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Jason Arnopp
Facebook engineer in 2012 why it never added a Dislike button: it would discourage sharing.…
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I'll definitely write about opening lines in the second and final How To Be A Safe Pair Of Hands blogpost, coming to a screen near you.
Opening lines are very important. They're an opportunity to either smack the reader around the chops or beckon to them from a dark alleyway.
How important are opening lines? Check out the first lines of the books shortlisted for this year's Man Booker Prize:…
ICYMI on the blog: a lit agent's thoughts on How To Be A Safe Pair Of Hands:… #writing #scriptwriting #hands
Director @richardgalefilm made hilarious short The Horribly Slow Murderer... and now he wants to make a full film:…
just had a brilliant Pol Pot style lie in. Got out of bed with my Hitler style legs, put on my Pinoche-wore-clothes-too clothes. #Corbyn
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Jeremy Corbyn rides a "Chairman Mao-style bicycle". Also known as a "bicycle".
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Morning to you and your hollow teeth, each of which contains a different illicit drug you can release at will, right down your gullet.
Happy National Video Game Day! Play your fave retro video games for FREE! My @CNET story
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Announcing my first book: NEW GODS AND MONSTERS - I’m immensely happy to announce I have sold my first...
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Just finished reading @paulGtremblay's A Head Full Of Ghosts, which is all kinds of awesome. A must-have for the self-respecting horror fan.
And with that, I'm 100% certain I'm off to bed. Goodnight, Twitter. Before sleeping, ensure your reality tunnel isn't too tight.
@JasonArnopp @budgie Even worse is to say “I have several differing models about this but I don’t believe any of them completely…”
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@JasonArnopp @budgie I’ve had people go frothing mad at my saying that about a contentious issue more than once.
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Oh God yeah, that's now verging on taboo.…
I'm quite preoccupied by certainty, ego and belief, to the extent that I've written a novel about them. And I'm CERTAIN YOU'LL LOVE IT.
My pet theory is that today's excess certainty is spawned by fear. The world is a frightening, uncertain place, so certainty seems the cure.
@JasonArnopp although on Twitter some people assume you do, and that from one tweet they know everything you've ever thought and ever will
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There's something about social media - perhaps as Ken's blog says, brevity - that makes people dread not having firm opinions on everything.
Certainty's rise is something I've noticed. You don't tend to see anyone tweet, "Undecided on this issue; will tweet when I've nailed it."
Just opened the family door and Corbyn and his cronies ran in, barging past me and pepper-sprayed everyone. WHY didn't I listen to David?
The broken kitchen tap's still running but we've decided to turn it into a novelty fountain and charge fellow Brightonians to witness it.
It's stressful when the kitchen tap breaks off and the water won't stop pouring and the stopcock won't turn at all, then you tweet about it.
And it became legendary, even in Hell.…
My new site's page about my novella Beast In The Basement includes a link to download a free PDF sampler. Cor, crikey…
That's weird m8 given you're the one cutting my disabled mother's benefits…
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Good morning. Christ, I hope you're well.
Shirley Jackson, author of Lottery, came up with The Perfect Response to the Troll (via @ruth_franklin)
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This week's new blog on writing is named How To Be A Safe Pair Of Hands: Part One… #writing #scriptchat #scriptwriting
An actual magazine, yesterday.
My new site has a page describing my Script Notes service. Use your eyes to Hoover it up to the brain:… #scriptwriting
@JasonArnopp Ah, the business card phase. A phase most accurately depicted in American Psycho.
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@JasonArnopp Not much call for forklift drivers to have business cards mate.
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Remember when we all used to have business cards? That was cute.
Love the story of Ray & Barbara's shop Village Games a staple @CamdenMarket for 34 yrs!…
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Morning! This is still the finest use of a drone to date: #reaper
Novelist Has Whole Shitty World Plotted Out via @TheOnion
Even a giant deadly mantis can be weighed.
Our agent Oli Munson describes how he chooses new clients…
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The new @Slayer video, for Repentless, is chock-full o’ gore, including @officialDannyT as a mad eye-gouger. Lovely:
The Quirker newsletter's particularly good this week. Click on the little red envelope at to get it this afternoon.
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Yesterday Stephen King received the National Medal of Arts from Obama. Here's a picture of him receiving his medal!
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Enjoying having my ears pinned back by Repentless, the new @Slayer album, out today.… (With thanks to @CosaNostraPR.)
M'latest blog asks how writers can convince readers they're in safe hands. With sage advice from @oliagent:… #writing
Did Twitter always apply a 15-character limit to new usernames?
I enjoy the comic @veitchtweets' spammer-baiting behaviour. Here's an example of him really jerking someone's lever:…

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