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shahzeb khanzada
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TUQ praises media for its role...really not something to be proud of
100 marks to PMLN for mismanagment, they said 'TUQ pak aaye tou unka jin nikal dein gai" and same TUQ is moving in lahore as chief minister
So PMLN had noone to negotiate with TUQ n Dr.Ibad did the job.shws hw weak PMLN has becum politicaly by using admnstrative muscle in poltics
"meiny Governor se kaha apki nahn meri car mein jayen gai aur woh maan gaye''... is it revolution or circus?
see TUQ was so right.these democrats are so fake.they never told masses that Governor punjab is an army General.finally truth exposed by TUQ
Expecting sensible politics by PMLN is like hope against hope...setting new records of mismangement,overreaction and political bad judgement
Diff b/w ppp n pmln is ppl like kaira n R.malik can mimic TUQ on tv n wil stil go n ngotiate with hm bt saad rafiq,pervz rsheed n othrs cant
Since TUQ doesn't trust police,means if landed in isb,he wil ask fr army sec frm isb to lhr.isn't army busy in war tht TUQ himself supports?
Surround yourself with snakes & idiots and you'll keep getting bitten by your own stupidity. So many lessons learnt since '99. But not this.
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TUQ is again and again asking for army to take him home...should have come frm canada in C-130 instead of emirates..
Classic Govt mishandling:man who din com out of his bullet proof truck fr a min in his last revlution,nw says isb apny karknon k pas jana hy
I hav no doubt tht TUQ can neithr bring revolution nor derail gvt in anywy,n nw I hv no doubt tht GOVT is trying its best to prove me wrong
So plane ws divrted with assumption tht as soon as it lands in lhr,TUQ will immediately go home silently n plane wil take off to isb.hudd hy
Even aftr Minhaj incidnt,PMLN is nt ready to learn tht political problms shd be resolved politically,not alwys by using adminstrative muscle
Whn Govt knws IK has nt sided with TUQ revolution n whn it knws militry needs political supprt fr operation,no reason for this poor handling
Govt is showing its weakness by handling PAT workers like this...
Goalllllllllllllllllllll...what a last minute pass by ronaldo...lives on his reputation...most dramatic match of this world cup...
Spain out, england out, and now can be so intersting for now but super 16 wil be so boring without big teams...
whats wrong with top teams...this world cup is turning out to be the most interesting world cup in many upsets..
congrts to all pakistanis as we set new recrd of merit based apointmnt.suddle comision recomnded action agnst A.Iftkhar n here is the action
CM shahbaz fires Rana Sana, Dr.Tahir qadri says "Rana Sana ka istifa nakaafi hy"..
PM doesn't say a wrd abt lahore minhaj incident in his speech,says hamari tangain na kheecho kaam krny he teling ths to punjab govt?
Watch as I show more no go areas in lahore tonight at 8pm in to the point....rulers are exposed when they discriminate...#Express news