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Peter Serafinowicz
#FF RT @meganamram: Jazz hands are about the fingers you DON'T wiggle
Cool that god made man in his image, now we know he gets diarrhea
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Every dessert is guilt-free if you're a sociopath
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From what I gather "Boyhood" is mostly just "calendar pages tearing off" montages
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I just watched twenty minutes of Entourage before i realized it was an erectile dysfunction commercial
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MY WEDDING: tetris theme plays as i slowly inch down the aisle, trying to perfectly fit my finger in the ring
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The three most important things about surreal estate: melting clocks, melting clocks, melting clocks!
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Just opened my wardrobe to find a brand new dark suit with ripped knees with a label pinned to it saying 'From Bono." (It's a bit small)
I opened the fridge this morning and there was a home-made lasagna with a note saying 'From Bono'.
The best Apple / U2 collaboration is still this: (The iToilet, from The Peter @serafinowicz Show)
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This is why your Internet is slow. It will get worse, unless we stop it now: #InternetSlowdown
What song can you not stop listening to today? Add it to this playlist on #Spotify - I've started with Tame Impala…
Hilarious parody of Richard Dawkins by Craig Brown from the latest @PrivateEyeNews (big version)
what’s the best service to upload a HQ pic? that Private Eye page is a little small
Hilarious parody of Richard Dawkins by Craig Brown from the latest @PrivateEyeNews
Very impressed with the fake moon built by @NASA while the real one is being repaired.
Today’s Farts: Eyebrow-raising
As casting calls go, this is about as soul-destroyingly ridiculous as they get... (via @amateuradam)
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When you're leaving your house, be kind and leave some house music playing.
Is it just me, or does everything smell like the inside of my nose?
Oh this is great news RT @JesseThorn: I GOT SKYMAUL 2! I GOT SKYMAUL 2! (You can get it 10/21.)
Don't know why I didn't know this but the Dalek relaxation tape is by @serafinowicz Utter genius…
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I'm planning to make a print version of my "History of American Comics in Six Panels" ...stay tuned for details.
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Ok cease the inquisition! I hope you enjoyed #PSQA tonight. Thank you for lulling me to sleep. Goodnight goodnight goodnight xxxxx
Judging the #gqawards RT @elecmikey: @serafinowicz favorite project you've worked on thus far? #PSQA
They are counted automatically RT@JosephTrevelyan: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?... Have you tried counting Electric Sheep yet? #PSQA
1) it's daytime 2) you're on Mars RT @LittleSmudger: @serafinowicz what does red sky at night mean? #PSQA
Ramadan's RT @BreadSpace: @serafinowicz favorite fast food place? #psqa
My pockets are full of breadcrumbs RT @TaranisaurusRex: @serafinowicz Why do birds suddenly appear, ev'ry time you are near? #PSQA
'Anging RT @chasfax: @serafinowicz What is an appropriate punishment for people who pronounce the word for the letter H as "haitch"?
A glass of champagne RT @uptheironssteve: @serafinowicz #PSQA What do you put in a toaster?
A hassle, but probably worth it. RT @Tommy_WinstonTW: @serafinowicz If you had to change your name, what would it be? #PSQA
'Inside' RT @AllyWoods: @serafinowicz favourite sexual position? #PSQA
Love never dies; it just gets old. RT @partythighs: @serafinowicz any advice for love? #psqa
You're confusing them with the 'grooms' RT @LittleSmudger: @serafinowicz why are all the best men married? #PSQA
Kennel floor be polished RT @RealAndyGillies: @serafinowicz why do bitches be trippin? #psqa