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Shuja Rabbani
Afghan refugee killed in traffic accident 20 days after arriving in the US - Khaama Press (KP) | Afghan News Agency…
Kuwait has become the first country to make DNA testing mandatory for all residents… #via @ScienceAlert
People Wanted the Death Penalty for Farkhunda’s Killers… via @AWWProject #Afghanistan
"Keep it confidential" - It's a term you hear a lot in my field of work.
Just an hour after conclusion of the #IranDeal, it was made available to the public manifesting #transparency…
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Straight from the Rabbani work desk, here's your thought of the day. #DailyRabbani One or two days to go for #Eid?💃C
After deterioration of security, #Kunduz residents protested over govt indifference &demanded Governor Safi's removal
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Amid deepening of crisis in #Kunduz, residents protested calling for govt action & demanded Governor Safi's removal
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'81 Margaret Thatcher then UK PM affirming western resolve to aide Afghan struggle against the Soviets… @ShujaRabbani
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Alright tweetistan, and with that, I leave you for the day...until tomorrow!
Everybody has a price, including journalists (and their integrity, if they have any).
I can't help but question who pays these journalists to write such propaganda in Afghanistan?
Western journo writes propaganda vs @KarzaiH being a 'threat' to unity. Afghan govt officials release pic of @ashrafghani & him to prove not
When the rest of Afghanistan gets caught up in-between inter-tribal battle of egos, that's not unity @ARG_AFG
Imagine the hell future Afghan administrations will have to go through b/c of all the blind-sighted agreements Afghanistan is signing now.
All these memberships and agreements by @ashrafghani is nothing short of over-commitment and under-delivery to the Afghan public & partners.
The latest agreement we're about to get in to with eyes wide shut is the courting of @ashrafghani for membership in Shanghai Cooperation Org
It took months for #IranDeal to come through. It took just one day for the new Afghan administration to sign off on the BSA with the USA.
Unlike Afghans, Iranians are smart about striking a deal. We pretty much signed all the MoUs/BSAs with our eyes shut+public kept in the dark
Did Afghanistan call him a hero too soon? Parliament attack ‘hero’ soldier Sgt Esa Khan freed from jail -…
BBC News - Who thinks less of women who smoke?…
Oh Afghanistan, not again! Someone tweeted this to me earlier: Man arrested for raping and killing 3-year-old child -…
Australian woman 'arrested in UAE over Facebook photo' @AJENews
‘I’ll make you eat your words’: Escaped cartel boss threatens Trump on Twitter — RT USA…
The US Spends $4M To Train One Syrian Rebel: What Else Could That Buy? -… **
"All EDM music sounds the same, is that racist?" - Watch this and have a laugh:… #edmlifestyle #edmlife #edmnation
You guys know I love #EDM, check this comedy skit: Comedians Take On EDM In New Hilarious Skit [Video] | Your EDM…
Hidden Camera Video Shows How Scary It Actually Is To Be Gay In Russia - via @UNILAD
#Afghanistan's very own MOBY Group is looking for a Senior HR Manager in Dubai. If you're interested, apply here:…
Why the Best Arguments Against an Iran Deal Are All Wrong… via @DefenseOne
@ShujaRabbani NEVER negotiate with the terrorists. Regarding this agreement an Afghan-Iranian coalition against Taliban might be a solution.
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@ShujaRabbani can't follow same policy from position of weakness.Ghani is sitting on bag of carrots but his stick is broken @AmrullahSaleh1
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@ShujaRabbani: despite differences, but if sec @JohnKerry is the negotiator, chances are high to reach an agreement. #AFG
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#IranTalksVienna have reached a deal. Should Afghanistan follow same diplomacy with taliban & Co.? #IranDeal #IranTalks #IranWinsPeace #Iran
Why is @twitter sending out multiple tweets?
#Ramadan is meant to be the month of religious observance, charity and forgiveness. Should I forgive and unblock some trolls?
In case you haven't seen this MidEast @CocaCola ad for #Eid that's gone viral. #Eid2015 #EidMubarak…
Yet another American convert to Islam arrested on terror charges. This time he's the son of a Boston Police Captain.…
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Malala Yousafzai celebrates 18th birthday with a school for Syrian refugees #WorldBrief
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Whenever I roll, out come the trolls! This guy wanted my attention, this is all what he's going to get. 💃💪4cZ
.@SavingMesAynak the focal point of an international movement to preserve an ancient city…
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Very humid day in Dubai this morning.
I don't like cities, just an adventurer at heart. Just send me to the mountains, forests and jungles - that's where I'm loving life the most
For 2 yrs, I've been wanting to go here. I can't believe it's finally happening. Hope the weather is sunny as in pic.
I'm writing a paper called "Rambo, ISIS, Propaganda, Islamophobia, dumbass movies, and why I want to set it all on fire." I'm almost done.
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Nigeria's president just fired four top generals in charge of fighting Boko Haram:
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