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shahzeb khanzada
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"Aitazaz aur Nisar ne jo kia woh jamhooriat nahn mukmuka hy" says IK...matlab agar lartay rehtay tou jamhooriat hoti..
aftr seeing details of PTI-PMLN dialogu,thr is no reason tht agreemnt shd take place ASAP.ball is in Gvt's court.wil b a great outcom fr pak
Hamza shahbz says Chines pres DAM bnany k hawaly se bhi arahy's sad tht he din com,but is thr anythng left jo wo nhn krny arhy thai
PPl coming on 27th consecutive day is just unprecdented.PTI Dharna has changed politics in pak.lets see how pak will change in coming days
Are we going to witness an "Oye ICC speech" by IK tonight on Saeed Ajmal's Ban?...
Sad to know about attack on GEO isb office...strongly condemn it...
had an hour long meeting with IK, says I am ready to sit even till December if demands not met n Govt's written reply shows non seriousness
Though unintentionally,but IK n TUQ dharnas hav strengthend parliament. it won't be possible fr PM to ignore parl in futur as he did in past
well there is no doubt Ch:Nisar has no proven financial corruption on him that even Gen: Pasha couldnt come up with any financial scandal
Ch:Nisar finally kills his ego fr the 1st time in 62 yrs.says he wont respond to yestrday's events for the sake of dmocracy.well done ch sb
Ch Nisar starts presser and says yeh meri zindagi ki Subse mukhtasir press conference hogi... 89 minutes 15 seconds may be?
So Ch: shujat says former chief kiani was also involved in rigging.koi rah gaya jo nahn involved tha rigging mein?
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Aftr mein samjhta tha CJ bara Acha hy,mush,sethi bara Acha hy.IK starts his speech as smjhta tha achkzai bara Acha hy.khair ho achkzai sb ki
After this continues rain in isb, Mian sb must be thinking "pindi jisska bhi sath dai,Qudrat tou Mera sath dai rahi hy"... :p
Aitzaz speaks Nisar Rsponds,PM opologzes,Aitzaz speaks again n Nisar woes to respond.Circus.all happning in a session cald to save democracy
Chinese president cancels pakistan's visit. TV channels report through sources..we pakistanis are our own worst enemies indeed...
Poor sportsmanship on part of PM, who left Assembly when SMQ spoke and returned when PTI legislators exited
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Khurshed Shah speech explains why PPP completed term with all vulnerabilities & why PMLN struggles aft 14 months despite nos #MindsetMatters
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Khursheed Shah is right when he advises speaker against accepting PTI resignations..hope speaker doesnt listen to Fazal and sense prevails..
"Mian sb naam k he Shareef nahn balkay asal mein bhi shareef hein"..says Khursheed Shah.seems he will go and sit on treasury benches anytime
fazal,achkzai n ANP protsting why PTI ws allowed in parlmnt as they gav resignations n r nt membrs anymor.din they all welcm Hashmi ystrday?
AH tells his parlimntrians to submit resignations.gves assemblies one week time to improv thts new turn in political situation
So SMQ forgets to resign and even forgets to ask for PM's resignation in hour long speech...
Seems prime minister was waiting in the car outside, "jaisy he SMQ jaaye tou bata dena"... SMQ goes and PM comes in forun
So Prime minister comes after SMQ's speech....
It would be great if PTI doesn't resign from parliament and issue is resolved through dialogue today...Good for democracy good for pakistan
SMQ's speech has given hope that issue will be resolved through dialogue soon...
"Muamlaat hall krny k liye tayyar hein, muzakrat k liye tayyar hein"... says SMQ in parliament
"Ao sub anaa ki qurbani dekar aagay barhain"...says SMQ on floor of the house...
haha TUQ says hamary paas Gullu nahn DJ BUTT hy,D fr decent and J for justice.even IK laughs.DJ must be thinking "heinnnn acha"
TUQ says "Allah Gawah hy k PTV ki taraf jaanay ka koi irada nahn thaa"... sir Allah he Gawah hy makhlooq tou kuch aur gawahi dai rahi hy..
woh din agaya jisska bilkul bhi intizar na tha.. IK and TUQ together on a container..
my analysis on current situation on my FB page.. link here…
Javed Hashmi and Aitazaz Ahsan are winners today..they spoke their heart out against both Mian Nawaz and PTI n TUQ Dharnas.historic speeches
" I resign from my assembly seat, please accept my resignation"... Hashmi asks Speaker..
"14 maheenay PM senate kiun nahn gaye"..asks angry Hashmi...
"kissi siasat daan ne mujhy itni izzat nahn di jitni Imran khan ne di"...says Makhdoom Javed Hashmi in parliament..
jamhooriat lapaitnay ki sazish pakjar li, abb kamyab nahn honay dein gai...says Molana Fazal..
Makhdoom Javed Hahmi gets great welcome in the parliament.. Standing Ovation and Desk thumping..
Imran aur Qadri per sadqay jaun k unhon ne Prime minstr ko parliament yaad dila di.says Aitazaz Ahsan in parliamnt right on face of PM..Epic
wil be very surprisd if thr is any crackdwn aftr ISPR pres rlease clearly statd agnst any use of force.looks unlikly in ths purana pakstan:p
IK reitrates he wont go back without taking PM's resignation...
Dr.alvi and Khuwaja Asif almost agreed for resuming dialogue in my show..let's hope for better...
Finally, ice breaks between PTI and MQM,Shah Mehmood qureshi speaks to MQM chief Altaf Hussain..
TUQ has come n will go back, PMLN and PTI are the will always be blamed for model town Massacre and othr for last 2 days violence
Like it or not,own it or not,blame TUQ for it or a 3rd force,last 2 days have hurt peaceful track record of PTI the most.wil haunt in future
rumour factory working on 200 percnt capacity in islamabad.rumors from: COAS asking PM for resigntion to PM askin COAS n ISI chief to resign
When your workers are beaten you own them and make hue and cry...when they attack PTV, "woh hamaray karkun nahn thai"...
its already 1st september today...TUQ said iss august k akhir takk hakumat nahn rahay gi.. New date?