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Just watched the film Wolves with Jason Momoa in and honestly did they have to kill him, they could have had a nice relationship
i think that education is so important that it should at least be a separate, independent branch of government. education before policy.
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To the guys who post pictures of their girl, and tweet about them, and make sure people know she's yours, you're doing it right.
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Girls always find things out, they might not say anything right away, but they know.
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I hate missing someone and not being able to do anything about it.
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No calls, no texts, nothing. But here I am thinking about you like crazy..
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How could girls wear makeup for bed? Once I've had my bath, I wouldn't dare put another thing on, all naturals
Once I Love you 💘 I'll always Love you 😔the feelings I have for you we'll always be the same 💍😩 promise you 💯
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I go through photos on my phone sometimes and think “I wish it was this day again”
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I really can't stand people who lie! Can't get lower than a liar
Think I might turn my laptop on and watch something, phone off tho, too much annoyance, God knows when I'll sleep😥
My mam and bro must think I'm asleep but I'm actually listening to them slag me off haha, happy days
Every time someone is mean to me, I care less and less.
Lost my eye mask, now I'll never sleep
I actually really do need a cuddle right now.
The best place in the world is inside a hug.
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Oh my God why do people always argue with me at night 😂
Never apologize for having high standards. Those who really want to be in your life will rise up to meet them.
Remind yourself it's okay not to be perfect.
Appreciate EVERYTHING that you have, not just the things you think are good.
Be brave, fight for what you believe in and make your dreams a reality.
Nobody is in charge of your happiness; except yourself.
"Enjoy the little things in life because one day you will look back and realize they were the big things."
Disclosure ft Sam Smith - Omen / REPLAY
Omg the days I used to play table tennis ;')
I'm sorry but One Direction's music is going down hill. *Prepared for the unfollows and hate* :'))
Bullet to the head tho.. Jason Momoa may be the bad guy but he is still bludy perfect
Watching another Jason Momoa film, yes yes
Is it normal to get a blister looking thing on a pretty recent scar??
"Don't make a permanent choice over a temporary emotion."
I'm hurting so much right now and trying to stay moderately calm 😂😂
I prefer to chill and idc
You know when you realise you could have had something good but you ruined it.
Be who you want to be and don't be ashamed; the real you is more beautiful than the fake you.
Pay attention to how people talk about others behind their back. It will give you an idea of how they talk about you when you're not around.
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I slept so late last night now I'm still so so tired but brothers being too loud 😩😩
Can't deal with this.
Gonna find something fun to do since I'm being ignored 😊
You know when you're not appreciated but you appreciate others too much
Can't sleep, not tired and nobody to chat to. Boring night ahead
People taking there crap out on me tonight and I can't be bothered, they can try a life without me.
Give me one or two words answers as a reply and you'll get no reply at all.
Don't let anything go to waste that could be of use to people less fortunate than you.

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