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$ZGNX..$1.22 starting to gain some traction here. Good move!
$IBB..$319 and has not slowed up one bit..
Day off today but...doing work at my other home to sell, playing w/the kids & getting ready for good friend's Hanukkah party & day is gone!
$ETRM..$1.46 is getting frisky here.nice move higher on solid volume today. Pending catalyst on deck.
$POZN..FDA issues yet another CRL. That insider (planned) selling from Sept 29th thru Dec. by CEO is telling.…
$CERS Sold at 5.82 for 21% gain. Entered last week H/T @SheffStation
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$BLUE..trying to close in on $90 here. This will be a big mover in 2015. Will be a good core holding position.
$AGEN: up 12% ($3.74) Agenus announced its partner GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) reported that the ZOE-50 Phase 3 study met its primary endpoint.
Busy day @RandallChildren enjoying time with the kiddos! My kiddo loved his superhero bear. Thx @CCAJoyRx!
Unpacking in my bedroom & showing my daughters' the beauty of Mt. St. Helen's as the sun starts to set! Move is done!
Going dumpster diving here at the close for some bargains:) market down almost 300pts
$CUR..$2.60 pulling back today. I like this one to move higher w/late Jan data readout on tap.
"The mistake is not being wrong. The mistake is staying wrong." - John Hill
Last night our pals @Johnnylimboband prescribed classic rock Christmas tunes to the kids @RandallChildren #musicheals
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Update to $CERS..$4.88.. Baker Bros owns close to 16% of shares and that Orbimed increase pstn 70% over last qrtr.…
$MEIP..$4.70 bouncing hard off the 10m share offering at $4 yesterday.
$RMTI $8.20 continues to bounce off $8.10 level. It's tested that level 3x this week. On watch.
$ENTA..$44.62 down 4% on 80k shares. High volume this early in market day for them.
"Know what you own, and know why you own it." - Peter Lynch
"Real investors should never feel bearish because the time to buy value is when markets go down!" - Irving Kahn
"When a falling stock becomes a screaming buy because it cannot conceivably drop further, try to buy it thirty percent lower." - Al Rizzo
"Don’t try to be a jack of all investments. Stick to the field you know best." - Bernard Baruch
$ENTA on watch here..low of $46 & high of $48 here today. Volume of 140k.
$ASPX..pivotal data readout this month
$RMTI..$8.20 was down to $8.12 here briefly. Can't gain traction after $9 offering in early Nov. PDUFA late Jan. market on fire here & nada.
"The entrepreneur (trader) always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity." - Peter F. Drucker
$CERS..$4.75 up 3% w/solid catalysts due EOY.
$ESPR..$38.29 News flow into 2015..
Congrats on ur new roles @Emory_R @crusadernz . You both are two of my favorite follows on Twitter. Continued success!
Watch a fun jam session between MyMusicRx and some talented members of the ER team @RandallChildren. #MusicHeals…
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Santa made a special trip visit families at @RandallChildren. TY Scott Hix and @SOLREPUBLIC for your generous hearts!
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"The four most dangerous words in investing are: 'this time it's different.'" - Sir John Templeton
The @NYRangers have signed a 15-year-old diagnosed with cancer to a one-day contract
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Moving sucks but not when I look out my new living room window & see a view of Mt. Hood! Also Mt. Adams & St. Helens.
$ Audio DD post on 11/11/14..Key Catalysts Ahead. Jan 2015 top-line data in CF (PA).…
$OVAS..beast of a chart here since July from $7 to $32. Good company..good science wins most of the time!
$BLUE..$58.79 AH.. Yahoo..First 4 patients transfusion free!
Chiefs announced Eric Berry officially diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma. Prayers up.
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$DARA..$.75 no bottom found here yet. On watch!
#ASH2014 stocks starting to pullback here. Lock profit and reload at another time.
RT @tradingproverbs: ¨Markets anticipate outcomes.¨ - Kerr Neilson
$BCRX..$10.07 there is a 15% short position into their PDUFA on Dec 23rd.
$BLUE..$48.70 is in beast mode!
$RMTI..$8.60 well below last month offering price of $9.
$BLUE..$48.10 up 7% here.
$BLUE..$46.20 (up 3%) nice price action into the oral presentation this evening.
$BLRX..$1.79 expects full study to be completed in 2H of 2015.
$ABBV..update on key factors driving revenue growth. PDUFA Dec 21st $ENTA