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Shuja Rabbani
Frontrunner in Afghan vote rules out coalition government via @Reuters #Afghanistan #AfghanElections
This is the law of the universe. What you put out, you get. Some call it 'karma'. Whatever you give out, you get.
Your life. Your choice. You decide. Want to live your life happy or sad? It's all entirely in your own hands.
*think …aaah, I hate typing when tired….
I got told in the office I'm always in Zen mode. Some people thing I'm on drugs. I should tell them I'm not a supporter of @ashrafghani :D
@ShujaRabbani I think Kabul was always going to be Abdullah's
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Well, well... what do @ashrafghani supporters have to say about this? Early Kabul vote count puts Abdullah in lead
Teriyaki for lunch. I love sushi too but never offer it to Afghans not familiar with world cuisine. #Afghanistan
My management team at work keeps a close eye on my tweets and on my LinkedIn profile to see if I'm looking for work elsewhere. I know...
One of those days when you come home from work and you're knocked out.
After every discrete event or project during the day record scores in all ten areas of the Mojo Scorecard.
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I had to follow you @mustgain - after all those 'f-words' on your news feed. :-) Prefer dropping the f-bomb over real bombs. #Afghanistan
They say: another day, another dollar. Yup, that's what poor people's thinking says to them. Stop saying that and start thinking BIG $$$!!!
Yes, I don't have the best of relationships when it comes to dealing with journalists in #Afghanistan - they lack integrity to nth degree!
I bet @nytimes, @washingtonpost, @WSJ & co. journalists in #Afghanistan have drafted their propaganda articles already. Ready 2 wash brains.
Tweeting before heading off to work. This is going to be a very busy day. No music production this evening for sure. #EDM #musicproduction
I was impressed by George W. Bush's paintings when I saw them on TV, except the one of Karzai - what the hell did he do to him? #Afghanistan
Drama in #Afghanistan's politics never ends. Just wait till we progress a week or two. Lying, blaming, personal attacks - it gets dirty!
If you're from #Afghanistan, your @twitter feed is probably being flooded with everyone claiming their candidate of choice is the President.
This had to be the most surprising news I saw on Facebook last night via @AJStream - #Nigeria is rich, rich, rich!
#Afghans hope election opens new era. But voted along ethnic lines [GREAT READ]. via @washingtonpost
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While painting this picture as if #GeorgeBush knew #Karzai would turn out an ugly ally in the end.
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"In ethnic #Hazara neighborhoods, #Abdullah was the overwhelming winner," says Washington Post. This is the case throughout #Afghanistan.
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