that you might not have seen yet!
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Superhero Bits: Guardians of the Galaxy, Lego Batman, Agent Carter, Doctor Strange, X-Men
Page 2: Total Recall, Star Wars, Neverending Story, Sherlock, Love Actually, Godzilla, ...
'Pacific Rim 2' Will Feature Charlie Day and Burn Gorman
J.K. Rowling's 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' Script Is Complete
Ridley Scott didn't direct the "Alien" sequel and that sure turned out to be a debacle
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'Cake' Trailer: Jennifer Aniston Goes Dark
'Big Hero 6' End Credits Scene Revealed In New Featurette
Is it me or does a director or actor only get their Walk of Fame star timed to help promote a movie which usually isn’t good?
Ridley Scott Won't Direct 'Blade Runner 2,' Plot Is About a Search for Deckard
Ridley Scott Won't Direct 'Blade Runner 2,' Which Shoots in 2015
ICYMI: Watch Two 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Fan Trailers
'Jupiter Ascending' International Trailer: The Wachowksis' Latest Is Still Coming
See an Early Draft of the Original 'Star Wars' Opening Crawl
The ultimate geek's #Christmas shopping list, via @slashfilm .. graphic novels everyone should have this year…
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@slashfilm How am I supposed to actually work with you posting articles like this.
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Over 60 Jurassic World Photos: Let's Over-Analyze the First Trailer
@slashfilm Just so we're clear, you're sure Frog Dan is not going to appear in Jurassic World?
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@slashfilm speaking on cg, look at Guardians of the galaxy, the 1st trailer to the finished product is a huge difference.
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(to clarify, I wasn’t making a statement about JP’s CG, I was making a statement about people who think 1993 CG is a bad thing)
Also for anyone knocking 1993 CG, the CG integration of the TREX and Raptor sequences in Jurassic Park looks better than most movies today
Also people complaining they aren’t excited because “the CG looks like 1993” apparently don’t think Jurassic Park is a good movie anymore.
lol also damn apple autocorrect for changing “DNA” to “dan” :P
@slashfilm When did everyone become too smart for imagination?
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They already genetically modified dino DNA with frog dan in the 1993 film. Raptors opened doors in Spielberg’s original film. Get over it.
@slashfilm seriously, thank you for being positive/optimistic we need this in film journalism
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Also some people are complaining about things that don’t exist. One person said they wish it wasn’t shot digitally — it was shot on film.
… that have already been shown to exhibit smart behavior in previous films (yes, the first classic Spielberg one)
I love how some people don’t have an issue with the plot conceit that we recreated dinosaurs but have a problem with training dinosaurs…
'Selma,' 'Boyhood' and Birdman' Among 2015 Film Independent Spirit Awards Nominees
You Can Buy Mondo's First 'Pulp Fiction' Poster on Black Friday
'X+Y' Trailer: Asa Butterfield Is a Math Prodigy
'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Trailer FAQ: Your Questions Answered
Imagine a scene with a dinosau(s)r on the loose with people in one of those gyroballs. So cool.
JW trailer is great. Crits: wish they had made it more of a teaser, and not go too far into the plot just yet. Didn't love the CG.
'Pan' Trailer: Joe Wright Tells the Peter Pan Story in a Colorful Way
'Jurassic World' Trailer: Chris Pratt Rides With The Raptors
I love the slow version of the Jurassic Park theme at the end of the Jurassic World trailer. So good.
ICYMI: New 'The Interview' Trailer Stars Kim Jong-un
Shout out to @slashfilm for all the awesome @Marvel goodies in their Graphic Novel gift guide!
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Matthew McConaughey Possibly Cast In Stephen King's 'The Stand'
Rumor: 'Star Wars Rebels' Follow-Up Animated Series to Be Set During Current Star Wars ...