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Sir Ray Mann
7 Celebrities who don't beleave there's a God. Wood Allen, Lance Arnstrong,Morgan Freeman,Bill Gates,Billy Joel,Brad Pitt,Jack Nicholson..
Stephen Hawking Says He's An Atheist via @HuffPostScience 'For the fool has said in his heart there is no God' #Jesus
Stephen Hawking Says He's An Atheist via @HuffPostScience
An opportunity is never lost if God is on your side, if you didn't get it the first time don't worry something better will come by. #Faith #
"Wealth makes many friends, but the poor is separated from his neighbor": Proverbs 19:4 #faith @RevRunWisdom #Christian #love
Faith sees through the storm, faith sees the sun shinning on the other side. #faith #God @christ @CharlesCapps1
A mouth that talks to much doesn't give the ear a chance to listen...Sir Ray #Faith #love #wisdom
God doesn't allow science to prove who he is, but science in it's quest to disprove God will in fact prove him to be, I AM #GodIsGood #love
You're going to over analyze God and pass right by the secret place of the most high.. #faith #Christian
You can spend your whole life trying to find God through your intellect and fall very short of where he is, you find him by faith. #faith
Russia Fires Nuclear Missile, Hits Target 3,500 Miles Away…. Hey Putin your not the only one with missiles. @CNN #USA
Boxing runs in my blood, my cousin Sugar Ray Robinson was the best. I don't think Floyd is rank anywhere near Sugar. @EsnewsReporting
Question: If a Magic Genie gave you one wish what would it be? .. Answer: I would wish for 5 million more wishes.... By @Sirraymann
"Opportunity for some people means taking advantage of other people." Author; Sir Ray @Sirraymann
Though my enemies be ten thousand times ten thousand and I be one, yea the Lord is on my side and I have the battle won.... Author: Sir Ray
"A prejudice man will one day be convicted of being a fool by his own prejudice." ...Author Sir Ray Mann @Sirraymann
Son of Hamas Founder to Mark Levin: Israel Is Fighting For the World |… #Israel @Twitternews @christian
House Republicans embarrass John Boehner again… via @SpeedReads @congress #Ohio
Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly cheered when Orlando Bloom threw a punch at Justin Bieber… via @SpeedReads @dicaprio
English town honors David Sedaris by naming a garbage truck after him… via @SpeedReads @NEWS
Chicago man allegedly shoots his boss before killing himself… via @SpeedReads @Chicago
Penelope Cruz clarifies comments made on Israel and Gaza… via @SpeedReads
Lucy: Why I'm Tired of Seeing White People on the Big Screen @HuffPostBlog via @HuffPostEnt
A Huge Number Of Republicans Want To Impeach Obama via @HuffPostPol And a lot of people want to impeach Republicans.
News | Muslims and Christians urged to live peacefully in Ghana…. #Muslim #@christians
News | Who is leading the Muslim peace movement? Millions of Muslims, that’s who…
News | Who is leading the Muslim peace movement? Millions of Muslims, that’s who…
News | At L.A. cultural center, Middle East translates to coexistence, not conflict…
News | UCSD Jewish, Muslim students work together for more dining options…
News | Christian, Muslim leaders aid revival despite past tragedies in the Balkans…
News | Huntsville Jews, Muslims, Christians to gather for community memorial for Israeli teens…
News | Armenia's Blue Mosque hosts interfaith dialogue photo exhibit…
Meanwhile, Andrea Pirlo has arrived back in Italy looking like the winner of the World Cup of Life.
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