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Shanna Moakler
Meet alabamaluellabarker, the glorious daughter of @travisbarker and @ShannaMoakler. Aka: the most…
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This face! #nofilter #woofwoof #ilovemethandchocolate
All my new art framed!!! #love
If I ever came out with a record this would be the album cover
by @ShannaMoakler "Ladies, I have posted this on my fb and now here, please becareful of this person,…
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Charis and I are going live on @PlayboyRadio in 5 minutes call in NOW to chat and ask questions 1-855-575-2926
Companies... Please be careful he is not associated w/ my team or ANY " miss USA" parties. Be careful!
In the entertainment industry,this is one of them... I suggest blocking from your social media he also goes by dave/David Reynolds & many
Ladies please becareful, he uses your names and titles to solicitor venues as well as fb to find ur exact location... There r many wolves
Coming to my twitter to warn pageant, sorority and hooters girls of @PageantViPParty this man is a con, I know he texts, fb, an emails u
Ladies, I have posted this on my fb and now here, please becareful of this person, he is a con man that uses your titles, as well as sorority and hooters girls, I would highly suggest blocking him@from your social media. He also goes my @pageantvipparty he is not associated with team or the miss uni
Hey guys, please pick up the new @Life_and_Style and check out my fun article on all my fav things!
This week I'll b playing poker 2help raise money4 @LupusLA - Join me & dozens of celebrities!…
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My mom got me a early xmas present, Im freaking out! SO SO excited! let's go @RidePeloton
Pageant girls come to @ChineseLaundry @ the Miracle Mile shops Sunday Sept 21st 5pm to 7 & get a discount on Tippy tops! #MissNevadaUSA
Don't miss the 2015 Miss Nevada USA and Miss Nevada Teen USA Casting Call this Sunday at Chinese Laundry Shoes...
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This heat wave is intense
You know what I love about my @SamsungMobileUS is I can sign docs on my phone and send them!! No more faxing!!!
I will NEVER understand this pageant! #MissAmerica
FYI Miss America thats on 2nite is a "talent/scholarship" pageant, while #MissUSA is strictly a "beauty" pageant. Now u know!
#NakedAndAfraid is SO good right now! there are 4 people! this is crazy!
I competed in the Miss Rhode Island Teen USA pageant 22 years ago! SO crazy!
Someone tell me who the top 5's are at Miss RI USA!!!!!!!!
I just want to give a shout out to the AC guy who came out on a sunday within an hour to save my AC, I LOVE u! #HotasHell
PRE-ORDER my new book "I Am Haunted" on Barnes & Noble MOST intimate look at my life & my experiences w the afterlife…
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Ok pageant people I need a opening dance number song.. Whatcha got?
I gave a fuck once, it was terrible. 😂
@ShannaMoakler Was wondering if you could share a link. I'm walking next Saturday for Lupus to help support a friend.
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Use ALEXATEEN at @ChineseLaundry Vegas stores starting today thru this weekend for 25% off your homecoming shoes!💗
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These monsters killing aid workers and journalists must be stopped.
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all I want is indian food and they don't open till 5…give me vindalooooooo
Last night celebrating the @hungryrumpirate bday! Happy bday! Love u!! #cowboypalace
Every once in a while I check up on people I hate to make sure I still hate them… I do.
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How gorgeous is the moon right now!
@ShannaMoakler Please RT. Baylor still needs lots of positive vibes! Please keep him in your thoughts. 😇
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If your words say one thing and your actions another, you're an asshole.
My hairless cat has fluffy was and loves @bigbaldhead lol
Look like I will be in Miami to support my @MissUSA let's go USA!!!!!! #MissUniverse
I drive in the carpool lane by myself #wildandwanted
So I guess you don't want us to eat your cheesecake @atiana_cecilia ? 😂
nite nite you sexy beasts! S.xoxo