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Sharon Cuneta
Please follow me on :-) for more regular updates! Thanks and God bless us all.:-)
should always be happy.
every night that we can. It's truly a special time for us to catch up with one another, and bond! Dinner with all of my kids
Hi, everyone! Hope you are all having a great day.:-) Just a friendly reminder: Let's have dinner with our family tonight and or follow me on www.twitter/therealrickylo.) You may also send your questions to For more updates, photos and videos visit
For more updates, photos and videos visit or follow me on www.twitter/therealrickylo.) (E-mail reactions at
in her phenomenal career. (E-mail reactions at may also send your questions to
who have always loved and believed in her,in good times and in bad times,& at the same time re-create herself for even bigger opportunities
selves or,if necessary,through an appropriate formal proceeding.In the meantime, Ms.Cuneta intends to enjoy the restful company of people
and the consequential injuries suffered by the aggrieved party.These matters are left for resolution privately between the parties them-
cordial expressions, however,lie a host of unresolved issues pertaining to the pre-termination of the contract,including the causes thereof
Ms. Cuneta for being part of the Kapatid Network for almost three years and wishing her well in all her future endeavors. Underneath these
graciously announced the end of her relationship with TV5 in social media, and TV5 later came out with an official statement thanking
officially ended on Aug. 18, 2014 more than two years ahead of the original contract period that was supposed to expire in 2016. Ms. Cuneta
Entertainment, her management) published in The STAR last Sunday: Sharon Cuneta’s contractual relationship with TV5 Network, Inc. >
Viva releases statement on Sharon Here’s the latest word on Sharon Cuneta’s (photo) quitting TV5 (from Viva Entertainment, her>
In the meantime, I leave you with this BIG announcement:
watching out for those clues. :-) Goodnight, everyone! Sweet dreams and May God bless you always! >
I am going to drop clues every now and then as to the things I will be working on which will start sooner than you think! So keep >
Check it out! I donated to Soccer Balls for Kids in Mindanao via @gofundme
update it regularly myself. Thanks! God bless you all and lots of love always.:-)
Check out Sharon Cuneta (Entertainer), with a photo of me blowing bubbles.:-) I try to
Hi, everyone! Just wanted to let you know that I now have a Facebook page. Check out >
Also, see you at Pechanga Casino Resort tomorrow night! Thanks! Lots of love and God bless!
Hi, California! Please visit and tell us what you love about living here!
This evening was a Dishonored evening.
June 22,6pm, at Thunder Valley Casino Resort in Lincoln, CA. Thanks! Hope to see you there!
June 20,8pm, at Chumash Casino Resort in Santa Ynez, CA; and on
Updates about Sharon's concerts in the U.S.: June 14,8pm, at the Pechanga Resort & Casino (in Temecula, near San Diego);
you all have a blessed, wonderful 2014, and thank you to my loving followers for your support... I will be ...
stand if I do not use twitter for some time and just go back to living my happy life with those who truly ...
a very false sense of power... I built my career without social networking - arrived where I got without a ...
obscene, painful words I certainly did not grow up hearing around me - just being thrown at me by people hiding behind anonymity, enjoying
they'll even remember how very much they loved me... And maybe they will think of me enough to remember that I don't deserve the
life, raised my daughter with only the help of my parents and friends, how good of a daughter I have been. ...
they have, or do, I hope they remember more than any contribution I have made to my beloved industry the way I lived my
most ungrateful business... The awards, the box-office queen trophies, the top-rating shows and #1 singles and albums... But even if
How easily people forget that I once maybe made them, or their mom, or someone they love, happy... How ...
how I was as a girl just starting to sing, make movies... How I treated them even then, and how I continue ...
self, ikaw at ikaw lang ang lalabas na masama... I don't have to prove to anyone that I am a good human ...
who will show you disrespect, kahit nananahimik ka... They will start something and then when you exercise your right to defend your-
Twitter, no matter how good you are to your followers, no matter how you go out of your way to make people happy, there will always be some
they called me which was "poor little rich girl..." I respected people and in return, was loved and ...