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Sean Hannity
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What questions do you have about Ebola? Our experts will answer your questions tonight at 10pm/et #HannityExperts
Tonight I'm joined by an audience of medical experts & they will answer your questions about the deadly Ebola Virus. What ?s do you have?
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Please join me 10pmET for a look at how your paycheck may influence the vote in the #midterm2014 #AmericanPayday @FoxNews
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Some Americans still have questions on how #Ebola is transmitted. Here's what you need to know:
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Today I introduced the Stop Ebola Act to ban travel and visas f/ Ebola-affected countries. VIEW THE BILL HERE:…
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Floridians, join me on Oct. 31st to "Stand Up For America" with my friends at 104.5 @WOKVNews. Get tickets here
Once Letterman hangs it up, I don't think @StephenAtHome can compete with @jimmyfallon and @jimmykimmel. #LateNightWars #Hannity
Question of the Day: Who will win “late-night wars” when Letterman retires next year: Kimmel, Colbert or Fallon? Let me know! Use #Hannity
White House continues to push back on implementing travel ban. @SenTedCruz says we need to take action now. Tune in to #Hannity
Dr. Gil Mobley says #Ebola outbreak will get worse, adds "the best hospital in Texas couldn't contain the virus." #Hannity
Rep @michaelcburgess says we need a general to help organize efforts to fight #Ebola, Obama has refused to lead. #Hannity
Do you think @DrFriedenCDC should resign? Let me know what you think using #Hannity. Tune in for @michaelcburgess' opinion.
#Dallas nurses said they were lied to and feel deserted. They are on the frontlines and deserve better treatment. #Ebola #Hannity
#Dallas nurse Amber Joy Vinson did everything right. She told CDC she had a fever, but they cleared her to fly. #Ebola #Hannity
Lawmakers grill #CDC officials, more airports start #Ebola screenings and updates on treatment of #Dallas nurses. Tune in to #Hannity now
TONIGHT: @SenTedCruz will discuss why the #Ebola outbreak is a national security threat at 10p ET. #Hannity
Importance of supplying our military with the equipment they need: Marine Survives Taliban Head shot
Here are three things that should happen immediately when it comes to this Ebola crisis
My favorite movie? I couldn't pick just one. It's a three-way tie between Braveheart, Gladiator and Passion of the Christ. #Hannity
Question of the Day: What's your favorite movie of all-time? Tweet me your answer using #Hannity and tune in for my answer
City of Houston has issued subpoenas demanding pastors turn over sermons as part of equal rights ordinance. Tune in for details on #Hannity
Feds sending nothing but mixed messages when it comes to #Ebola. Just another example of Obama administration's incompetence. #Hannity
Mom of NBC cameraman who contracted Ebola said her son took precautions, but still doesn't know how he contracted #Ebola in Liberia #Hannity
Glad to hear that NBC cameraman who contracted #Ebola Ashoka Mukpo is on his way to recovery. His parents share their story next on #Hannity
Very alarming to hear #Dallas nurses feel like they're putting their own health and that of their patients at risk for #Ebola. #Hannity
Latest reports from @jonathanserrie and @edhenryTV on third reported case in U.S. and White House response. Tune in to #Hannity on #FoxNews
First Dems can't admit they voted for Obama, now they're "grading" him? Awkward. Talking this and more with @seanhannity at 10 PM ET.
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2 minutes until @gretawire tune in!
My friend, Dr. Umbehr @AtlasMD is running for Lt. Gov in KS. He is a Reagan Conservative. Check him out (& his dad):
I think pets should be quarantined and monitored for #Ebola. We should do everything we can to save animals from this deadly virus. #Hannity
Question of the Day: Do you think pets that may have been exposed to #Ebola should be euthanized? Share your thoughts using #Hannity
Sgt. #Bergdahl's former platoon leader responds to reports that Army may delay their investigation results until after midterms. #Hannity
"This idea that the government doesn’t have enough money to handle #Ebola is ridiculous," says @JaySekulow. Tune in to #Hannity now
#Midterms2014: @ElbertGuillory, @REALStaceyDash and Deroy Murdock breaks down heated #Louisiana Senate Race. Tune in to #Hannity on #FoxNews
Dr. Sanders says that data shows #Ebola can enter lung tissue, from the airways side and has "inherent capacity" to get into lung. #Hannity
Dallas Judge Clay Jenkins met with Nina Pham's family, calls her a "true hero, she's dealing with this with grace and dignity." #Hannity
Many health care workers say they're not getting education and resources they need to treat #Ebola. Share your thoughts using #Hannity
CDC laid out new game plan to counter further contamination of health care workers dealing with #Ebola. Experts weigh in on #Hannity
@REALStaceyDash: TOGETHER AGAIN! @seanhannity and me tonight at 10:00 PM on @FoxNews TUNE IN” YES!!!!
.@GrahamBlog: When the WH says we're winning the fight against #ISIS, "they're probably the only people in the world who think that." #OTR
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Tune in to @gretawire at 7pm/et for the latest on Ebola
I started a mixed martial arts program 18 months ago and it's paying off. I'm down 27 lbs and in the best shape of my life. #Hannity
What is your favorite way to work out and exercise? I'll reveal my answer coming up on #Hannity. Tune in.
I asked @RealBenCarson if he is going to run for President in 2016. He said he's "certainly thinking about it." #Hannity
While Democrats blame GOP for #Ebola, war on women, etc, they don't seem to want to run a campaign on providing solutions #Hannity