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Peter King
Kevin Kolb, writing for @theMMQB, with a dramatic take about living with the effects of concussions:…
In a first-person piece, Kevin Kolb describes the effects of concussions he suffered during his 6 seasons in the NFL:
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Andrew Luck and the 5 other QBs most likely to one day break Peyton Manning's TD record, according to @numberFire…
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Klemko2: The decision is based on our internal review, including talks with Robert, who has been cooperative and remorseful throughout.
A statement: In light of an incident in Chicago on Saturday, SI and have suspended Robert Klemko for four weeks.>>>>
ARLINGTON, Va.-New era in Hall of Fame history with Polian/Wolf bids:…
Nice job by the Penguins with the 'O Canada' anthem before the game last night:…
MT @AdamSchefter: In '13 SD held DEN to 21:34 ave time of possession, 2 shortest possession games Manning's had in Den ... Interesting too.
MT @jeffzrebiecsun: Of Joe Flacco's completions this year, 67 percent are to players who weren't on the roster last yr ... Very interesting.
ARLINGTON, Va.-Very pleased with Wolf/Polian getting their Hall of Fame shot. NFL architects deserve a chance:…
MT @MikeKlis: If Ron Wolf is at Canton's doorstep with 0-26 on his resume, Marinelli should fly through ... Someone's not happy w/our picks.
RT @JimTrotter_NFL: Proud to have worked w/this group to select contributor nominees for the 2015 Pro Football HoF.
ARLINGTON, Va.-Re Wolf/Polian HoF picks today: This is NFL's 95th yr. One pure GM (Jim Finks) in Hall. Well past time to address that.
Polian: "I'm shocked is all I can say." Wolf: "Wowwwwwww."
Wolf+Polian will be among the finalists for Class of 2015. They will need 80% of vote from 46 voters Jan. 31. Both tremendously deserving.
ARLINGTON, Va.-Congratulations to 2015 @ProFootballHOF Contributor nominees Bill Polian and Ron Wolf.
This would allow the NFL to be relevant in multiple international markets while bringing pro football to new places within the U.S.
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The season should be a 19-week, 17-game schedule, with each team having 8 home games, 8 away games, 2 bye weeks and 1 neutral-site game.
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Forget having a team in London. With a tip of the hat to one reader, this is the smartest way for the #NFL to expand.
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Deep Dive: @Andy_Benoit anoints Green Bay (not Dallas) as the NFC’s best team.
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Still puzzled over fumble call at end of Rams-'Hawks? Full story here, atop weekly mailbag:…
On the way to Washington on Pro Football HoF business, as this column explains:…
'Jerry's New World': @emilymkaplan on the Cowboys' vision of marrying America’s team with Friday night lights
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Good night, everyone. Thanks for reading our site.
Tomorrow: Details on disputed Rams-Seahawks late-game fumble, mailbag, and a story on the new Hall of Fame committee with huge meeting Wed.
RT @NFLnews00: @SI_PeterKing When will instant your replay piece be up? Can't wait for that one ... Next week. Will give you notice.
RT @jwlantz: Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your MMQB column ... Thank you. I really appreciate that.
I do have a instant-replay piece in the works. I think you'll all like that one.
RT @JoeRibelli: Peter, are you going to do another piece with an officiating crew like you did with Steratore's crew last year? ... No, but-
RT @SweetD84: Are u a believer in the cardinals? ... Very hard not to be. Gotta love John Brown.
RT @AKDW90: @SI_PeterKing You seem very up and down on Lions ... High on Lions' D. Secondary's been huge. Stafford's been more up than down.
RT @chuckrorick: Those are some really good words every week. #MMQB is one of the best sports reads out there ... Thanks, Chuck!
RT @dendenpou: Any thoughts on the #NDvsFSU game? Good call? ... I thought it was borderline, but yes, interference.
RT @nfldraftscout: Royals or Giants? ... Giants in 7. But I am pulling for Royals, Matt. How are things with you?
RT @drpablopistola: Spotted you on an old episode of Soul Train. What year were you on the show?... Me+Walter Payton, '74. I had a big 'fro.
RT @brianros1: How do strength of schedule & head to head matter for the Fine 15? ... It's mostly a gut feeling late Sunday night.
RT @AaronNagler: Great stuff with Hali last week. That was a great story ... Thanks. Tamba Hali has his priorities right.
RT @kevinrleyland: How many games will the Raiders win this year? ... 3.
RT @wsoxbearshawks: he slugged a cabbie & stole the dude's car. you love him still? ... Love Klemko a lot.
RT @AcidTongueTroll: Is there a new book on the horizon from you? ... Doubt it. 14K words per week enough for me.
RT @spidey1087: Does it pain you to admit that the Cowboys are the best team in the NFL now? ... It is a killer. I don't think I can go on.
RT @AaronNagler: I see we've reached the point in the evening where @SI_PeterKing reads his hate mail ... Aaron! How are things? Go Pack Go!
RT @shifusdaddy: Love ya Pete. Glad you are awake ... Can't stay awake any longer. Very long night, and day. Gone in 10 minutes.
RT @Books_Not_Wooks: The joke is on you for caring what Peter King thinks ... What he said.
RT @wsoxbearshawks: No comment yet on klemko? clown ... Love Klemko.
RT @shifusdaddy: No Tweets from King? Proof he hates the Steelers ... Thought that was one of the teams I loved. You confuse me.
ICYMI, MMQB with some inside stuff from Manning:…
RT @RobRueff: spent all afternoon looking for this photo after I read @SI_PeterKing @DemaryiusT #PFM ...This is cool.