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Sea Shepherd
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Russia holds Japan whaling research vessel - Yahoo News UK… via @YahooNewsUK HA HA if U haven't heard! KARMA? RT!
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AWESOME video showing drones doing the work for science from our friends at @Ocean_Alliance… Pls RT if U enjoy!
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Make sure U don't miss out on seeing our explosive documentary on the WA shark cull! Txts selling fast! #noSharkCull
All the whales, weather, work and amazing people of #OperationToxicGulf 2014 with @SeaShepherd_USA in photos:
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@teamfinfree's #FINFREE movement swims into Shark Week to change the tide for sharks! Check out more here: Pls RT!
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Stoked to be shortlisted for Aus @appdesignaward for Sea Shepherd radio. Please help us and rate the app…
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*INSPIRATIONAL VIDEO* Operation GrindStop 2014: Volunteer voices from around the world! #OpGrindStop #Faroes Pls RT!
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Scottish Seal Defence Campaign Update: 14th August 2014… via @seashepherd_uk Pls RT!
We had a great time as always helping out for @SeaShepherdNYC @seashepherd S'mores event. If the oceans die, we die. #DoSomethingMeaningful
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**BREAKING* RT! Close Call for Pilot Whale Pod in the Suderoy re @OpGrindStop #Faroes by @CaptPaulWatson (cont)
We have opportunity going 4 @SeaShepherd_Aus Got film/photographic skills & a passion for the ocean? Melbourne… RT!
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Behind the smile there was a sadness that we failed to see although we cherished the man. We will miss Robin Williams.... #RobinWilliams
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Day 62 @OpGrindStop no whales killed as yet, over half way now. Here is the @seashepherd Torshavn Team! #Faeroes RT!
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Spitfire refuelling before heading up to the far north of Scotland...
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@seashepherd @OpGrindStop 2014 Sandoy Team! There are good human units still in this world. Thank U #opgrindstop RT!
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Sea Shepherd New Zealand is also growing! Yes, this IS real. Check out @SeaShepherdNZ & RT!
Thank you all for your questions. Another one soon & maybe a few special guests too. Defend, Conserve, Protect! Sincerely, @OmarSeaShepherd
@SharkGoddess: Any plans to come to San Diego in any way shape or form? Would love to meet you all! ” Sorry not atm we don't.
@nzrosie1: we have heard that Japan may continue whaling, will you be heading back to Southern marine "sanctuary"?” You bet we will!
@SimonWeaveruk: @CaptPaulWatson spoke at the UK Dive show in Birmingham a few years ago. Any plans for him to do a repeat appearance?” No
@IanBulldogusn: Any chances you guys will be in Boston? Our guys would love to meet and swap tactics." We just had our global summit nearby
@Fremaux56: @seashepherd Sea Shepherd is our familly !” We are ALL family, tied to our fate via the oceans & if the oceans die, we die...
@nicolewhitlib: @seashepherd Love the clothing on your website! But my favorite is my sweatshirt from the gallery in #Fridayharbor” :-)
@seasciweekly: @seashepherd What's the first order of business for the new Steve Irwin? looking forward to seeing more!” Reveal that soon!
@BenSootSmudge: @seashepherd any plans to visit Ireland with the ships?. Well done on all the continuous great work 👍✌️🐠🐟🐬🐳🐋” sadly, no
@CliffBernard: what kind of impact is Pamela having in the Faroe Island?” Time will tell, but so far, been good. Wonderful supporter!
@bev_0341: Nice to see you on my time line :-) Huge admiration & gratitude for what all of you do. We'd be lost without you.” Thank you
@amber_beattie: @seashepherd How does one find their way into your crew?” Go here, click "Get Involved"
@HundredGoals: Why is Japan allowed to ignore international law w/o consequence?” Because of trade & $$ which sadly trumps environment
@brentonkiing: Although the work is far from over, from what I see it looks like SS is making a big impact. Keep up the great work!” Ta!
@abbyhiccups: @seashepherd Are you guys currently in need of volunteers? 🐋” Always but DAC is critical 4 us
@nikanen: Just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you've done for the planet. Lots of your supporters in Finland :)” thank you
@tomsherlocked: @seashepherd @MYSteveIrwin enthusiasm and some navigation and small boat skills?” That would help for sure.
@nicolewhitlib: When you coming to Los Angeles? Last time i saw you was a long time ago on Santa Monica Pier.” At this time, don't plan too
@MLP_Lexii: . @seashepherd I want to voulenteer next December of 2015. What advice could you give me?” Be flexible, patient & a team player
@evanmauerbach: will the hull be able to withstand larger ice or same strength?” Whatever the case the @MYSteveIrwin is not a icebreaker.
@Vampiria: Just wanted to thank you for everything you do. Hugs from Sweden, much love and respect #GrindStop #Tweet4Taiji” Thankyou!