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Peter Serafinowicz
actor comedy star wars 713,156 followers
Just had a massage that was like my neck being masturbated.
Essential reading if you ever require medicine.…
I'd just like to pre-RIP everyone. RIP.
Ok stop! Thanks for your #PSQA questions. I will do another better one soon. I've missed it! Hope you enjoyed. Much love. Night night xx
RT @MandyKerr: Why is it taking so long to get women's viagra? #PSQA sorry, the pharmacy is miles away
RT @timh0bbs: what drugs does twitter take ? #psqa I know that Flickr once took an 'e'
RT @76deek: what keeps you up at night? #psqa My vertical bed.
RT @artbizness: How do we win the war on drugs? #psqa Wait till they wear off, soldier.
RT @plasmar: Why did the stoner cross the road? #PSQA chicken munchies
RT @rustino666: @serafinowicz which drug is the favourite of the Royal family? #PSQA Charles
RT @amusichall: @serafinowicz Where can I hide my stash? #psqa under your big nose
RT @chrismcquarrie: why do they call heroin "smack?" #PSQA Some hardcore junkies call it a "snack"
RT @Dominiquetd: @serafinowicz How many drugs does it take to change my lightbulb? #PSQA It depends how high it is.
RT @QanAceleb: If "The Drugs Don't Work" what does? #PSQA The Proletariat
RT @jonny_kelly: What would be the preferred drug choice of a monk? #PSQA whatever is in his drug habit.
RT @blearyboy: If you could invent a new drug, what would it do? #psqa It would do drugs.
Thanks @mattleys for your #PSQA suggestion 'Drugs'. I will now answer any questions on this topic. Please tag #PSQA. Commence
Still looking for a theme for tonight's questions. Please tag your suggestions #PSQA
Shortly I will answer your questions on any subject. Can you suggest a theme for tonight's #psqa?
Lol RT @iamdiddy: Niggas be takin selfies and shit!!!!!! Lol
"I lived in North Korea for the first 15 years of my life, believing Kim Jong-il was a god."…
Somebody kindly collected all the detective sketches from my show:…