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Elise Bauer
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August is National Catfish Month! Learn how to make this delicious fish the traditional way on @simplyrecipes:
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Simply Recipes just had a facelift, semi-responsive style. Check it out!…
Here's what happens when you like everything on Facebook
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A better tip than Cook’s Illustrated’s “you can cook steaks straight from the freezer": don’t put steaks in the freezer in the first place.
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You’ll need to sword fight for this Grilled Swordfish Steaks w/ Lemon Oregano Marinade dish! @simplyrecipes
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Next up homemade liver wurst with pickled red onions #offalday
Dear @WholeFoods Thank you for selling me a whole chicken that came already trussed #Awesome
Today's lunch! Pesto Pasta w/spinach and avocado {new post}
Wow @YumDom You've copied 195 of my recipes & photos w/o permission. SO. NOT. COOL.
Perfect summer gratin with eggplant, zucchini, tomato, peppers, Parm, Provolone. {new post}
How to double skewer shrimp for grilling
BREAKING: Worldwide productivity just shot up by 3000%
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It's quesadilla week here. Just remade these Sonoran quesadillas. OMG so good! Crispy Buttery Heaven…
Umami: the taste we love but can't describe | The Japan Times
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Excuse me while I go sit outside in the RAIN. In Sacramento. In JULY. #WeirdWeather
A thing of beauty. Chocolate Bundt Cake. With coffee. And Bourbon. Yes. {new post}