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shonda rhimes
45 years ago, in the wee hours of June 28th, a group of LGBTQ people of every conceivable stripe, but mainly...
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Hello NYC here for a super weekend of collaboration @ElliotStaples @TheLimited ❤️❤️
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I've been up all night wondering if Matt Lauer can be a dad and have a job at the same time... @MLauer
I #StandWithWendy because trying to shut a woman up is unacceptable. @WendyDavisTexas is a badass. Support her:
Flashback: One year ago Wendy Davis filibustered for women & the Texas GOP tried to steal a vote:… #standwithwendy
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Get involved. There are so many ways to help #LetGirlsLearn -- here are some options:
How to write: sit at desk. Look pained, as if you have a spastic colon. Feel deep self pity, & rage. Resent everyone. Then, bitterly, begin.
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So many amazing things to say about @BellamyYoung -- tonight I will simply say she is the #CriticsChoice and her #scandal family loves her.
Malala is an inspiration to us all. Pls share her message for #WorldRefugeeDay
WATCH! If you want to laugh, ladies, watch the new @helloflo video, #FirstMoonParty
I love Emma Thompson’s story of becoming adoptive mom to Tindy Please RT #WorldRefugeeDay
So proud I got to direct this piece, w/these amazingly brave families… via @YouTube #WelcomeUS
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Amazing MUST SEE work by #scandal's @guillermodiazyo as he went into the valley of the undocumented #WelcomeUS
Only 10 network shows ADDED viewers last season, and @shondarhimes produces both: @ScandalABC + @GreysABC.…
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An incredible night! Honored to present to @kerrywashington and spend last night with #wif Women In Film!
I see there is some drama about what I said about hashtag activism. Which makes me think some of you who are upset …
“Shonda Rhimes’ Real Talk for Dartmouth Grads: Dreams Are for Losers” by @shondarhimes…
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Without further ado, here is a link to alumna @shondarhimes' Commencement address to Dartmouth grads! #Dartmouth14
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Excuse me while I disappear into @OITNB for the foreseeable future. Thank you, Jenji. I appreciate it.
Imagine If Half of All Tech Inventions and Startups Came From Women via @TIME
I love it when good things happen to good people! Congrats to my girl @AudraEqualityMc on Tony Award Number SIX!! As always well deserved!
@judgerhughes @shondarhimes Yes she did! We were so happy to have her back on campus.
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We can't get over how amazing @shondarhimes' speech was today! Thank you for your inspiring words Shonda.#Dartmouth14
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Post-commencement speech joy because we are having @EBAsHanover! Thank you 4 hotel room delivery !! You rock! #dartmouth14 #delicious
The valedictorian (one of five!) killing it on her speech! @dartmouth #Dartmouth14
Ok, now it is really really happening!!
Ok, now it is really really happening!!
It is happening!! @dartmouth #dartmouth14 #commencementspeaker
The view from the podium -- TelePrompTer check! @dartmouth
Landing in New Hampshire!!! #dartmouth14
Number of Fortune 500 women CEOs reaches historic high
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Because every child deserves to succeed in college, career and life, vote for @beyond12 to win …
Because every child deserves to succeed in college, career and life, vote 4 @beyond12 to win #GoogleImpactChallenge
You can impact 10,000 college students with just one click. Vote for @beyond12 to win #GoogleImpactChallenge at