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Simon Pegg
It may not be where he is but where I’m sitting right now, it’s the 18th of April and that means it’s @edgarwright’s birthday!!! Happy Day!!
Rant over. Anyway, here’s some World’s End fan art, including some amazing stuff from Japan!
I can't abide celebrity Twitter accounts that are 100% self promo and self aggrandising RTs. I also like to tweet 20% food pics and insults.
Wanna thank @simonpegg for "Employee of the Day!" Now, I'm off 2 get loaded and bloody! I won't be on time tomorrow...
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Employee of the day @RobRiggle for getting to work on time, sober and not covered in blood for the 1st time. Go Rob!
Don't get me wrong, I like you but I think I like you better when you're pretending to be somebody else.
There will never be a Paul 2 (Pauls) because these days, no studio would bankroll an R rated comedy for > $20-25m and P2 would be > $50m.
Wrapped at 5am, back in at 3pm. Looking forward to slipping into my dress. @RobRiggle @TVSanjeev #katebeckinsale @PythonJones #doubleshift
@simonpegg Cool to see – remember the Jelva piece I did for the test shoot?!
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Very early, pre shoot, concept artwork for Paul.
Treated to an advance screening of @simonpegg's *incredible* new film 'Hector and the Search for Happiness', last night. Mind. Blown.
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Wind Reel And Print. That’s a wrap.
I’m not wearing underwear, so much as cycling shorts, padded out to give me hips and a big bootie. I feel so free. So utterly, utterly free.
I can’t show you the dress, as I am in costume and a picture would constitute a spoiler. Nor can I show you my head and footwear. #sexy
Hey countries currently enjoying daytime. I’m up too. Let’s hang out, seriously. I’m wearing a dress!
He'll do it! He'll shoot a nose!
I just ate lunch. It's 11pm. #nightshoots
These will be at my art show. If you're interested in any, they're between $75-$200. Email me: mydogatela(at)gmail
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Now on instant netflix: A Fantastic Fear of Everything, starring @simonpegg, whom I adore. Platonically but still.
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Me and @RobRiggle are having fun in a luxury, South Bank, torture penthouse for @PythonJones’ pleasure. Classic Wednesday.
A lot of people receiving their Power Puff Cornetto Trilogy tee shirts this week. Wear with pride my lovelies.
Watch BBC London today @ 1.30 & 6.30 for a special behind the scenes report @simonpegg @TVSanjeev @PythonJones & Kate Beckinsale
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