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Atlanta was just sunny bout a week ago #aWeekAgo
#WTFNews Georgia parents give 2-year-old son brandy and Coke; tot's blood alcohol content 3 times legal limit: cops…
Make sure you pass this along. Not here to debate. Share it or STFU. #Okbye #FactsAboutEBOLA
Focus and results is the loudest sound you can make to silence your critics in any genre of life.
All these album sales, awards and I'm a stop ✋????? 😂😂�
I don't March to the beat of other folks drums. I don't need any persons say-so to succeed. I excel because I'm smart. 15+ yrs strong 💪
Damn it man. These #ATLNights will have you waking up at 2pm the next day.
@JohnLegere pretty soon you're going to have to hire me back with all this work I'm doing for you. It's going to cost you though lol
She say she love my accent and the way I say "ya heard me."
If you don't know this song then you're too young to be my friend any way. #HighFive
Severely Agitated 😡 😡 😡 😡
@laiidee How's that lovely LA weather treating you? We're at almost 90 today so I knoooooow y'all are cooking 🍳
Where the hell is @ORBITDIDIT hiding. Time to exit the Batcave big brutha. Lol 😂
@ItsDesBuchanan You going to the big concert tonight? Ac3... Kevin Gates, Bob, 2Chainz and more folks.
How's everyone's day going so far?
MLK said "Hands up, don't shoot" and we see what happened to him. Seems like nothing's changed for most.
Weren't the protests peaceful tonight in STL? SWAT is geared up like they're about to take down an entire city. Oh wait... that's right. 😔😒
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Okay. So @ItsDesBuchanan fell asleep. Guess I gotta go too. Bye #BlackTwitter 👋 👋 👋 👋
The police had an UNMARKED SATURN! I didn't even know police drove Saturns.
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Best picture I could get of the large can of mace the police have.
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@ItsDesBuchanan what you doing tomorrow? I wanna go get smoothies.
@ItsDesBuchanan Oh and I definitely am Batman. Here's a selfies of right now.
@ItsDesBuchanan You are NOT serious. Don't make me get up if you playing. That's a 20 minute drive ma'am.
@ItsDesBuchanan I'm Batman. I even got the car and rims flat/matte black like the bat mobile. When we riding?
My friends must be doing more than me. I have no issue being the weakest link if it is to better myself. #HumbleThySelf
@ItsDesBuchanan When is our turn up day ma'am? Because I know how to get you. Once you see the inside of my car you riding out. ☺ ☺ I
@ItsDesBuchanan Ummmm sooooooo you hide ME and that's not mean??? You in the A or back in LA?
Gay! "@SheAintMeTho: Late night conversations about our future together 😌"
@ItsDesBuchanan *Marks Des off Christmas List* 📃 🎄
@ItsDesBuchanan Yup. Let everyone know about your ghetto friend huh. That's how we doing? Hiding our friendship now? 😂
@ItsDesBuchanan I can't. My nerves are shot. I should come ride past yo crib with all my sounds on. Haha 😈 😈 😈
You are so project is sad lol lol 😂 😂 �@DesAintShithit:"
@ItsDesBuchanan go to bed. You're worse than me lol