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Jason Arnopp
Best way I've found to explain poverty to those who've never experienced it: Imagine if your phone battery only went up to 6%.
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Looking forward to Fantasy At The Court at @GoldsboroBooks tomorrow evening. A gathering of like-minded, wine-handed souls.
Good morning and welcome to a 24-hour period positively shot through with Wednesdayosity.
If you only read one thing this week you might want to read a bit more.
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Stuff LIKE that wedding marquee collapse video, although I don't *think* that was CGI...
Hee-eeelp. I need pop culture examples of convincing viral videos which (a) turned out to have been corporate-made and (b) employed CGI?
This wedding marquee collapse video -…... Can anyone recall seeing Heineken themselves confirm they made it?
Good morning to you and your little friend there, whose head looks suspiciously like a turnip with two ping-pong ball halves nailed to it.
Always the way. One minute you're driving along a Dublin road, the next there's a 40-foot Minion rolling towards you:…
I'm still laughing about a truly ludicrous scene in @tom_six's tremendous Human Centipede 3, involving the words "Wait and see, Mr Dwighty."
The way former Formspring users have been auto-signed up to this dating site @Twoo is crazy. Can't even see how to delete my account.
Excellent @Nndroid piece on Peter Cook and Dudley Moore’s immortal alter egos Derek & Clive:…
Unagented authors: @hodderscape have open subs till Aug 16. Guidelines here:… And update here:…
Definitely in the upper echelons of on-air swearage.…
Nice - Amazon UK are offering a tenner off all orders over £50, today only:…
Thanks for the delivery, @metrodomegroup! What a tremendous documentary this is. #ElectricBoogaloo
Still signing up authors to speak on panels at @FantasyCon2015. Need more women to come forward. Lots of topics NEED YOU. Pls DM me if keen.
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Twitter updates can reverse your settings and cause BIG bills - here's how to avoid it
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Welcome to a brand new week, full of cake and gravy. Although hopefully not at the same time.
When Eric Roberts is the most restrained actor in a movie, you know it's really something special. #HumanCentipede3
Oh good God. Human Centipede 3 really had me hooting. Super-sick black comedy, with a ludicrously deranged and OTT turn from Dieter Laser.
The Human Centipede III, here we come. I am sew, sew looking forward to this. Only sorry we couldn't watch it in a chain cinema.
@JasonArnopp "Everything's amazing and no one is happy" - Louis CK
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I can't help noticing that entitled net-brats tend to sound weirdly alike. To them, everything's lame. Nothing's fast enough or free enough.
@abstex Can you imagine if the BBC reported deaths as soon as they're rumoured on Twitter. Jackie Chan would have died like 6 times already
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Not to mention that mad old news tradition of taking the time to write a fitting initial tribute.…
Most of the replies to this confirm that internet-people are losing their entitled little minds.…
In Dundee, instead of thanking your host for a tasty meal, it's considered polite to pretend to be a big spider for the rest of the evening.
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Psssst! 31 kids' stories available absolutely FREE on Kindle today!…
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Retina-scorching @PrideBrighton fireworks, hurtling up from a boat. #BrightonPride
As you can see, @PrideBrighton is a subdued, small-scale affair.
Woman claims to be in sexual relationship with Bigfoot. Plans to change her surname to Bigfoot. #Bigfoot…
If your Chrome browser's been playing up, as mine has been, try this. Worked for me. (Ignore 'KartHost' references):…
I want to add some more female / POC / queer geek bloggers to my reading list. Who's out there?
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Kemp Town is now cordoned off. At some point during #BrightonPride, Snake Plissken will fly in to find the President.
Texas man shoots armadillo, bullet ricochets back into his face karmadillo!
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Very happy to live in Brighton, a green & red oasis in a sea of blue. And a big rainbow this weekend. #BrightonPride
"I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass. And I'm all out of bubblegum." RIP…
It's almost as if #BrightonPride knows I've a novel to edit, and can't be gawking out my window at brightly-coloured floats.
Good morning to you. Let the joy and madness of #BrightonPride begin. Even though the parade route has changed and no longer comes by us.
Loving this Splatter Arcade: imagined video game menu screens for various horror movies...
No matter how many drafts you are into a novel, there's always another use of the word 'that' to drag a red pen across.
I wrote this for @thebookseller in 2012 ("the Agent's Manifesto"). Have things changed?…
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A bunch of quite impressively cheap Blu Rays on eBay, from £1.99 delivered. Anchorman 2, Paranormal Activity 3...…
If you're in need of script analysis, I offer that service. And charge money for it, like some MERCENARY BRUTE:…
Wondering why a story doesn't work? It may have accidentally adopted one of Five Ways To Kill Audience Satisfaction:…

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