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Happy Earth Day from all of us at SEGA!
Aaron @RubyEclipse has finished his pie, concluding #PieDay at SEGA. Thanks to all who participated & supported!
"I'm two spoonfuls away. It's going to be a very slow two spoonfuls, though." - Aaron @RubyEclipse, about to finish his pie for #pieday
Aaron will be done soon, I think. #pieday // RT @RubyEclipse Progress.
Thu @onethu3 has given up on her pie, bringing shame to her family for a year. "I already bring shame to my family", she said. #pieday
Ken finishes his apple pie, saying "I don't think I'll be eating pie again anytime soon". #pieday
#PieDay status update: Ken's still done. Aaron @RubyEclipse is almost done. Thu @onethu3 is struggling. Cheer them on to victory!
PR Manager Thu (@onethu3 ) is out of her meeting and has started on her strawberry rhubarb pie. Good luck! #pieday
#PieDay status update: Ken has finished his pie. Aaron (@RubyEclipse) is about halfway done. Thu, a PR manager, hasn't started hers yet.
So @RubyEclipse has already transitioned from fork to spoon. Things are getting serious around here. #pieday
Aaron (@RubyEclipse ) has a strawberry-rhubarb pie. He's a dessert eating champ, so we have high hopes. #pieday
Pies from @WholeFoods have been procured. They're cooling down, and the eating will commence shortly. #pieday
YESSSSS #pieday // RT @PL_Navarro @SEGA Pie eating with Blast Processing , instant win
Don't know what #pieday is? Want to participate yourself? Here's the rundown from our friends at @DSVolition .
The @WholeFoods by our office is currently out of pies. We'll have more #pieday participants starting soon!
Ken Ogasawara, one of our localization producers, is eating an apple pie for #pieday. Hope he finishes it!
We're participating in #PieDay today! A few SEGA staff will be eating an entire pie before the end of the day. Photos & updates soon!
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Happy Easter from all of us at SEGA!
For anyone who didn't win and just wants to grab one of the shirts, check our blog for purchase links!ā€¦
Thanks for hanging out with us on Free Stuff Friday. We're back next week with more goodies!
Congratulations to @2ndOpinionGames for winning the Sonic shirt!
4th and final Free Stuff Friday prize - Classic Sonic Tshirt! Direct Message the phrase "Marshmallow peeps" and be our 80th DM to win!
Congratulations to @Nick2424delcat for winning the Golden Axe tshirt! Next and final prize is the Sonic shirt in 10 minutes.
3rd Free Stuff Friday prize - Golden Axe Tshirt! Direct Message the phrase "Jelly Beans" and be our 60th DM to win!