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Did Snitching By Apollo Nida Result In Peter Thomas Being Arrested? | Hot 107.9…
@TheKanBamm starting a planning phase for travel. Be on the lookout.
@TheKanBamm I'm chilling on it. What's happening with it?
Ladies: Let your man know he's being thought of/loved/appreciated via text almost daily. If not? Don't be shocked Someone else already is.
#WTFNews Busted! Brandon Garrett True Light Baptist Church Minister Of Music By Day And Cr...
We know. We just be quiet. Lol πŸ˜‚. Y'all betta listen to @darealjoka preach! He know you heaux personally. πŸΈβ˜•
How is a #Scorpio? #Zodiac #November6th #DillyDay #Scorpion #PhotoGrid
Those Who Tend To Have Close To Nothing, So Often GIVE More Than Those Who Have It In Abundance.... Makes You...
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So if you're not buying from Instagram boutiques and you're too good to go to the mall, where are you getting your clothes from?
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What's my bum rating if I renewed my registration a month ago & am still riding my old expired sticker from September?
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Want a good laugh??? Read these reviews on the new "Google Fit" app. πŸ˜‚
Alright sis @MajorGirl... I know I'm late on it... But it's bangin. #WhatTheFckYouGonDo #PhotoGrid
Some things can be left unsaid but can still be felt. So don't worry urself darling.
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I absolutely hate black ass cuticles and knuckles on a woman. Especially if you are showcasing your nails πŸ’… on-line. πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ˜ͺ
My life... My movie!!!
@the_dailyTHIRST You knoooooow nothing ever dies online. Plus it's a cute one.
Just digging through the interwebs lol "@the_dailyTHIRST: @Skrill_Dilly OH GOOSH!!! Where did you find this?!"
@MrsAshNorris I never paid attention. That's because you don't keep in touch with me πŸ˜’
@MrsAshNorris Sheesh. When you move there? I though you were coming to ATL?
I know. Lol... Where u at now? "@MrsAshNorris: @Skrill_Dilly beauty supply stores with a security guard have EVERYTHING."
πŸ˜‚ @MrsAshNorriss: Where's the hood beauty supply stores? I’m talking 1 with a security guard at the front door or is that only in Detroit?"
@Brennen_Byrne because history blatantly shows that black face wasn't used because people were envious. You cannot be serious right now.
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@Brennen_Byrne you've made several good points throughout this discussion. Please don't try & cheapen your point right now.
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@Brennen_Byrne You & I both know that black face wasn't invented because the masses were jealous of black people.
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No. Yo hairline mad at your forehead apparently. You need to squash the beef. πŸ˜‚ @bohnleinn:@Skrill_Dillyy@Brennen_Byrnee but u mad though"
I think I know her lol πŸ˜‚ @the_dailyTHIRSTT: Gah damn"
@Brennen_Byrne & just because you defended people's right to be offended by black face, doesn't make what you're saying right now, right.
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@Brennen_Byrne sir. I don't care what you tweeted prior to today. I'm discussing the tweet that just so happened to come across my TL.
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No reason whatsoever. With the amount of information that is out there? No. You're ignorant, therefore appearing racist. Case closed.
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Read a fucking book. Google is fucking free. No reason for anyone to be walking around on Halloween with black face.
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#cosign "@the_dailyTHIRST: & no. You as a white person cannot dictate what I find offensive nor can you erase the history of black face."
#BOOM "@the_dailyTHIRST: That's your fault. So yes. Every time someone paints their face black, it IS racist."
But just because you can't take the time to open a fucking book, doesn't mean you get a pass.
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You would think people from other races would take the time to educate themselves as to why it's so hurtful to see black face.
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This year it's Ray Rice. Last year is was Crazy Eyes. The year before then it was Trayvon Martin.
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EVERY YEAR, there's hooplah & backlash from it.
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Every single year, there's a picture floating around on every social media site, of someone painting their face black.
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I would HOPE if they were educated on black face, they wouldn't do it.
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They are ignorant to the history of where black face comes from.
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I would hope every person who has painted their face black in today's society, isn't INTENTIONALLY showing they are racist.
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@bohnlein @Brennen_Byrne RT: "@the_dailyTHIRST: If u don't know the history of black face, that is ur ignorant fault. Black face is racist."
Says a fat balding white guy "@bohnlein: @Brennen_Byrne Brennen - dude just looking for something to be mad about. Not even worth the time."