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Sequoia Capital
Thank you to Paul, Jonathan, and the entire @BT_Princeton force behind #startat14! The hard work truly paid off.
Fun fact about @weebly: Weebly grew to millions of users exclusively by word of mouth. Now at over 25M users! #startat14
Fun fact about @inkling: Inkling looks for “nerds who can think on their feet.” Do you fit the bill? They’re hiring! #startat14
Fun fact about @SkyhighNetworks: One of Skyhigh’s core values is “spirit of ownership.” Everyone is a leader. #startat14
"We knew that personalization is how we would create value" @katiawb @birchbox #startat14
"The beta website was built on Wordpress with a shopping plugin." @katiawb @birchbox #startat14
Fun fact about @Qualtrics: In 2010, the team was 37 people. Now they are over 500 & the growth is not slowing. #startat14
"We put the right product in the right customer's hands--and that's driven by data" @birchbox co-founder Katia Beauchamp #startat14
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"We call it 'discovery retail'. Try, learn and buy." @katiawb @birchbox #startat14
We s​urprised @jankoum today by showing his early resume to #startupschool. Yahoo! shaped Jan's leadership style.
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"We're going up against the biggest companies in the world and it's 150 of us." @stgarrity #startat14
Wonderfully simple yet very important advice from @stgarrity #startat14
Cool to see so many smart college seniors meeting up at #startat14 in NYC. Thanks to @schreier @mlz @stgarrity @stanine for a great chat!
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"We had 2 offices, a SF office (her apartment) & a Palo Alto office (my apartment)." @stgarrity on the beginning @HearsaySocial #startat14
"The way that you learn is by making mistakes." @stgarrity #startat14
Fun fact about @HearsaySocial: They took over the old @Chiquita banana office and kept the bananas!
3AM anecdote: Jan escapes injury when his tire erupted driving home from the negotiations. #startupschool
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Fun fact about @Drawbridge: 1.1 billion customers across 2.6 billion devices #startat14
Fun fact about @okta: One of their values is “Everyone Listens.” The Okta team encourages awesome ideas and experiments.” #startat14
Fascinating conversation with @jankoum and @jimgoetz at #startupschool Thanks Jan and Jim!
On getting to know Facebook: "They had a lot of people doing things that we didn't a finance team. :)" @jankoum #startupschool
"The goal is not revenue. The goal is your mission and revenue is the scoreboard." @stanine @inkling #startat14
Best product decision: "Ability to tap into your address book and use that as your graph." @jankoum #startupschool
On WhatsApp growth: "We wanted to slow our growth so we could build product and infrastructure that didn't crash." -@jankoum #startupschool
"Jan had incredible focus. He ignored most inbound requests and stayed focused on the product." -@jimgoetz
"Idea was a status indicator. We built a lot of code to learn about the contact list, and we made it into a messaging app." #startupschool
"Growing up in a country that didn’t have a whole lot of advertising certainly had an impact on me." @jankoum #startupschool
"We were able to look at what did and didn’t work at Yahoo. We learned so much about scaling from our time there." @jankoum #startupschool
Fun fact about @LIFX: The company was founded in Australia and moved to California, the land of opportunity! #startat14
Fun fact about @eventbrite: They’ve been voted a Best Places to Work in the Bay by the @SFBusinessTimes 5 years in a row. #startat14
WhatsApp's @jankoum and @jimgoetz will be onstage today at the YC #startupschool around 2:30 PM PT. Follow along for more Tweets.
Fun fact about @getClever: When you work Clever, you can have an unlimited Amazon budget. Oh the perks of startups! #startat14
@sequoia @stgarrity The swedish fish at this conference are DELECTABLE! #startat14
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Hear from @goakley123 & Richard on the journey from Start @ a Startup to being team members at @thumbtack #startat14
15 people a year ago, now at 75. @thumbtack is growing strong! They're hiring! #startat14
"How do you sell the first fax machine? That is what we had to do." @mlz on behavior modification #startat14
"What's the biggest problem we can solve with technology?" @mlz and @swaaanson asked themselves in the beginning #startat14
Fun fact about @thumbtack: During the founding years, @mlz & @swaaanson lived in a tiny apartment and one slept in the closet. #startat14
Fun fact about @Chartboost: They refer to their team members as “Boosters” or “architects of awesome”. #startat14
"Your customers are always right about the problem, but rarely right about the solution." @stgarrity from @HearsaySocial #startat14
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Fun fact about @Dropbox: The team is growing at a rate of 146% yoy. A startup should not be defined by size, but rate of growth. #startat14
@HearsaySocial advice to college senior self: pick a direction, focus, and work hard, but keep sighting #startat14
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The students ready for #startat14. Introducing them to 30 awesome startups is my favorite day of the year.
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"You have a 10x greater likelihood of success if you join a proven, solid vc-backed startup." @schreier #startat14
With @jankoum at 2:30 pm “@ycombinator: Startup School Silicon Valley 2014 live stream kicks off at 11am
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