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shonda rhimes
Watching season premiere of @KeyAndPeele. Laughing so loud my child came to see if I was injured. @KeeganMKey @JordanPeele
Hello World, I drank the Kool-Aid and I'm now part of twitter verse! #TGIT #GreyAnatomy
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My sweetie @7JustinChambers might need some tweeting lessons but he is very excited about being on twitter! #GreysAnatomy #karev
One reason so few women in STEM? Movies. Read this: No Seeds Being Planted For Women & Girls In STEM @USCAnnenberg
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"Adding girls & women to stories means conceptualizing a fictional world startlingly like the one we already inhabit"
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Among adult women under 50, SCANDAL premiere did a 6.0 rating, beating the combined demo score in that hour for CBS/NBC/Fox.
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Oh. The twitter-hangover. It is large. But good. Must get up.
I want to go to that party and throw people in the air #HowToGetAwayWithMurder
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Alright people! It's time for #HowToGetAwayWithMurder West Coast style!!! #tgit!
"When your stick your hand into my panties..." #1976 #tgit #Scandal
We have tweeting for almost five straight hours and we are having a blast! #tgit #scandal
We have tweeting for almost five straight hours and we are having a blast! #tgit #scandal
I tried so many different songs for this scene. Hardest song ever to place music for. Thank you, Aretha! #GladiatorFuneral #tgit #scandal
That bedroom scene with Jake... #tgit #scandal
"Olivia Pope is back in town." aka THINGS MAYBE NOT TO TELL POTUS. #scandal #tgit
"What kind of Gladiator does that make you?" #scandal #tgit
Y'all, Mellie's talking about her panties. And saying "sister". And wearing Uggs. And going BOWLING! #FuckItMellie
Sooo proud of our first episode of #GreysAnatomy in Season 11!! #tgit Thank you so much for watching.
Thanks to our gracious #Bahamas host @OOResorts for all of the beach stuff!! #ScandaI
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"Julia Baker." We love you, Miss Diahann Carroll! #theFirst #scandal #Julia
The '94 du Bellay. We made this wine up. Same wine Cyrus brings to Liv's apartment back when he's sure James is cheating. #scandal #tgit
The things that he does with his fingers... #scandal #tgit
I'm obsessed with this tiny island in the middle of nowhere. Also with @scottkfoley's abs... #Scandal #tgit
This is what we need, Black women represented in a myriad of roles. Seeing characters like Annalise Keating is breaking the monolith.
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Give it up for my bud@TheRealKMcKidd the director of this #GreysAnatomy ep. So good. #tgit
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Don't you love how we drop Geena Davis on you and then walk away like BOOM? #GreysAnatomy #TGIT
Tweeting with my #Shondaland family!! Me and @TheRealKMcKidd #tgit
Hello West Coast!!!