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Shawn Johnson
Again.... The weirdness continues with #malshawn #predsgame
Favorite healthy dorm room meals? Go!
Got me a new batch of tunes for the gym ;)
Don’t mind me…I’ll just be making this for every single meal. #yum
Still reeling from the weekend but loving this #NTC workout!
Good luck to my fellow @Nike athletes today in their first 1/2 marathon! @Marlen112Boxing @ShawnJohnson #werunsf
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A year ago when I saw Vanderbilt play... Can't wait for our Husker game this year @ShawnJohnson #MissYou #SeeYaSoon
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OH!!!! And congratulations to the 4 guys that proposed to their special ladies at the finish line today!!!! And ladies ;) #werunsf
Had so much fun at Nike Womens Half Marathon! #techpack #WeRunSF
I finished baby!! Crossing the finish line.... No matter the time.... Makes you feel proud :) #WeRunSF "We RAN SF"
It truly is my honor being able to work and do what I love. Thank you #Nike for allowing me to do so. #WeRunSF
Who's ready for the race?!!! I am!!! I'm also terrified haha but ready to have some fun and meet some awesome people #WeRunSF
@KyellThomas: @ShawnJohnson @GWR @GMA wow this appears to have escalated quickly #GMABalloonChallenge” Get ready! Haha should we call "Dan"
I think I just signed up @ShawnJohnson to float above the @GMA set in Times Square w/balloons as if she's in "Up!"
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Now all we need is someone to donate balloons!!!!! @goodmorningamerica @GWR #GMABalloonChallenge
@GMA @ShawnJohnson Sounds like something our records managers may well like to investigate! Do get in touch with the team in NYC :-) ^Dan
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@ShawnJohnson None. Only balloons! Well, tell us if you need help getting more. Otherwise you'll be "anchored down." #CollegeFootballJokes
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On an #AmericanAirlines flight right now whose engine keeps shutting off on the tarmac and they keep trying to restart it and takeoff!!!!! STOP IT!! #newplaneNOW
On an @AmericanAir flight whose engine keeps shutting down on the tarmac & they STILL keep trying to restart & take off! STOP! #newplaneNOW
@ShawnJohnson your going to be in a superhero movie? Would be awesome.
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Might have another big surprise for you guys!!! Had a pretty crazy audition interview the other day.... 👀 what could it be?!!! #dorksmile #secretproject -Don't mind the homework in the background
Might attempt to recreate #Up 😞 it didn't work
More adventures of #malshawn just weavin and bobbin through corn @malloryervin #countrygirls
@ShawnJohnson Idk if @DancingABC is quite ready for me yet! One day though, one day. Helluva compliment coming from you #realrecognizereal
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Nothing like a 3am alarm 😴 but guess what.... Race day is tomorrow 😮!#nikewomenshalfmarathonon here I come!#snailpacec#proudofitit
I know this is your favorite workout ;)
Lol maybe once I’m done being sick I can try this! #goawayallergies
Just looked through all of these pics. Not sure if hungry or…yep pretty sure I’m hungry now.
Happy Friday everyone!
Everyone... In response to last picture... It's a very VERY old address. Dare ya to show up... Be prepared to meet 2 very nice bachelors though! Haha #comeon
I need one of these asap!
No bueno!!! #coldandfluseason #allergies #yuck
What!! This is so crazy haha
Today, 30% of donations made to Hopeful Africa are being matched. Hopeful Africa is a great organization that started at my high school in Iowa. They do awesome things for partner schools in Kenya. For every $100 donated, the matching donation will be $30; that $30 could provide six textbooks or one
Donations to @HopefulAfrica are being matched at 30% today. They do great things for schools in Kenya. Please donate!
Okay, so you guys know I can't go anywhere with out my Nike sports bras! What are some of your gym bag essentials?
He. Is. A. Turd. #puppyproblems
All about this @nikeowmen workout!