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Peter King
Ben Garland II: Asked him he'd celebrate making it. "Hot tub. Cold tub. Then watch Indy tape. I'm not about to give up this opportunity."
Ben Garland I: Just talked to Air Force officer/former college DL/Denver G Garland, one of best stories of the cut-to-53 day.
RT @PeteAbe: Chewbacca waiting to throw out the first pitch. ... Only in Tampa, Pete.
RT @PolishCarnitas: Condolences to Sports Media. You poured your hearts into your love affair with Michael Sam ... No. Covered a news story.
RT @Gil_Brandt: Michael Sam will play in this league one day. Minor setback ... Question is: Now for another team, or in future with Rams?
No history yet...Rams released DE Michael Sam. Prime practice-squad candidate.
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Ethan Westbrooks still a Ram. Will make final 53. Question is whether Rams keep a 10th DL. Tough call. If not, practice squad poss for Sam.
Rams have 5 more cuts to make. Michael Sam is on the 58-man roster at this hour. Club has till 3 pm CT Saturday to get to 53.
RT @cvhsports: @SI_PeterKing Ethan Westbrooks is making things difficult for Michael Sam to make the Rams ... A story of Rams camp.
And @Andy_Benoit did yeoman's work on the previews. Super job, and great job on the picks too.
To the many who have read the SI NFL preview: Previews, W-L records, division picks done by @Andy_Benoit. I wrote on thing: SB prediction.
What @DrewBrees9 wants his legacy to be, in Brees Unplugged @theMMQB:…
Drew Brees Unplugged: ‘I want people to say, Man, I would have loved to play with that guy.’
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"Do the next best thing": How Philip Rivers took his game to another level under Mike McCoy:
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#Saints Preview: Sean Payton, Drew Brees, and an improving defense will have N.O. back in the Super Bowl hunt:
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Bouncing Ideas Around in the Concussion Think Tank. @JennyVrentas on last weekend's global summit hosted by the NFL:
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Tuesday column is up. Michael Sam's roster prospects --- it's complicated.… via @theMMQB
TMRW:4 1st time @SInow had 1 writer 4 all #NFL scouting.66 pp of em by @Andy_Benoit.Heroic; even better, they're real good.@si_nfl @theMMQB
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Michael Sam the Ram? @SI_PeterKing does the math on the first openly gay player's quest to make the 53-man roster:…
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RT @DoveWes: What are the Detroit Lions chances on making the playoffs this year! ... 37.97%
Congrats on your wedding, @SI_MaggieGray. Have a great wedded life!
I'm Just Saying Dept: Guaranteed money, Ram rookie DLs: Ethan Westbrooks $50,000 Michael Sam $45,896
RT @TheRealTMont: You didn't really elaborate on the Ditka quote today. Your thoughts on what he said? ... Like MIke. Thought it foolish.
MT @BerrLasso9: In other words: "my bosses told me to do it, and I enjoy my check." ... Exactly! Bosses told me to infuriate a team I cover!
MT @kscott05: A haiku about why you think 'redskins' is bad after years? - Not complicated. Many felt it was a slur. I listened to many.
RT @c2cashwell: Did you save the Ted Thompson interview for your Packers Super Bowl article? ... Ted stuff, which I love, in next wk's MMQB.
<<<<for him to be around E.J. Manuel is a smart use of Bills' time. I know Palmer. Good guy. Selfless. He'll be good for E.J.
Smart signing of Jordan Palmer by the Bills. In camp, when we talked, he sounded like a coach already. Tutored Bortles pre-draft. And so>>>>
RT @hwolfie: Really enjoyed your MMQB today ... Why, thank you Heather. It was a long one.
Re Incognito visit: Sign the Bucs know they're good but badly flawed at guard.
RT @JayGlazer: Breaking: The Bucs are bringing Richie Incognito in for a visit today, could sign him if visit goes well.
RT @Edwerderespn: One of your very best, top to bottom..RT..@SI_PeterKing: Good morning. MMQB is up:… ... Thanks, Ed!
And Browns fans, my bad on the "CB opposite Joe Haden" thing. Being fixed. Brain-freezed on Justin Gilbert. Thanks for pointing it out.
MMQB5: Patrick Peterson did WHAT w/his bonus check? ... Shame on you, Frontier Airlines ... Mick T great pick by HoF ... More Jerry Kramer.
MMQB4: Collinsworth buys a big piece of Pro Football Focus ... Mo'ne is creeped out ... The Daryl Washington bonus is really stupid.
MMQB4: Keenan Allen's breathtaking ... John Brown's going to be famous in Az. Read how he got there ... Wise words from Joe Haden.
MMQB3: Marcus Mariota is mentioned twice in MMQB. First two of many this year ... Texans fans, read what Rick Smith is doing right now.
MMQB2: Guess who Jaws calls the best NFL QB this month? (Jet fans cringe) ... My discussion with Sam Bradford 12 days ago is a tad haunting.
MMQB1: Mercy, look at Percy ... And @DangeRussWilson is on fire ... Knowshon should be the man in Miami ... Alarm bells in Buffalo.
The NFL's best team won't win the Super Bowl this season. @SI_PeterKing explains why in his latest Monday Morning QB:…
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Just wrapped up the column. Hope you all have a good week. Thanks for reading. It'll be posted by 4 am ET.
Sam Bradford adieu haiku coming. --- Bet you all can't wait to read my dillweed haiku about Sam Bradford.
RT @mchappell51: Some preseason perspective: since '05, Colts with 9 preseason wins, 8 playoff appearances ... Gotta love MIke Chappell.
RT @DerekArcher134: "Ramians"? ... You got a problem with Ramians? I like to invent stupid words.
A tumultuous week for the Bills or what? Practice fights, awful offense, puking DT busted, cutting puking DT. How's the job, Doug Marrone?
RT @BrianCoz: People clamoring for Sanchez and Tebow as answer for Rams. How about both? A 2012 Jets redux! ... Coz speaketh truth.
Stop with the Tebow questions, Ramians. Please stop.
Even if Phil would consider, Eagles'd want a lot for Sanchez, who's had a great preseason. I don't see the Rams giving a 2 or 3 for Sanchez.