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VIP Seeds

Becoming a VIP on twiends is one of the fastest ways to grow your social network. There are a number of benefits, all designed to maximize your exposure and grow your audience on Twitter safely and responsibly. Choose between a single purchase or a weekly subscription to start your VIP experience today!

Choose a Package
Once-off Seed Purchases   (billed once, seeds allocated once)

1000 Seeds $29.95
(3.0 cents/seed)
5 days VIP

4000 Seeds $99.95
(2.5 cents/seed)
10 days VIP

10000 Seeds $199.95
(2.0 cents/seed)
15 days VIP

20000 Seeds $299.95
(1.5 cents/seed)
20 days VIP

40000 Seeds $499.95
(1.25 cents/seed)
30 days VIP

Weekly Subscription Packages   (billed weekly, seeds allocated daily, cancel any time)

50 Daily Seeds $8.95/week
(2.6 cents/seed)
VIP & 25 loyalty bonus

100 Daily Seeds $16.95/week
(2.4 cents/seed)
VIP & 50 loyalty bonus

250 Daily Seeds $39.95/week
(2.2 cents/seed)
VIP & 100 loyalty bonus

500 Daily Seeds $69.95/week
(2.0 cents/seed)
VIP & 150 loyalty bonus

1000 Daily Seeds $129.95/week
(1.8 cents/seed)
VIP & 200 loyalty bonus

Featured User Slots   (no seeds needed while featured)

Payments are processed securely through PayPal and WorldPay. They will appear on your bank statement as "Twiends" or "Webcandy".

If you're not a hundred per cent happy with your initial purchase just let us know within 7 days and we'll give you a refund. Our policy

Please note, VAT will only be applied to purchases made from within EU countries. All other countries don't incur VAT.
VIP Benefits

Shown First
When you are a VIP you are highlighted to others. You will be shown to other members before normal users and will receive priority exposure.

Free Introductions
You will receive a number of free introductions each day, even occasionally when your seeds run out.

VIP Seeds Refunds
We continually monitor for abuse on twiends and give our VIP's seed refunds when we detect immediate unfollows. These will appear in your stats and history report so that you can monitor them.

Priority Support
We want our VIP's to have the best possible experience on twiends, so we offer all our VIP's priority ticket support Monday to Friday.

How does a daily subscription work?

The subscription packages above are billed once a week, but seeds are assigned daily. Every day you get a loyalty bonus too. This bonus increases by 1 seed every day. This means that you get your daily seeds plus the bonus seeds every day! For example:

  • 50 Seeds Daily package: You will get a total of 51 seeds on day one, 52 seeds on day two, up to a maximum of 75 seeds on day twenty five.
  • 1000 Seeds Daily package: You will get a total of 1001 seeds on day one, 1002 seeds on day two, up to a maximum of 1200 seeds on day two hundred.
  • Loyalty Bonuses: The daily loyalty bonuses will grow to the following amounts: 25 (50 daily package), 50 (100 daily package), 100 (250 daily package), 150 (500 daily package), 200 (1000 daily package)

Changing your daily subscription size is easy. If you decide you need more or fewer seeds and you want to make a change, just contact us via our support page and we'll help you make the switch.

How do I cancel a subscription?

In order to protect your security we do not store any payment information on twiends. All subscriptions are managed and processed by PayPal. If you'd like to cancel a subscription please follow these steps:

Step 1: Please log into PayPal
Step 2: Click on the Profile menu link in PayPal
Step 3: Choose My Money
Step 4: Choose to update My pre-approved payments
Step 5: Choose the payment to Webcandy Limited

Clicking 'unsubscribe' next to the subscription package listed above should do the same as the steps here.

How do Featured User slots work?

Featured users are displayed prominently to all members for 24 hours per slot. The 5 seeds that are offered by featured users are supplied by twiends and are not taken from your seed balance. Due to the priority listings, featured users receive the most exposure.

How does a one off purchase work?

The once-off purchases give you 1000, 4000, 10000 or 20000 seeds straight away, in one immediate allocation. We do have larger packages available for repeat customers.

Having trouble ordering above?

If you're having trouble ordering above then please contact us via our support page and we'll be happy to assist you.

We don't sell followers

Please note that we do not sell followers, and we do not automatically add followers to your account. This is strictly prohibited by Twitter and is clearly stated in their terms of service. We only provide introductions.

You may not retain followers

Not all following on Twitter is permanent. Some people may choose to unfollow you after a while. Twitter may also remove followers for a number of reasons. If they remove a dormant account or suspend an account that is following you then they will be removed from your followers. Twitter also bulk removes old accounts from time to time.

About Twiends

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