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Sky News Newsdesk
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Under the agreement of the 1997 handover from #Britain to #China, #HongKong was given an independent legal and political framework. Unlike the mainland, protests are allowed - but the current demonstrations are potentially the biggest political challenge to Beijing since the #Tiananmen Square crack
An aerial drone captured lines of officers flanked by vehicles closing in on the crowd and firing gas cannisters. #China #breakingnews #UmbrellaRevolution #OccupyCentral #hk #HongKong #news
#Video from among the crowd captured the panic as coughing protesters ran for clean air. With no imminent end to the protests in sight, #China appears to have blocked photo-sharing site #Instagram, suggesting authorities are worried about inspiring similar protests on the mainland. User Video Of P
Thousands of democracy protesters have defied tear gas and police baton charges to remain on the streets of #HongKong for another night amid rising international tensions. Some demonstrators wore masks and resorted to umbrellas or plastic capes to protect themselves - prompting the phrase "#umbrell
Dave Lee Travis' suspended sentence for indecent assault is being reviewed by the UK attorney general’s office
Royal College of Midwives says it members in England have voted to go on strike in a dispute with the Government over pay
Financial Conduct Authority charges former Morrison's executive Paul Coyle with insider dealing in relation to trading in Ocado shares
AFP: doctors say 56 people have been killed in a bus crash in South Sudan
Chancellor George Osborne announces £13bn cuts in Whitehall spending in next Parliament & infrastructure spending in party conference speech
Chancellor George Osborne says he will abolish 55% tax on passing on pensions after death "effective from today"
Chancellor George Osborne says working-age benefits will be frozen for first two years of the next Parliament in a move to save £3bn
'Twitter troll' Peter Nunn jailed for 18 weeks for sending MP Stella Creasy abusive messages for backing idea to put Jane Austen on £10 note
Lloyds Banking Group says it is dismissing eight members of staff following an investigation into the manipulation of LIBOR and REPO rates
Update - Foreign Office says UK "concerned" about situation in #HongKong and important for govt to preserve citizens' right to demonstrate
The Foreign Office says the UK is "concerned" about the situation in #HongKong
AFP: #Ukraine says nine of its soldiers have been killed by pro-Russian rebels in the past day
Reuters: Ukrainian military spokesman says seven soldiers have been killed in separatist shell attack on an army armoured personnel carrier
Correction - reports at least three militants killed in fighting between I.S. militants and Iraqi army in Baquba 60km northeast of Baghdad
Reports of at least three militants killed in fighting between Islamic State militants and Iraqi army in Baquba 60km west of Baghdad
Reuters: witness reports casualties after blast near airport in Afghan capital Kabul as new president Ashraf Ghani sworn in
Reuters: Hong Kong government says it has withdrawn riot police and has urged pro-democracy protesters to disperse
#Protesters have been urged to leave demonstrations in central #HongKong over fears police could use rubber bullets to disperse the crowd. Earlier in the day, #officers fired tear gas to try to clear a road that was blocked by thousands of pro-democracy protesters. #Activists fled several hundred
Ministry of Defence says RAF Tornado jets have completed third mission over #Iraq with no munitions fired
Suffolk Police says a 17-year-old from #Ipswich has been arrested in connection with the rape of an elderly woman in #Felixstowe
Europe have retained the #RyderCup against the U.S. at #Gleneagles
Reuters: Pro-democracy protesters announce they are withdrawing from central #HongKong due to speculation police will use rubber bullets
#Apple is trying to bounce back after a tough week in which new #iPhone6 owners claimed their devices bend in pockets, Mac users have been exposed to a major security flaw and hundreds of people lost their phone signal after upgrading to iOS 8. It prompted dozens of parodies posted online, many fro
More than 30 hikers are believed to have died near the peak of an erupting #volcano in #Japan. #Police said they were found unconscious and in cardiac arrest near the summit of the 3,067 metre (10,121ft) #MountOntake, which erupted on Saturday, spewing large white plumes of gas and ash high into th
The movement to occupy central #HongKong, in protest at #China's interference in the former #British #colony, had begun three days ahead of schedule with many protesters gathering overnight. The leader of '#OccupyCentral', #BennyTai, made the surprise announcement shortly before 2am on Sunday. Add
Police in #HongKong have fired tear gas to try to clear a road that was blocked by thousands of pro-democracy protesters. The #activists fled several hundred metres down #HarcourtRoad in the government district amid chaotic scenes, with protesters screaming "shame" at officers. Several scuffles br
The #RAF carried out two sorties over #Iraq on Saturday after #Parliament cleared the way for airstrikes on IS #militants in a vote on Friday. In both missions the #Tornado #GR4 fighter bombers did not use their weapons, although the Ministry of Defence said "invaluable intelligence" had been gathe
Reuters: Hong Kong police have fired tear gas to disperse pro-democracy protesters in #HongKong
Defence Secretary Michael Fallon tells Sky News RAF Tornados are now flying daily over northern #Iraq
Suffolk Police are appealing for information following the rape of an elderly woman at her home in Felixstowe early this morning
Press Association reports Scotland Yard has confirmed the RAF has been drafted in to help in the search for missing teenager Alice Gross
Update - AP reports Japanese police say more than 30 people believed dead have been found on erupting volcano Mount Ontake
Japanese police say more than 30 people found in 'cardiac arrest' near peak of erupting volcano Mount Ontake
Update - Prime Minister also reveals plans in Sunday Times to ban people aged 18-21 from claiming Jobseeker's Allowance or Housing Benefit
David #Cameron has unveiled plans in Sunday Times newspaper to forbid families from claiming more than £23,000 a year in benefit payments
George #Clooney's representative says the actor and lawyer Amal #Alamuddin have now married
Sky News understands Downing Street has accepted resignation of Conservative MP Brooks Newmark who resigned as Minister for Civil Society
Ministry of Defence says RAF Tornados flew on armed reconaissance mission over #Iraq today but did not conduct strikes againts I.S. targets
U.S. says fresh U.S.-led airstrikes have been conducted against Islamic State targets in #Syria
MP Mark Reckless tells Sky News he wants a "straight in-out referendum" on UK staying in the EU after announcing his defection to #UKIP
Two Tornado jets return to RAF base in Cyprus after departing earlier today in first #Iraq mission
Update - Mark Reckless says he will resign from parliament and trigger a by-election in Rochester and Strood
Update - Conservative MP for Rochester and Strood Mark Reckless announces he is defecting to #UKIP at the party's conference in Doncaster
UKIP has announced Conservative MP Mark Reckless is defecting to #UKIP
Update - Ministry of Defence says RAF Tornados flying over #Iraq ready to attack when appropriate Islamic State targets are identified
Two Tornados & refuelling aircraft left RAF base in Cyprus at 8.30am BST in first mission after MPs approved striking Islamic State in #Iraq