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Jason Arnopp
@JasonArnopp Amused that one involves setting your arse in a chair and staying there, and the other is getting it out of the same chair...
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*endorphin rush glee-face*
Writing and exercise are similar: some days you don't feel like doing them, but afterwards you wonder why you even hesitated.
If Dawkins finds himself needing to blame the brevity of Twitter for his words, perhaps he should not use Twitter…
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He's a lovely force of nature. MT @NudeAndPubic: @JasonArnopp Was Tom Baker as lovely as he seems from interviews I have seen?
RT @thebrainofchris: @JasonArnopp I really hate it when people make Richard Dawkins sound bad by quoting him in context.
Or even "particularly". Ah well.
Dawkins' implication that people with DS somehow have less worth is particulatly troubling in a time when the disabled are being demonised.
The new @DWMtweets is out today, featuring my interview with Tom Baker, @Lou_Jameson and Philip Hinchcliffe! What an honour that job was.
If you haven't already seen it, Dave Grohl's ice bucket challenge is absolutely magnificent:… #fb
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Gah, had to bail on I Drink Your Blood. Scenes of actual animal death aren't my idea of entertainment. To eBay with it!
Judging people's "value" by the "contribution" they make to society sets you on a seriously rocky road.
Of course! RT @stevyncolgan: @JasonArnopp have you got 'I eat your skin' too? :)
Going to watch I Drink Your Blood with lunch. Never seen it before.
Nice deleted scene from @C4Utopia Series 2, featuring the ever-watchable Lee:…
Trying to do some yardwork but my gigantic soft penis keeps getting in the way.
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I directed a thing by @joshwiddicombe and @TomCraine and the BBC have commissioned it. Yay! Here's the pilot…
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This is good: James Foley and the daily horrors of the internet: think hard before clicking - @jamesrbuk
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I urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, "If this isn't nice, I don't know what is."
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Good morning all. Let's storm Thursday's hill.