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If I'm not good enough for you, there's no point in 'us', I loved you for who you are and you've proved to me that I mean nothing. 👊
I don't like having to lie on my back to sleep, its uncomfortable and gives me a headache🙅
I pretty much fail at like...everything
Cuddling would be so perfect right now. 👌
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Can I just skip to the part in my life where I'm happily married with beautiful children in a beautiful home 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧🏡
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My girlfriend isn't allowed to play the lottery. She already won the jackpot when she met me.
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Suppose it would be best if I just slept tbh
Could say I'm having a very shit night!!
Everywhere I'm looking people are saying they're eating McDonalds n I'm craving one🙅
Feels like forever since I've sat n watched the musketeers 😂 👌
I can't actually wait to start university in September, nervous but excited 🙌
I can't even be bothered to argue, far too much pain
Being loyal to someone that ain't yours can fuck you all the way up
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Cheating on someone is so wrong.. If you don't love the person you're in a relationship with enough to fully commit, don't be in it!!
Won't be getting much sleep tonight
Can't stop crying now, been hurt enough!!
In so much pain tonight 😥
Well my tummy doesn't look as bad as what I thought it would! The scars will only be small ☺
RIP to all those who died in the Tunisia attack #Minutesilence 🌹 Gone But Not Forgotten 🌹
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Hopefully fully awake now 👌
Woke up 9.40am, out of bed 10.20am ended up going back to bed 11am til 12! That operation really has knocked me for two😫
I should be asleep by now
Falling asleep again
Dreading Friday!!
Since I couldn't eat much yesterday thru the operation, I'm now STARVING! Just don't want to annoy someone asking for something to eat😂
Everyone at home fussing over me bless them
Sorry to hear bout this. Get well soon. "@_Shannon_Zoe_: Operation was successful! I'm now home and resting. ☺ In pain but that'll settle!"
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Operation was successful! I'm now home and resting. ☺ In pain but that'll settle!
Operation will be around 10.30!!
Well nervous is the understatement of the century😭
Should sleep 😩
Didn't even have 24 hours to prepare for this operation, South Tyneside isn't the best but oh well at least I'll be sorted
Never had any kinda operation so yes I'm very scared for tomorrow 😭
I would literally be there for ANYONE if they needed someone to listen, whether I knew them or not.
Well I haven't felt sick in two weeks and now I do. Probably just nerves but oh my actual God man!!
Why do people feel the need to write 'ya' when they're trying to act angry, just makes you look ridiculous
when u wanna have a fun summer but u got -3 friends
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Watching big brother then really should get to bed, up early!
@_Shannon_Zoe_ Hey Shannon thanks for following ! Are you on IG or FB ? Let me know and I'll add you there too 👍
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