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shahzeb khanzada
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its already 1st september today...TUQ said iss august k akhir takk hakumat nahn rahay gi.. New date?
IK goes to sleep after corps commander message has been conveyed and conveyed well to all stakeholders...time for dialogue again
Efforts should be made to find solutions politically without use of force...says Core commander conf: as reported by express news
Watch punjab police Gullu Butt on Express right now.. breaking glasses of cars...
"Ajse meray aur hashmi sb k raastay juda hogaye" says IK..but hashmi sb is elected president of PTI,how can it happen only through a speech?
Imran tells his workers "meray tigers Aaj bhi muqablay k liye tayyar hojao, kal hum tayyar nhn Thai Aaj hum tayyar hein"...
If covert or overt signalling frm core cmndrs conf will be"enough,go home now".wil it address "IK and TUQ" or "elected Govt and parliament"?
Very important core commanders meeting in very sensitive situation... Allah khair karay
News : "Core commanders conf: kal ki bajaye Aaj shaam hogi"big big.hope things will be sorted out positivly for pakistan by all stakeholders
Earth quake in isb...pehlay kum jhatkay Lagg rahay hein k abb qudrati bhi..
outside PIMS hospital, police shouldnt stop those who want to donate blood...sad day
like IK,TUQ shd have asked women to stay aside.staying in bullet proof container without bullet proof jacket when poor women are on the road
When Govt: had enacted article 245,army would have taken care of these buildings,why police acted or reacted?
It would have been better if PTI left before PAT,there would have been no excuse for shelling or any action then as PTI protestors r peacful
A woman reported dead due to rubber bullets...sad sad sad day...
PMLN, PTI and PAT all are responsible for this black day...
TUQ workers targeting police with "ghulail"...crazy shittt..these are our own officers Damn it...
I don't see IK or TUQ leading the march...hein kahan?
So we are witnessing one of the darkest days of pakistan history...
I am sure IK will never ask his workers for violence, but TUQ's damadum mast qalandar call and anger of PAT crowd is alarming..
It's either Nawaz Sharif or 3rd option....
IK and TUQ, both shifting dharna infront of PM house...IK says no plans to go inside PM house..
"Aagay barhnay ka Waqt Agaya,pehlay khuwateen nahn hamaray tiger aagay barhain gai" says imran khan
IK has mastered in talking to chairs in last 17 days.his style infront of chairs in day and infrnt of crowd in evening is just the same;)
I hope there is no violence today...not really getting good reports from TUQ's dharna...Allah khair karay...
I hope there is no violence today...not getting good reports from TUQ's dharna...Allah khair karay...
Whn u hv guests in studio,Ch Nisar doin presser,Dar talkin to media n TUQ doing speech,all at the same time,ths is even biggr mess to manage
Resignation of prime minister is out of question.. says Ishaq Dar
Ch Nisar says "DG ISPR statement was issued after prime minister's approval"...
Khursheed shah sb must be thinking "saiyeen meri itni energy kiun zaaya karayee"...
There seems to be no way out...Ch: Nisar to address press conf at 7pm...better if he says "DG ISPR ka account he fake hy" :p
DG ISPR statmnt proves Govt is lieing.wil Gvt rspond n say DG is also lieing?wht a mess Govt hs put itslf in.wondr hw wil thy com out of it
"Nawaz sharif ki gardan meray hath mein agayee hey meiny nahn chorni abb" says IK...language khan sb..
so after TUQ, IK also says he didnt ask for meeting with COAS....
a wonnderful speech by Mr. Khursheed shah has been ruined by "who lied PM or TUQ and IK"...what a mess...
16 hours to know abt Minhaj killings, 14 hours to deny the news tht PM requested COAS..Govt's response time has been shocking..
u sleep with a mess tht Gvt has rquestd COAS to resolv crisis.u wake up with a mess tht Gvt says we nvr rquestd n thn PM is accusd of lieing
"prime minister just lied on the floor of the house.i never requested to meet with COAS, Govt requested COAS to resolve the crisis" says TUQ
so Ch Nisar took 14 hours to deny a news that kept running quoting him for 14 hours..
"TUQ and IK requested for a meeting with COAS, I never requested COAS to meet IK and TUQ and resolve crisis" says Prime minister
"Burn parliament if u want to,burn islamabad if you want to, but won't allow anyone to burn even a page of constitution" says Khursheed Shah
Army had gone back to the barracks. It is fighting a war. It enjoys wide support. Now its been dragged into the political mud pit. Bad. Bad
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TUQ says"2 pages of actual FIR were hidden frm media and even COAS was surprisd whn i showd him complet FIR.he promised me a new FIR tomorw"
TUQ gives facial expressions as if his revolution has come when he says "COAS se meeting pooray 3 ghantay 20 mins jaari rahi"...
after saying No to COAS, IK makes a bigger loser out of mian sb in all this situation..
IK announces" I have told COAS he will not accept anything except PM resignation"
Mian sb loses the battle even if he manages to save his seat for the time being...
No repeat of Gen kakar or Gen kiani formula..history is in making..,get ready for Gen Shareef formula..
TUQ doesn't come on stage aftr maghrib break, IK leaves stage without aham ailaan...paigham aa nahn raha paigham Agaya hy...
IK talks abt Shaukat Khanum in his is indeed an unbelievable achievement of IK.No one else in the world could do it the way he did