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Shreya Ghoshal
It’a originally sung in telugu.,
Have your heard this song of mine.
Now listening to one of my most favourite songs of the last whole decade, Awarapan Banjarapan.. By @K_K_Pal @mmkeeravaani
Listening to Olay Olay Olay Olay !! Dancing myself! Nostalgia does really harm u big time!
Listening to the 90’s Miss it!!!!!
@shreyaghoshal Silence is like a blank drawing sheet and your voice draws a colorful picture over it ... 😀U like Silence n d Silence needs U
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Also, moon is my best frnd:) Feel bad for him. He totally wants to be with us but has been given the task to revolve around us 365/12/24/7
When the world sleep I find my shakti:) I guess I just like the silence! There’s more space for me to think.
@srijitspeaketh: #Chotushkone in Mumbai frm 31st Oct in Inox Malad, Inox Vashi, Cinemax Andheri and PVR Phoenix Mall Lower Parel!” Super!!!
Good night:) I m off to sleeping peacefully after so long! May all be blessed by the Almighty:) love you!
Instead of cursing the the darkness, light a lamp. Very rarely do u meet ppl who connect to ur soul n ur thoughts so instantly. #AniChoying
Spent the day meeting the eminent Ani Choying. What an inspiration!!
Happy birthday @kunalkohli :) have a blast!
All the worries in life are so unnecessary. Still we hv them.. We are one messed up species no!
So here goes my urge to the teens! You need not copy your sorority.. Hv ur own taste! U pave the path! Ur faith ur liking makes you special!
It’s just a random few. My list has no start no end.
Listening to the kind of music apparently categorises u! Try me! I listen to Lata Bjork Andrea Manna Bona Rafi Imogen Diana Kishori Beyoncé!
Such beautiful words. How can I anymore say there r hardly any music lovers left!! Such lies!! U guys, some odd 31lac followers r my hope:)
@shreyaghoshal music is solace, a complete peace of soul, escape from reality, yet accomplished serenity.
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Music for me to say India. And I say this as a Turk. :) @shreyaghoshal
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@shreyaghoshal music is the language that defines, the medium through which I can express anything and everything
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@shreyaghoshal That's weird cuz I was just thinking like 5 mins ago how 89% of my life is spent with music. Dont know what I'd do without it
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@shreyaghoshal To me music is like meditation.It is to keep u calm and cool.You have a great contribution in that.Thank you :)
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@sidin: @shreyaghoshal Music is emotion shrink wrapped into individual portions.” Poetic as expected:)
@shreyaghoshal music is a part of life which you can't live without!
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@shreyaghoshal Music is the reality of God which attracts the souls towards him!
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What does music mean to you? My definition is never perfect, coz its my lifeline. Probably you can word it better:)
kisi ka toh hoga hi tu Kyun na tujhe main hi jeetun.. Love you:*
Maheroo kar meri chaahat qubool!
Lights in a bowl! #trippy
Too many mithais have been had! Completely involuntary. Don’t know how it happened!!
@RajkumarHirani: Just released the PK teaser. See it on…” Mad stuff! Woohoo! Can’t wait to watch:)
As a kid me and dad used make these lights from scratch with wires, tiny bulbs and circuits to tweak whether they should blink fast or slow.
There is this mad joy in putting up lights all around your balconies as soon as diwali arrives. :)
Celebrations have begun! A full on day in the studio followed by some fun times at SLB’s Diwali party! Happy Diwali you all:):)
A fun week this was, travelling and gigging. Heading back home 2mrw! Thank you Rajkot for the mad evening:) love u!
The pretty bride to be, by the gorgeous beach.. #namrata #gorgeous #priyonamwedding
Promo of @shreyaghoshal's latest song "Dhaani Chunariya" from the upcoming movie 'Super Nani'
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Please note. This is officially the happiest day of my life.
@Haricharan_Sesh: @shreyaghoshal killing it !!! @ music academy, chennai. Flawless and explosive. Big Fan!” thnk u:)
Hope I can fall asleep tonight! Good night:) Chennai 2mrw!
Mom's saree. Love digging through her wardrobe..