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Shawn Michaels
The #MRA Crew is enjoying a final meal before we get onto the float plane & fly into camp...thank you Pizza Hut!!! :-)
After being in the sticks for days & going back into the sticks for even more...I'm glad I've packed my @TriCalm !! I'm gonna need it!!!
The #MRA Crew has arrived in Whitehorse Yukon. Tomorrow we jump on the float plane & head into camp!! Season 5 rolls on!!!
In the Edmonton airport waiting on our flight to the Yukon! #MRA Season 5 continues on....
Need a quick pick me up this Saturday evening?! This clip from Shawn Michaels’ MacMillan River Adventures should...
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How close can the #MRA Crew get to an elk in the Colorado mountains????… .
Incredible morning on the mountain!!
This is what we here in the elk woods everyday...… . #MRA
Getting ready to get back on that mountain, the temp has dropped & it looks like rain but...… ! #MRA
Well, that was a pretty eventful morning!! Bugling elk, hiking mountains...and changing a truck tire!! #MRA…
RT:"@willswilley: @ShawnMichaels very entertaining episode of MRA tonight.” -- We try!!!!:-)
Oh my....quite the start to #MRA !!! As we said....unlike any other show:-)
The @GamoOutdoor Air Rifles are getting used early & often in this episode!! The @GamoOutdoor ShowStopper air rifle was stellar!!! #MRA
RT: "@ObiWanKenobi69: what network is your show on so I can check it out?” -- @OUTDChannel 10:30pmCST every Tuesday night!
@ShawnMichaels the squirrel hunting episode? I saw it this morning, you and @keithmarkmra were hilarious announcers! #MRA ever decide MVP?
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RT: "@TaraHile: watched the videos, looks like you guys are having a great time :)” -- We always do!! #MRA
We have been doing real time live updates on… on this hunt & will continue to do so!! Pretty cool!!! #MRA
Tonight's #MRA has a host of guests stars and is going to be unlike any other show we have ever done...and that's saying something!!! :-)
RT:"@OUTDChannel: Tonight at 11:30 ET @ShawnMichaels and the crew grab some air rifles and join the first Squirrel Master Classic.”--OH YEA!
Pssst: be sure to go "like" the @ShawnMichaels #MRA FB page!! Lots of sneak peek videos AND clues about tonight's episode ;-) #MRA
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Hope people are paying attention to the @ShawnMichaels MRA Facebook page cause we are doing updates early + often!!…
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RT:"@RMEF: @keithmarkmra @WestonandJodi @ShawnMichaels @JoshIshmaelcam Good luck guys! Where in #elkcountry are you headed?”-- W. Colorado!
Make sure you keep checking up on the #MRA FB page...we're gonna be doing sneak peak videos the whole time up here!!…
Well, we have wi-fi up here, whadda ya know...heading out in the am for big Elk. They're bugling pretty darn good. So..gotta get'em!! #MRA
Time to head up to the mountains in western Colorado with @keithmarkmra @JoshIshmaelcam & @WestonandJodi !! Season 5 of #MRA begins!!
The 2015 #MRA filming season begins! @JoshIshmaelcam & I are on the way to meet @ShawnMichaels for some elk hunting!
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Celebrating Labor Day we have this fantastic offer! Get great products and save $$$ #Gamo
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RT:"@LSUFAN869: @ShawnMichaels @NASCAR @DaleJr Going to be hard to beat Harvick at Atlanta!”-- That's the truth!! #NASCAR
@GamoOutdoor is having a 15% off sale! I'm using the promo code to get an @ShawnMichaels showstopper air rifle!!!!!!!
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Time to enjoy my last @NASCAR race for 3 weeks!! Up in the mountains & the Yukon for a while...@DaleJr & the rest of Team Hendrick giddy up!
A number of videos & a sneak peek at next weeks episode which I can say will be UNLIKE any show we've ever done!At… !
Watching @WWE Raw replay and I just noticed @ShawnMichaels was wearing a @RemingtonArms T-Shirt, that's what's up !!! #ProGun #2ndAmendment
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@shanneeei: This week's @ShawnMichaels #MRA re-airs on the @OUTDChannel in 20 minutes!!! Lots of good huntin'... #dontmissit” -- Watch it!!
RT: "@SD1923: @ShawnMichaels @JoshIshmaelcam Can't believe this already arrived! Thanks so much!!”-- #MRA delivers!!