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And you think you had a bad day.
Now I could do this juicing!! #juicy #tacos #diet
Yeah I'm bad.
Think about this parents. Empower your girls.
I'm just gonna come out and say it. #JustinBieber is a bad ass the guy is a musical manic. @justinbieber play some of your own music.
A Walmart greeter has more responsibility than Vanna White.
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If you go to school with @RealHeidiPowell child matix #voteformatix. Ok. I just thought it was an awesome post.
How come old clothes are "vintage" but old people are "nasty over-entitled thugs whose blind selfishness mortgaged America's future"
My favorite thing about hot weather is the way it makes the fat people disappear.
Think about it
Most things that upset people aren't worth remembering.
And people wonder why I don't wear flip flops.
I'll take either this weekend!!
Sometimes you just have to treat your #girlfriend the way she deserves.
I wasn't on the Titanic but my iPhone just dropped to 2% so I think I get the gist.
To me this is relaxing.
#Obama is awesome. based on; you'll know only paying the smallest payment on your cards is costing you greatlyYour opinion of great is odd.
I don't regret the wrong things I've done. I regret the good things I've done for the wrong people.
have to stop saying "how am i going to kill my way out of this one" everytime there is trouble going on, or at least not out loud
Y she look like she on her way to her husband black family reunion & she bumping A Long Walk by Jill Scott in the car
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I want to be close to you. Feel your breath, hold your hand, have you next to me. And of course slap your ass. #twitterpoet
The truly powerful have no need to boast.
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I'm not discounting anyone's struggles. You are taking it to a racist place
It's amazing how every thing now a days is being twisted to racist
We all have the "same struggles" Be kind to one another. Was my tweet. And that got a reply about minorities not having the same struggle
Is it really necessary to be mean to others? We all have the same struggles. Be kind to one another.
Love is an amazing emotion. Nothing can build you up higher or tear you down as violently.
You can hate me,think I'm an asshole or that I don't care. But understand still to this day I care about you. We just didn't work out.

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