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shahzeb khanzada
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After my revolution, there will be no BRICS no G-20 and no asia without pakistan.says TUQ..aaj tou khwab dikhany mein boht aagay nikal gaye
Khar and ch Shujaat are sharing stage with TUQ and he is blaming status quo,showing dreams of new pakistan to masses..
lets see if MQM wil stop being dplmatic abt thr dmand fr new provinc in sind.lets see if thy will dmand it with all the politcl force thy hv
As MQM quits,PMLN shud b more worried than PPP.with PTI and PAT already on streets,out of Govt MQM isn't gud as it can join anti Gvt forces
only leaving Sindh Govt wont PPP and PMLN,MQM also needs to work hard for its revival.homwrk needed to attract khi youth twrds MQM
MQM says only changing name doesnt make you are Bilawal Zardari and will remain one..
its 9:38pm,aftr Bilawl,evn MQM's presser entrs IK's spch time.oye MQM oye oye.ohh i forgot,PTI hs learnt pol cmpromise as we saw in Khi jlsa
MQM dcides to quit Sindh Govt.atleast somone took Bilawal seriusly n din cal him a kid.but is it fr gud or Rhman Malk's magic wil wrk again?
2 jalsas in lhr,both with anti Govt slogans and both attractd grt nmbr of ppl.bad for Govt n it shd b worried n evn worse if it isnt worried
aftr 3 wks of PTI lhr jalsa,PAT fils same ground n claims its bigst evr Jlsa.Inqlab n Azadi r cooprating or actualy competing with eachothr?
ovrall a Gud launchng time fr wrds is ovr,frm nw onwrds,Bilawl wil b judgd fr evrythng tht PPP does in sind.time fr Govrnanc strts
"phir agli baari,zardari".Bilawl says ths exctly whn he shd dstanc hmslf frm his fathr.shdnt forget BB distancd hrslf fr him bfore 2008 elec
"Daulat ameer se lekar Ghareeb ko dena chahtay hein" says Bilawl. NO this wont sell now..PPP is actually accused of doing the opposite now
Idian media hv already startd Bilawal Bashing.atleast let him finish his speech first, may be he will say more :p.crying babies.#indianmedia
its 9:33PM...Bilawal enters into IK's speech time...Oye Bilawal oye... :p
Bilawal demands special package from fed Govt for khi.but hw much hs sindh Gvt spent in khi in last 6 yrs?why all devlpmnt is on standstill?
Bilawal shd hv distancd hmself frm PPP Govt's perfrmnce as failures are so many and achievmnts r negligible.he wil hv to take credit of both
while Bilawal appears poor when he defends PPP Govt's even poorer performance, he comes out very clear and brave on terrorism..
Bilawal hits on PMLN...criticizing PMLN for model town killings...
so far, Bilawal's speech is much better than all the seniors that addressed before him today, specially his father...
Good speech by Bilawal so far...
so Zardari sb doesnt say a word against PMLN.only criticizes PTI.thts where he cant differentiate.PPP shd look like saving democracy nt GOVT
Zardari sb says mein kal k Pakistan k liye lerr raha it Bilawal's launch or zardari sb's relaunch?
Zardari sb says"agar Allah ne moqa dia tou her kisan k paas 1 sooraj se chlny wala tubewell hoga".sindh mein di hy na Allah ne Hakumat sir?
Gillani n Pervaiz Ashraf Shd be questiond fr poor prformnc of PPP in 2013 elec and thn in Multan By elec.but NO,thy r here to launch Bilawal
It's only whn I c the heatd rspons of PTI on social mdia reg PPP jlsa tht I doubt my judgmnt abt its limitd impact.itni tkleef kiun hy pti?
Avg age of the ppl adresing is abov 60.only Bilawls spch wil brng the avg dwn. bt by hw much? Tells us hw mch he cn chng pp with exsting lot
Qaim Ali Shah sb is so agresive.can't even tell 1 thng tht he hs achieved in 7 yrs.takes credit fr Govt jobs whn wrld is driven by pvt sectr
Wonder why PTI walas r so aggressive on social media against PPP jalsa n calling it small or 1000 rupees/person jalsa. is ppp a competition?
Fahmida Mirza Addresses the jyalas..#Respect. All pol parties shd empower women and give thm chance to address ppl in thr jalsas and dharnas
Good jalsa but lmitd shelf life.PPP can't b rvived like ths.u don't do jalsas whr ur Govt is,u deliver there,ppp shd hv dn it in lhr or pesh
Gvt machinry shdnt b used fr PPP jalsa n same shd apply on pervz khatak whn he uses Gvt protocol fr dhrna n as CM KP asks fr PM's resigntion
Bilawl may hv potential n vision,bt nxt elec can't be contstd only on ths.slogn of chang blongs to IK now.dlivry in sind is the only way fwd
If PPP resolves to work in sindh with same commitment as they have worked fr this Jalsa, even then sindhis will witness better Governance..
Launch through jalsa bt nt chnging team in sind is unfair with bilawl,chnge thrgh slogans is old fashion,chng with prformnc is wht ppl want
Aftr 5 yrs in fed Govt and 7th consec yr in sindh Govt, all PPP has in advertisements is Bhutto sb n BB.cant launch bilawal on thr perfrmnce
Cal parlment fake,boycott by-elect n thn ask ur suportrs to vote an indpndnt candidate fr same fake parlmnt to prove how popular ur party is
khan sb or Mian sb..? my column in Express Tribune..…
To the point repeat timings changed from 1am to 12:05am from today onwards...
Fawad Alam's wicket should be credited to Umpires #PakvAus
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It's good to accept mistakes sometimes as they help u learn...PTI hasn't learnt stage management even after IK's fall last year..
There was almost a stampede in Lahore also. I had warned PTI leadership about mismanagement at the stage and entry exit points#MultanJalsa
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Lost the match, lost the series... seems pakistan is worst batting side among all test playing nations now... :(
Very very sad incident...7 people dead in stampede after PTI jalsa..
A Zillion Jalsa's and PTI fellows haven't learned how to build a ladder for the stage
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"@NobelPrize: 62 was the avg age of all Nobel Peace Prize Laureates the year today with a 17 yrs old it decreased to 61
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IK says Nxt jalsa in srgodha nxt wk n 21st Nov jalsa in Larkana.wil b longst elction campaign indeed if IK succeeds in geting mid trm nxt yr