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Simon Pegg
Hey @edgarwright and @nickjfrost, Check out this roadside sign in Seattle, taken by @smileybil
Perfect! “@_themouth: @simonpegg You may have something there…
As far as the trilogy goes, I'm not sure which one I'm most excited about, The Sex of Ultron or The Location of Ultron.
I wonder what the age of Ultron is. I’m guessing between about 9 and 35.
G’day Aussie followers! Hector and the Search For Happiness is out today. Here’s what David and Margaret have to say.…
This is fascinating if you want to get into film development. Whoever she is, @MysteryBritExec knows her onions.…
The number of Ebola cases are doubling about every 20 days. Help @oxfamgb to #StopTheSpread. Text SAFE to 70066 to donate £3
Road tested my new @ruroc_army Viper Cascade Freestyle today. Benefits included, sweet air, sick glide and radosity.
.@chrismcquarrie Always be closing…or something. #orsomething
.@chrismcquarrie Every time a bell rings, an angel get’s his wings…or something. #OrSomething
I’m a simple man, I don’t ask for much but I don’t understand why I can’t just buy a ski mountain for a tenner and put it in my garden.
Awesome!!!! “@flanciscars: @edgarwright Thought you’d like to see my tattoo. Huge inspiration. Cheers.
That Frozen tweet was a Dad joke btw. I’d go to a sing-a-long screening in a heart beat. If only for the harmonies in Love is an Open Door.
My daughter keeps bugging me about taking her to a sing along screening of Frozen. I told her to let it go but that only made it worse.
Don't miss Panorama tonight on BBC1. A world exclusive breakthrough which will give hope to paralysed people all over world #nsif @LadyFosp
@DNichollsNSIF: @LadyFosp big day!” Im bursting with pride and admiration for what's been achieved. A very special day indeed #nsif
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Just found this picture of @Rich_Fulcher with a crab on his stomach, taken in Adelaide, AU 1998. Thought I'd share.
My Irlen lenses are often mistaken for sunglasses, but they help calm my visual world. #IrlenAwarenessWeek @SeeIrlen
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Here’s my weekly link to my close friend’s autism blog, if you have a child on the spectrum, or even if you haven’t. ……
Here's the video to @danmanganmusic's awesome track, Vessel, which you may have heard at the end of Hector. It's ace!
Amazing!!! Thank you. “@HippoCecile: My drawing of @simonpegg. Original photo by @DrGotts. I hope Simon will see it.
Lynda Bellingham, a gorgeous, brassy, funny, generous, talented human being. My first TV mother figure and and a treasured friend.
Monday means supersets with @NickLowerPT. Do I wear the Batman, Superman or Spider-Man compression tee? Might just do it in pants and vest.
Cheers to everyone who came out for the KM3T prem at the @BFI #LondonFilmFestival. Good fun and lots of blood mostly on the screen, mostly.
The traffic in central London is terrible! Piccadilly Circus is like Piccadilly Circus!
About to hit the red carpet. I’m rocking a mankle to highlight the effects of global warming. #LondonFilmFestival #KM3T @climate_rev
I saw Cumbers yesterday. We had a little kiss and a cuddle. I don’t play as hard to get as Martin.
I suppose I did fire one of Marcus’s goons out of the Vengeance airlock but then if I hadn’t I would have killed Kirk and Cumbers.
Oh yes, I forgot, I mudered 18 innocent people in Burke and Hare. Thank you @evilregallovely. I’m still excited for the missus to see #KM3T
Happy Birthday to Hector’s Ying Li, the lovely @mingjzhao
I did plug that guy in Ghost Protocol but my phaser was set to stun in STID and Angel only wasted that crackhead. NWA we’re all non lethal.
Off into town for the @BFI #LondonFilmFestival premiere of #KillMeThreeTimes. Excited to show my wife, who’s never seen me slay a human.
The last official 2015 British Snowboard X selection camp is 15th-26th Nov. Coaching also provided. Give it a go :)
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A wee cheer up for the weekend......Spaced Series 2 Out-takes
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@simonpegg Any Chance of a Retweet for UK Schnauzer Owners Please?
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This is brilliant! “@Stephen_Vitale: Oscar Isaac and Adam Driver got cast in Star Wars so someone had to do it……
I’m going in, I’m going in full throttle… #friday
Photoset: cmgmmemo: 2014/10/8 『ワールズ・エンド』BD発売までカウントダウンをしました。 コルネットトリロジーセットもようやく日本で発売!嬉しい!
Have a great Friday everyone and may the force be with you this weekend. #starwarsweekends
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"Someone who loves you." #THROWBACKTHURSDAY @gregmottola and #KristenWiig as Boushh. 'Paul' pick ups, UCLA, 2010
ICYMI, George Romero's son is crowdfunding a ‘Night of the Living Dead’ origins movie…
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"Someone who loves you." #THROWBACKTHURSDAY @gregmottola and #KristenWigg as Boushh. 'Paul' pick ups, UCLA, 2010