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Shreya Ghoshal
What have these innocents done that they have to be finished off this planet. Why is there no way to find these people who are killing them and are the real ones behind this poaching trafficking! Why are they getting away with such heinous crimes! How are these criminals roaming around fearlessly!
Getting such great response for #ManwaLaage So happy :) thank u all!! Love love love..
True that “@ShekharRavjiani: The best decisions are made when we don't overthink everything and listen to our instincts instead.”
Please watch this video @TheSharmanJoshi speaks the Truth… it's just so beautiful..
Whoa. @shreyaghoshal is the top trend on Facebook India because of #ManwaLaage. Congrats everyone!
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@shreyaghoshal u know goddess, ur SGFamily has celebrated 'The Manwa Laage' day yesterday with SGian Special trend of #ManwaLaageByShreya :)
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Heart's happy! Thank u @VishalDadlani @ShekharRavjiani for giving me such an extraordinary composition to sing! #HNY
Can't get enough of this #ManwaLaage from #HappyNewYear .. Vintage @shreyaghoshal +Arijit = Chartbuster.. Superb!
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In Palo Alto At Phils Coffee. Was the only one without a MacBook;) Loved the coffee and the vibe, everyone here is a startup genius..
A song which I love but am afraid will not be promoted coz it's not a big budget film :( #Albeliya
@nishu_SG: @shreyaghoshal 4 am???? You are not in Mumbai :o” not yet! Zzz now!! Miss being in mumbai Timezone!!:(
@shreyaghoshal kandaagi kandaagi,munbe va,velicha poveva,sollitale ava kadhala etc...
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@PratheekshaG: @shreyaghoshal Sahayaane, Munbe Va, Modala Maleyanthe, Mannipaya, Shalbhamaay. Omg!! Its gonna be a never ending list” muah
Kuch toh tujhe raabta, really.. Love you. Good night guys, it's 4am! Muah..
@shreyaghoshal best combo of you is with @immancomposer !! He use your voice with perfection
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@shreyaghoshal amma nanu ,shalabhamai,kandangi kandangi,munve baa,chinni chinni asalu.
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@shreyaghoshal Velicha poove, Sollitaley, kannineema neeley, Urugudhe
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"@shellyrishi: @shreyaghoshal YOU'VE taught us that music has no language! :')"
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@shreyaghoshal Thean Thean, Munbe va, Mannipaya, Uruguthae, Un perai, Sundari penne, Kandaangi, Kadhal anukkal.
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@shreyaghoshal Aromale, Munbe vaa,Kalvare,Pattu Cholli (actualy it was sadhana sargam) ur version pls :) ,Kizhaku pookum,Edeya Baagilu :)
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I repeat.. I am blessed and ever so humbled, I get to sing in all the languages of the country I am born in. Thank you god! #ProudToBeSGian
How beautiful is the feeling when absolutely hardcore Hindi speaking music lovers are suggesting me my songs of the South of india!
If I ever do any all tamizh telugu malayalam kannada (no Hindi) concert, what songs would like to listen to?
Amidst this weeklong vacation I am secretly craving for the studio sessions! #storyofaworkaholic
Time to adjust my clock for mumbai!! I land and start n recording! Missing the action really!
Cooked, a lot, awesome stuff, me and dad! Fed the boys!! One of them heading to Borneo after! Takes my bucket list with him! Bless you boy!
I am here to lose my verified badge;) @paraga @manvesh
So glad I took this week off! Slept, shopped, walked, cooked, ate, chatted forever with bro, laughed, cracked.. I cud get used to this life!
Dear SGians thank u for wishing me n team #monkemonerstation for it's 2year anniversary:) indeed u r the power which drives me to do more:)
Again a li'l mon kemon, nostalgia. As if a feel that we experience while basking in the sun during winters- @shreyaghoshal #2YearsOfMKS #MKS
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"It was my instant love, like love at first sight" - said @shreyaghoshal before singing the title track of Mon Kemoner Station #2YearsOfMKS
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Listening to #ChithiraChiloElomelo live by @shreyaghoshal is smthng I'll alwys cherish,ws almost in tears.A song so dear to me #2YearsOfMKS
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Aaah! San Jose I had soooo much fun singing for u! Whattey! And with this the US Canada tour comes to an end. love you loads!
On the way to San Jose!! Finale of the tour tonight :)
We rocked it LA!! :) love u:*
Shreya ghoshal's LA concert was one of the best experiences of my life! I luv ur music @shreyaghoshal I'm a diehard indian music lover!
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Still shattered about my darling Bambi.. People in #Powai #help me looking for her. She's a sweetheart.
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Bambi my 8 year old pet is missing since afternoon. #Powai any leads will be helpful.
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Love being on the stage..