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Seth MacFarlane
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Be sure to watch Cosmos tonight on Fox! It's a chilling, timely story that'll stay with you after it's over. #Cosmos
Just sending out a giant fuck you to the person who decided the music on an iPhone should lower every time you get a text.
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RT @kevin_justus: @SethMacFarlane Why don't you bring a new Star Trek series back to the small screen? // Believe me I'm lobbying for it.
Stop saying binge watch. Watch is fine. You don't have to automatically embrace dumb phrases.
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Wasn't "Coachella" the Jerry Lewis movie where he had to dress as a woman to coach a girls' basketball team?
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"If you like Google Glass, also try Bing Chewables."
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RT @styrofoam15: @SethMacFarlane series? Not just season? :( // Cosmos is a 13-part series. After that, you're on your own!
RT @allison_mahala: Is there gonna be a box set available on Dvd anytime soon? // Yes, Cosmos will be available on DVD and blu-ray.
Finished sound mix for Cosmos series finale -- episode 13 -- We promise a truly great hour of TV.
You can get the latest frontier news at our Twitter for @AMillionWays. Bring your cholera.
"High Noon" is how and when we recommend you see this movie. #AMillionWays
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RT @softkitty20: What if growing up you never had the chance to watch a western. Where should I start? // The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
Great work by Alan Jackson today recording the song "A Million Ways to Die" for our movie #AMillionWays
You HAVE to listen to this song, it's perfect. Okay, this opening is slow… The vocals aren't great here… Wow. This is trash, and I am trash.
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My only victory in life has been that women who wouldn't date me 20 years ago wound up marrying guys much worse than me.
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Old West cooking tip: shit will always be an ingredient no matter how hard you try. #AMillionWays
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RT @talmastancil514: @SethMacFarlane what was your fave TV western? // Gunsmoke
...or anything by Louis L'Amour
RT@MrSpocksCat: I loved your book. Now I'm craving another western book to read. What would you recommend?// The Last Gunfight by Jeff Guinn
The tardigrade thanks you for watching Cosmos.
Joffrey Baratheon was one of our worst Republican presidents.
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We decided not to invite CNN to our Easter egg hunt.
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Reading Michelle Alexander's excellent and effectively unsettling book "The New Jim Crow." Definite recommend.