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Shaman Durek
Life is lovely and you are worthy of it no matter what the journey may be take it live it embrace it let go
A heart has many words will u listen.The mind wants to do it's best it needs the right knowledge.Be grace go within.
#travel come to Iceland shamans #guidance . Life will start to make sense once you do.
Life does get better life does change for nature shows that. Life blossoms as seen in the flower.Holding you always
I #love #Reykjavik #Iceland where do you see this from your #city . If you ever have a #feeling as…
Belong in love belong in laughter belong in a smile belong in life living the grace of possibility.This is where I belong this is where I am
Everyday worship the divine. The gift is truly for you to sit in the love of yourself for Gods gift to life is you. It's all about you.
#Floating #dead in the #water 2 degrees freezing my boom boom off. What is a #black #man doing in…
I just want to say #thanks for all the #amazing things you have done and will do for everytime you…
#Press shoot today wearing clothes from #icelandic #sponsor leynibudin_store in
Being #interviewed by #icelandic #Frèttatíminn news paper about my ongoing work to help people in…
A true leader is willing to see that the people lead them. A humble heart leads well -Shaman Durek
See yourself everyday with new eyes don't box yourself into old beliefs. Let your eyes see the beauty of the every new you everyday. #shine
Show your power everyday.The way you love no one loves the same.The fire from your heart is it's own flame. Let your power ignite our world
One voice can roll like thunder it can tear the ignorance of fear and restore to the people honor. Are you that voice?Will you say the truth
A voice is power however for animals not having a voice is no power. So we take liberties and justify it. Much to learn about love and life.
Whenever I have a mutual on tinder with @ShamanDurek I always swipe right. down for the enlightened. 🔮
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Shaman Durek speaking on stage at @secretsolstice Music Festival #Iceland #Reykjavik Sharing with the people love...
Shaman Durek being interviewed on #TV in #Iceland about his work with the people in #Reykjavik and upcoming events
Press in paper about Shaman Durek doing blessing for @secret_solstice and efforts for change he brings to #iceland
Shaman Durek with first lady #president Vigdis Finnbogadóttir of #Iceland meeting to talk his efforts towards women.
Photo taken of Shaman Durek's new #icelandic sponsor from store #death&flowers in #Iceland #Reykjavik
Shaman Durek #icelandic agent Thordis reading about how she brought #love to #Iceland title reads "No Hocus Pocus"
Shaman Durek #speaking to CEO'S and industry leaders in #Iceland about new #spiritual #business model on #leadership.
Nery Guide's Fortune Friday!
Nery Guide's Weekend Fortune! It's simple to play and have fun. Happy Friday everyone! #shamanapproved #shamandurek
Here's Nery Guide's Intuitive Astrology Planet Weather for the Gemini New Moon. Enjoy her Manifestation...
Did you Play Nery Guide's Tarot Tuesday? Here's the video.
GRACE IN YOUR FACE from Grace Astrology <3 New Moon in Gemini today as of 10:05AM ET -- time to light a candle and...
Tarot Tuesday Contest is upon us! Comment to win! Nery Guide <3 Happy Monday! #shamanapproved #shamandurek
Devotion to the divine is devotion to you and by being devoted to you. You are honoring the divine in all things....
Your life guides the light from darkness how can you say you don't matter. How can you say you are not important....
Worthy are you and you are a holy gift to life a song to grace. Worthy are you for your life can guide the lights...
The is no power in wealth or strength that is more powerful and life changing then LOVE -Shaman Durek
Life is not justified by what you have or how hard you have worked. It seen in the beauty of your smile and the...
Don't run from the truth cause you can't get away just face it. Look at the road ahead and and run towards your...
We are great as a ocean deep with many layers with many expressions from the gentle wave to the pounding tide. We...
Did you Play Nery Guide's Fortune Friday? It's time to get your weekend Fortune! #shamanapproved #shamandurek
It's time to have some fun with Nery Guide's Fortune Friday! <3 #shamanapproved #shamandurek #fridayfun
So excited to be leaving to #Iceland in morning and support the #lovely people of the #sacred land. #Happy to be...
Nery Guide's Tarot Tuesday Winners are up. Did you play? #shamanapproved #shamandurek #tarotplay

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