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Serj Tankian
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Best birthday card I got this year!! Thanks #sevagtankian :) #birthday
Very happy to have @LarkMusic premiere my new symphonic music “100 Years” and selections from Orca on Sep 20.
I'm a sucker for perspective
Check out this teaser video for a song called Shooting Helicopters I did with DJ Benny Benassi.
We all have our own special journey and path. #nofilter
Love this picture of me and my boys in the FCC. #fcc
Saw this driving through Hollywood yesterday. Good work Little Armenia. #genocide #littlearmenia
Another amazing art piece on a utility street unit in downtown LA. #losangeles #eyeforsound
This is a very tiny contribution to gun control but i guess every ounce counts.
A cool picture I saw in downtown LA while surveying spaces for the upcoming Eye for Sound group exhibition. #nofilter #eyeforsound
Love this pic from my gallery exhibit last year. Tom and a bunch of us will be doing an Eye For Sound group exhibition in Sept in downtown LA-stay tuned. @tommorello #eyeforsound
A repost from @tommorello with Billy Bragg from years back.
It's time to end the misery of the Israeli Occupation of Gaza and the West Bank. My full thoughts here:
Happy Birthday Daron Malakian ! #daronmalakian #serjtankian
Cool interview with Mike Patton on
Happy Birthday John Dolmayan!! @realjohndolmayan
My Dad and I singing at the Armenian Music Awards years ago. #khatchadourtankian #serjtankian #bariatakeel #armenianmusicawards
Where do your dogs hide ? #huskies #serjtankian
Happy Father's Day Dad and to all fathers today. #khatchadourtankian #serjtankian
Just saw this outside a Mexican restaurant-amazing sculptures out of iron.
It's our Anniversary today :)
A good friend of mine put this ad in the International Harald on April 24 in reference to recognition of the Genocide. Just came across it again. #armeniangenocide
Taking part in this cool Art Print show along with Moby, Brandon Boyd and cantstopgpodboy starting tonight in Westwood, LA. #serjtankian #moby #canstopgoodboy #hottodla
Hello everyone, my apologies. My account was hacked this morning and all tweets and messages were erroneous. Hope it is fixed now.