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Hey #america we do know that @realDonaldTrump was referring to #illegalimmigration not #legal don't we??
#TerminatorGenisys script was amazing. Acting left more to be desired.
When #ArnoldSchwarzenegger delivers his best acting job. It tells you how bad the rest of the cast phoned it in. #TerminatorGenisys
@Sinastr ...I don't judge but oppose for twitter feud sake
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I'm unclear on that of which you speak. Please elaborate, Willis.
I hate it when I'm having the most delicious meal in the world and someone walks into the kitchen and tells me to get out of their house.
I'm sorry same sex marriage violates the sanctity of your third marriage. #SCOTUS #SCOTUSMarriage #EqualMarriage #LoveWins #samssexmarriage
I'm very happy #LoveWon let them pay #Divorce attorneys too.
Yes!! It's equal!! Everyone can be miserable!! #MarriageEquaility #SCOTUSMarriage #SCOTUS
I've realized that when my wife says "what?" its not because she didnt hear me, shes just giving me a chance to unsay something I just said.
when you wear a new outfit and feel sexy af
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In some places, if you're confused, or angry, or deranged, you can get your hands on a gun very easily, and harm people. What a country.
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When the story starts off with there is a baby Daddy and a druggie. You know it's gonna be interesting.
Just saw an unbelievably beautiful woman in the park. I wonder how many cows her father would give me to marry her.
The cashier is telling me to "have a nice day," but judging by her tone she wants me to "die in a tire fire."
You know your baseball team has a rough go of it when your starting pitcher gets 14 strikeouts and you still lose the game #sox
Kindness is not an act. It's a lifestyle.
I don't know what to think except that's he's just simply a selfish self centered insecure asshole
Great article about the crossfir box Geaux CrossFit via @dig Baton Rouge #crossfit #geauxcrossfit
Sometimes I just want to go where no one knows my name
If you loved me you would not have hit me
It takes more strength to leave when the situation is bad than to stay
The new #kfc commercials are horrible. #Hulu find new advertisers please!!!!
It's friday!!! Shut up and dance!!!
#women say #men play games. But my female friends you are as good at them as any man is. #gamespeopleplay
People are assholes

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