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Shawn Michaels
@2piecee @BrianVistaAZ @ballergirl14 You 3 are the winners from last night! One of you will get a call from @ShawnMichaels @keithmarkmra !!
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RT:"@leahbertrand75: What an awesome and beautiful episode on MRA. Reminds me of bird hunting with my dad as a little girl#MRA”-- Thank you!
Thanks all!! Hope you enjoyed the show!!! #MRA
Nothing will capture the love/joy of bird hunting in the beautiful outdoors than this footage on #MRA right now!!! @OUTDChannel
Now is the most awesome footage ever!! Let @ShawnMichaels @JoshIshmaelcam & I know what you think.
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4 more followers til 2000 and a giveaway of a one of a kind #MRA picture!!!
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RT:"@JoshIshmaelcam: will be here all week with the line @keithmarkmra shouldn't use his mouth for a while hahaha classic!” -- Hee-Hee'nn
This next seg is the most beautiful footage of the year! Let @ShawnMichaels @JoshIshmaelcam & me know what you think! #MRA
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Ah yes... Out very own @RockyGear commercial starring....US!!! #MRA
You can vote the rest of the month! Everyday every email Tell your friends May win a call from @ShawnMichaels himself!
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The @RemingtonArms is about to get worn out on this episode of #MRA !!! Sweet rigs!!!!
All our @ThermaCELL entries, you've got to enter everyday they Aug. for us to have a chance to win. And it has to be our link!!!
RT:"@MRAHunting: MRA Hunting - Week 9 - Pheasant Hunting - Feathers Start Flying…” -- Cool stuff!!! #MRA
Don't forget to Register @ and send @JoshIshmaelcam ur registration number to be entered 2 win 3 levels of prizes!
Hey @ShawnMichaels fans! Hard to believe that @ShawnMichaels fans can't push HBK to victory! He needs help now!…
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