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Sky Sports F1
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Niki Lauda says the same rules apply for Hamilton & Rosberg despite Mercedes clinching the constructors' title
Lewis Hamilton vows to keep turning up the heat in the title race despite growing lead #skyf1
Paper review: Fleet Street say ‘forgotten man’ Ross Brawn deserves the credit for Mercedes’ title win #skyf1
Watch the Russian GP highlights, now available to download from the Sky Sports Section of Catch up.
"My future is already set," says Fernando Alonso. So where is he going to be for 2015? #skyf1
Video: The moment Nico Rosberg's Sochi victory hopes went up in (tyre) smoke #skyf1
Here's @MBrundleF1's Russian GP column as he reflects on a strange and subdued weekend in Sochi
Lewis Hamilton is now equal with Nigel Mansell for the most Grand Prix wins by a British driver. #SSNHQ
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Here is the swing of points between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg in the last five F1 races. #SSNHQ
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"It’s the longest race of your life when you’re out there on your own," says Lewis Hamilton
Jenson Button believes McLaren can still overtake Ferrari in the Constructors' Championship: #SkyF1 #RussianGP
Race in 60 seconds: Watch the best bits of the #RussianGP in just one minute. #SkyF1
WATCH: Nico Rosberg making a nightmare start to today’s #RussianGP. #SkyF1
A 31st GP win from @LewisHamilton means he's now equaled the British record held by @Mansell_Nigel. #SkyF1
A look at the Constructors’ standings after Mercedes sealed the title: #SkyF1 #RussianGP
WORLD CHAMPIONS !!!!!!! Yeeeeha!!!!! Thank you everybody for this car!!! Danke an alle für dieses auto!!!!
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Mercedes sealed their first Constructors’ Championship with a one-two finish in Russia #skyf1
Fernando Alonso confirms to #SkyF1 that his plans for 2015 are "set" and close to being finalised: #SkyF1
Hamilton’s #RussianGP win extends his lead in the Drivers’ standings to 17pts: #SkyF1
#AskCrofty Thanks for all your tweets everyone. That's for us here in Russia, take care
#AskCrofty @PeterGlynnJones It shouldn't be, it should be a very good proving ground for F1 but sadly it is being bypassed at times
@SkySportsF1 #askcrofty Crofty, with so many rookies coming into F1 from GP3 is GP2 becoming almost irrelevant?
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#AskCrofty @billyblackholly I remember some very tough races at Barcelona to commentate on in the past
#askcrofty what was the worst f1 race you have commentated on entertainment wise?
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#AskCrofty @MUFCRINGU If Lewis finishes 2nd in all 3, he scores 72 more pts. Nico would need 90pts so would need to win AD & at least 1 more
Does Nico now have to win all three races? Assuming Lewis 2nd. #askcrofty @SkySportsF1 @CroftyF1
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#AskCrofty @GSMunique His early stop helped him to beat Seb, but Red Bull didn't have the pace to challenge for the podium this weekend
#AskCrofty @AdairAssociates Not sure, he was tight to inside of the corner Valteri maybe didn't initially see him, Nico didn't force him off
@SkySportsF1 #askcrofty when Rosberg overtook Bottas he left no room forcing Bottas off the circuit, why was he not penalised?
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#AskCrofty @UKnowIAmMrRight China has the best view we can actually see most of the track from our comm box. But the view here was great too
@SkySportsF1 #AskCrofty Which circuit has best view from commentary position (trackwise and scenery)?
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#AskCrofty @fmboots1 Dare I say that the easiest way would be to have more cars on the grid?
When are you too old for f1 it seems great drivers are being pushed aside??? How can we keep them and still bring new talent on #askcrofty
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#AskCrofty @CiWolverine Not now they don't and I certainly didn't at the time :)
@CroftyF1 Hi Crofty. I wonder if anyone still thinks Lewis moving to @MercedesAMGF1 was a bad idea lol? #askcrofty
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#AskCrofty @derekjirwin1 We both wear headset mics Derek and prefer it to the old school lip mics we used once upon a time
#AskCrofty does Brundle wear a headset like yours or is he old school like Murray and Ben Edwards.
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#AskCrofty @cliffw There's one very small one on the outside of T15, but obviously it was felt more weren't necessary
#AskCrofty Why are there no gravel traps at Sochi? Melbourne is a temporary street circuit and has many. #SkyF1
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#AskCrofty @johnandcorrinna Ted's trying to find out, stay tuned for the Notebook. I'd say it was related to engine mileage but I'm not sure
#AskCrofty @fretey @kartteam76 Not quite. I'd say that Sebastian has a job at Ferrari for next year