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Shawn Michaels
Have a great evening all!!
RT: "@ keithmarkmra: Arrow: @gbtyfan07 Arrow: @EidenQueen Arrow: @CDiFran10 Figure: @WWE_LivePillman”-- Our winners!! Congrats!!!
Off to watch! Winners announced after @ShawnMichaels #MRA that is on @OUTDChannel NOW!!!
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RT:"@CDiFran10: You already know you guys mean the world to me. And I let @OUTDChannel know!”-- Thanks!!
RT: "@2piecee: What times does the show come on?” -- 30 more minutes. 11:30pmEST/10:30pmCST on @OUTDChannel ! #MRA
RT: "@MeganNez: #MRA thank u for everything u guys do. Only show I know that proves they love their fans”--Aw thanks!
ET:"@Shanny_JulieXx: Ok so I needed more than 140 characters but here's my reason. #MRA” -- Nice!!
Some bonus points if you tweet @ShawnMichaels & me a field photo of a prior successful hunt! #MRA
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RT: "@Lade_Dea: I love in #MRA that y'all show passion for hunting and that your driven to do this” -- Thank you!!
RT:"@WWE_LivePillman: here is what I love about #MRA this show means a lot to me and your family is lovely!”-- WOW!!
RT: "@keithmarkmra: I may actually give away @ShawnMichaels if I get to 10K followers! #MRA” -- LOL!! Get him there anyway!!!!!!!
RT: "@GiannaMH4O12: When I finally get to hunt, I'll know which brands to use thanks to #MRA” -- Great sponsors!!
RT: "@TaraHile: main thing is your not hunting to just hunt. You are feeding your family & helping others. #conservation #MRA” -- Thanks!!
RT:""reggieethridge:Love #MRA you keep things real and drop down your walls for us to see your true lives!”--Awesome!
RT:"@mitchcvaughn: never win these thing but what I like about mra hunting is of course cause of Keith mark an Shawn michaels #MRA”--Believe
RT:"@keithmarkmra: Big bonus points if you screen shot your reason for loving @ShawnMichaels #MRA from here:” --BONUS
It does not all have to be in. 140 characters , KM is an intelligent man, he'll know of you're using 2 tweets to give your answers. #MRA
- @ShawnMichaels & I will stop tweeting at 11:30pm EST during #MRA on @OUTDChannel but read your tweets & announce the winner after the show
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Per KM: make it 3 arrows & 1 @ShawnMichaels signed action figure Gotta tell us what you love about #MRA Bonus if it's about tonight's show
Let's make it 3 arrows & 1 @ShawnMichaels signed action figure Gotta tell us what you love about #MRA Bonus if it's about tonight's show
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RT: "@keithmarkmra: How about 3 signed arrows? I'll tell you how to win in a sec!” -- OK , wait on the "How" to win. Prize=3 signed arrows.