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Peter King
RT @TeamGleason: How many calling for Rogers head will be enthusiastically watching the Mayweather fight Saturday? -SG #cognitivedissonance
RT @BobLeyESPN: Knowing nothing but momentum of prior dramas, this Goodell story seems to be slow walking towards an inevitable conclusion.
The AP story on the Rice video sent to the NFL ...…
Strong work. On the future of Goodell, by @DonBanks for @theMMQB ...…
RT @ProFootballTalk: Did Ray Rice lie to Roger Goodell?(If Rice didn't, the NFL has yet another major problem) ... This is a great question.
Youth/high school coaches everywhere: Please use 2 minutes with your team listening to J.J. Watt--on striving ...…
My favorite One Question Interview so far. Listen to J.J. Watt talk about greatness:…
RT @PFF_Steve: Running out of superlatives ... And the blocked PAT too. Talk about justifying one's contract.
RT @PFF: JJ Watt picked up a sack, five QB hits, 4 hurries on 41 pass rushes. Also batted a pass, had two run stops ... #thisjustinheisgood
RT @TimRohan: Mets announce David Wright is out the rest of the season ... A shame. When is the last time that guy played a meaningful game?
RT @zakakatz: You should resign for enabling Goodell and his cronies to get away with this garbage ... Whatever you say.
Esta Soler's words are very much worth your time this afternoon @theMMQB:…
Goodell DV adviser on NFL leaders: "Young people are listening to these leaders, whom they revere. They are not sending the right message."
Esta Soler, pres, Futures Without Violence, @theMMQB: "NFL has the power, resources, influence to make a change. They need to step up now."
One of Goodell's domestic-violence advisers, writing for @theMMQB: "It's time for him to speak again."…
Tues mailbag is up, and I take your (justifiable) hits:…
Two thoughts: 1 I am incredulous--if the NFL didn't see the video--they didn't try harder to. 2 Can't help but think they didn't want to.
My statement on the Ray Rice story:…
Send me your questions and I'll answer a few on camera for this week's #TwitterMailbag video.
MMQB up in about 15 minutes. Have a good day everyone.
RT @jkarakash: Hey @SI_PeterKing what do you think about your picks now?!! ... They appear to be God-awful.
Stories of Day: 1 DAnderson w/huge non-Cam win. 2 Explosive Vikes. 3 Dolphins w/a wow win. 4 Penalties a non-story. 5 Falcons back strong.
RT @Scott_W1981: Foles shot at MVP? .. 7.93%
RT @rcw1168: Why are almost all you NFL guys so high on Chip Kelly? ... He is smart, he loves football, he gets it.
RT @Davetye18: How was trip to wrigley? ... Wrigley trip is one highlight of every year.I do it every year.
RT @jshed79: McDonald, do you agree with 49ers ... McDonald should play in week 1. This is America. Due process rules.
RT @njvenegas: Better season; Detroit or Tampa? ... Tampa. Trust the defense. Trust McCown.
Three questions? I am ready.
RT @davidcanter: Pretty sure @AustenCanter is ready for football season. ... Cutest child in NFL history, David.
RT @Edwerderespn: So thankful for friends and family who took dinners to Christie and Trey this week ... Ed Tweets about reality. Love that.
RT @PriscoCBS: Geez, wonder if Tom Brady plays this week ... Pete asks the tough questions.
What happened to Ron Washington? Why's he out?
I asked Adrian Peterson if he can break Emmitt Smith's record. Our 1-Question interview:…
I would expect some leaders among NFL players are calling the union today, urging them to expedite the completion of a new drug policy.
On Russell Wilson as John Stockton: Friday GamePlan.…
Friday GamePlan is up. Seahawks give an assist to Guz Malzahn. Josh McCown's bumpy road to starting:…
Doing the little things pays big dividends for Seahawks. @SI_PeterKing's column from Seattle, plus Week 1 lookahead:…
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RT @HistoryofMatt: JoanRivers was smarter than you're giving her credit for. Guarantee she was busting Marino's balls ... That's my point.
RT @Mo0103: Wilson gets too much creds.he's a game manager like Alex Smith ... Do you actually, I mean, "watch" football?
RT @GordonEdes: Is it time to shut down Koji Uehara? ... Is snow white, Gordo?
SEATTLE-This city and organization and team put on a tremendous show tonight. Congrats to one of the best places on earth and its people.
6 I am guilty of continually underestimating Marshawn Lynch, a vicious runner. 7 I do not see a weakness in Seattle. But it's a long season.
4 Rodgers was off. Funny how great QBs can be off when they play Sea. 5 Wilson will have a scary-good season. Sweats the little things.
SEATTLE-Thoughts: 1 Bevell called a great game. 2 No NFL team has weaponry as diverse as Sea. 3 Cliff Avril's played 8 straight great qtrs.
SEATTLE-Ninth straight NFL kickoff game attended. No city's been more energized on day of game than this one.
Really happy for JIm Kelly and his family, re today's news that he is cancer-free.
RT @sfujita55: @JoshElliott32 @SI_PeterKing @MikeSilver Who's the skinny guy in the middle? ... Flattery will get you everywhere, Scott.