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Shuja Rabbani
Eslah & Najm are part of the fifth column of the enemy. Read his tweets since Monday, camouflaged TB propaganda.…
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You can have your sex, I'll just have my ice cream. 👅🍦🍧�#sex
Very happy to hear news of our soldiers whipping those militant Taliban asses out of #Kunduz city.
Holy shit. This is going on right now in Sharjah.
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When the #PopeInDC with #obama, they talked about #EDMA - Electronic Dance Music Afghanistan…
@ShujaRabbani i got friends who travel there usually and I am getting this made as my work station
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Tonight, I'll be tweeting live from #AbuDhabi as we watch @BonJovi rock the city!🙋🙌🙅🙆🙇👫👬👭💃💆🎆🎇🎉🎊🎤🎸🎺🎷🎹🎻🎼🎶🎵🎤🎸🎤🎸🎸🎧
I like how facebook gives these new updates on my page. #myfans #fanpage #socialmedia
سخنراني جنرال صاحب سالنگي معين ارشد وزارت امور داخله در چهارمين سال گشت شهادت شهيد صلح پروفيسور برهان الدين رباني
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We're ready to rock Abu Dhabi this Thursday! See Jon's message to fans here Get tix at
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Taliban flag is basically the flag of Saudi Arabia w/a white background but no sword. A suicide vest emblem will suit Taliban flag better.😂🔫
Khalid Amiri, taking the flag of Taliban down. #kunduz, this morning. Words come short to describe their courage.
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Protesters: We should fight against "TALIBAN of KABUL". Now; Commander Massoud Square
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I want that book shelf. Where can I get me one of those @afgexecutive?
Here's what's on my wish list today. #ShujaWantsTo go to...
It's 1st of October everyone. Straight from the Rabbani work desk, here's your thought of the day. #DailyRabbani
I hope that for the sake of transparency and peace of mind, origins of the Taliban fighters will be made public.…
This incredible woman stopped the Taliban from shutting down her school: cc @ShujaRabbani
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A timely article by @HopliteGroup: Kunduz City Falls… - If NUG wants to save face, they'd better get on it asap!
So what's next for Afghanistan? Russia jumps in and US/NATO jump in too & the mess in Afghanistan continues with everyone participating in?
Ahmed Rashid's latest article in @ForeignPolicy pretty much implies US support of Taliban/ISIS in Afghanistan to create headache for Russia.
#NDS rejects rumors on social media regarding the suggestion of blocking Facebook temporarily, we believe in & support the freedom of press
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Lawmakers demand president Ashraf Ghani resigns as Afghan battle rages:
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Buck up India. #Afghanistan 's women’s football team streams matches live on You Tube -@AngikaarC : c @ShujaRabbani
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#Afghanistan: 6,000 civilians have fled #Kunduz city. Many others can't leave because Taliban have set booby traps on major roads.
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Afghan tweeps, have you joined the #AfghanistanNeedsYou campaign yet? Use it to address Afghanistan's brain drain that's plaguing the nation
Straight from the Rabbani work desk, here's your thought of the day. He knew a thing or two about sex & life. #Freud
🍃It's only after we've lost EVERYTHING that we are free to do ANYTHING�xP
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Good morning world! Don't let your competition get there before you.
Instagram surpassed @twitter long time ago. Make sure you follow me on @instagram too: @ShujaRabbani 📷🎥📹🎬🎭
Afghan forces brace to take back major city from Taliban.
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Reality of British empire should be taught in schools – Corbyn — RT #UK… #imperialism #colonialism #India
Afghan tweeps in UK, please find the Governor of Kunduz and give him this book. I think it was written for him.😉D
A war time President should be everywhere boosting the public morale in such times of national tragedy #Kunduz @ARG_AFG @ashrafghani
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Now, #Kunduz Governor will "monitor the security situation online". The jokes have begun on Afghan social media :-)
All you #EDM producers out there who use @NI_News products, DO NOT update your Apple OS to 10.11 - you will not be able to use the software!
Seriously?! Cowardice at its best. He should be fired from his role with immediate effect.…
Safi & Wardak are NUG's first govnor & intelligence chief. They handed #Kunduz to Taliban on NUG first anniversary !
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This will be #ANSF when they're done with Taliban in #Kunduz bakhair! ;-) #Afghanistan
Working on #Kunduz story today for .@BBC_WHYS at .@bbcworldservice -Has really made me remember why I do this crazy job #eatsleepnewsrepeat
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@ShujaRabbani Afghanistan.. such a shame - a beautiful country like that with so much potential being destroyed by terrorists & radicals :(
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