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Every family has a million opinions—especially when it comes to naming the new family dog.
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Jake & Amir's #SkypeLevel48 gaming battle got even crazier when they played tip roulette w/ @VerizonWireless gadgets:
See how Skype Fashion Ambassador @classisinternal is living more passionately (and how you can too): #PayWithPassion
Is a friend watching your pets? Use #Skype to make sure they’re getting along. #SkypeTips
Dreams came true for 3 lucky @WeAreMKTO fans when they met their favorite band on a group video call: #SkypeShare
Using #Skype on @Xbox One, Jake & Amir brought fans into the #SkypeLevel48 action. See the epic group video call:
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Remember the first time you got to look down on clouds rather than up at them? Happy #AviationDay
Flight is a wondrous thing. Whether it’s your first time or your hundredth. Happy #AviationDay.
Happy Birthday to #Skype #Food Ambassador @eatrio_net! Have a delicious day.
Join us in wishing a very happy birthday to #Skype #Food Ambassador @eatrio! We hope you have your cake and eat it too.
For some reason your cat always ends up on your keyboard. Good thing there’s Skype on mobile.
With the help of #Skype, Pop duo @WeAreMKTO got personal with some of their biggest fans. Find out what @followoller and @therealmalcolm said during their group video call Q&A. #SkypeShare #MKTO #MKTOArmy #AmericanDreamTour
Keeping his hands free to make pottery (we're serious), Jake uses voice commands to call Amir on Skype: #SkypeLevel48
Looking for inspiration? Find out how #Skype #Yoga Ambassador @Yogalody is pledging to #PayWithPassion:
How many people does it take to solve a Rubik’s Cube? One, but it’s more fun to watch 84 people do it.
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Jake is surprised when he snaps Skype on @Xbox One to chat w/ @bobbyleelive while playing #DeadRising3: #SkypeLevel48
Broadcasting the 2nd annual @BellAliant soccer match live from Uganda via @Skype Call us. Here's team BA:
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The heartthrobs of @WeAreMKTO showed their fans some love on a group video call #SkypeShare