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Sean Hannity
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#CDC confirmed #Ebola patient traveled to #Liberia, arrived in U.S. on 9/20. What you need to know: #Hannity
Sheikh Rachid al-Ghannouchi endorses the murder of our troops. He should not be allowed to speak at @Yale. #Hannity
"Obama fails to realize that his policies and decisions have led us to where we are in #Iraq and #Syria," says Sen. McCain. #ISIS #Hannity
When it comes to being a leader, our Commander-in-Chief could learn a thing or two from Israeli PM @netanyahu #Hannity
Ralph Peters says Obama doesn't want casualties in #Syria, but he's comfortable sending troops to deal with #Ebola in Africa #Hannity
Obama's refusal to take any blame for underestimating the threat of ISIS is another example of him leading from behind #Hannity
Obama was more concerned about his golf game than having face-to-face briefings with intel officers on #ISIS. #Hannity
Intel community fires back at Obama, saying they sounded alarm on growing threat of #ISIS years ago. @edhenryTV with details on #Hannity
Thanks for making us #1! Per Nielsen, #FoxNews was #1 in primetime total viewers in basic cable in Q3 2014.
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.@PRyan on radio with me now discussing his new book, "The Way Forward"
BREAKING: Ft. Hood Terror Victims call on Feds to classify OK beheading as terrorism, not workplace violence
There’s a new outbreak of violence in Ferguson, MO after a police officer is shot on Saturday, we have the latest #Hannity
Coming up I get the latest on the ground in Moore, OK and then @OliverNorthFNC responds to the violent beheading there #Hannity
Next, I get reaction to my fiery interview with @anjemchoudary from a panel of spiritual leaders #Hannity
He’s back… Radical @anjemchoudary returns to face off once again just days after his recent arrest. You won't want to miss it #Hannity
Check out the new #TeaParty book from Breitbart editor Joel Pollak!
"Asking Sharpton to pick next attorney general is like asking an arsonist to help pick the next fire chief," says Deroy Murdock. #Hannity
"You don’t want to identify the enemy, you can’t correctly fight the enemy," says @krauthammer. Tune into #Hannity now
Terrorism expert Steve Emerson says Iraqi PM has yet to back up claim of potential attack on #NYC with intel info and evidence #Hannity
#Moore, OK police confirm that suspect has criminal past and are still gathering info to see if he had any links to terrorists. #Hannity
FBI need to dig harder to find these "lone wolves" on social media. ISIS uses Twitter and Facebook to recruit and spread ideology #Hannity
I have the latest update on FBI investigation into brutal beheading in Oklahoma from police and terrorism experts. Tune into #Hannity now
Finally @HouseForeign holds hearing on #Tahmooressi next Wed. 81 co-sponsors to #HR620. Will they bother to come back from recess 4 hearing?
Is Obama "wagging the dog" with these airstrikes in #Syria? @kilmeade, @johnrich, @rickungar with their response. Tune into #Hannity
I appreciate @RepAdamSmith for coming on #Hannity. He was the only Dem Congressman willing to come and hear the truth. #Benghazi
"@RepAdamSchiff attacked us, we’re not the enemy. We're the ones who saved 5 American lives at the consulate," says @MarkGeistSWP #Hannity
Don't miss @KrisParonto and @MarkGeistSWP face off against @RepAdamSmith who questioned their accounts on what happened in #Benghazi
For the past six years, Eric Holder's comments about race have been divisive and he's covered up for the president too many times. #Hannity
The arrest of radical Imam @anjemchoudary on terror-related charges was a long time coming. #Hannity
Latest details on the anti-terror raids in London and my reaction to @anjemchoudary's arrest. Tune into #Hannity on #FoxNews right now
Former VP Cheney and Liz Cheney in studio last night
"Obama has consistently demonstrated a refusal to accept good military advice in terms of how he actually uses force," says Cheney #Hannity
Launching campaign of airstrikes in #Syria to combat #ISIS “will not get the job done," says @Liz_Cheney #Hannity
Dick Cheney shares his insight on U.S. strategy to combat #ISIS and whether we need to send troops on the ground. Tune into #Hannity now.
George W. Bush warned with pinpoint accuracy what would happen if we didn’t keep forces in #Iraq. #ISIS #Hannity
Pentagon press secretary Rear Adm John Kirby says Iraqi forces are holding their ground in Baghdad to protect city from #ISIS #Hannity
Dick Cheney shares his observations on airstrikes in #Syria and whether current strategy on #ISIS needs to change. Tune into #Hannity now
The number of U.S. temporary employees has increased by 50% since 2009. Learn why @ExpressPros #AmericaEmployed #AD
EXCLUSIVE: Dick Cheney and @Liz_Cheney will discuss U.S. strategy against #ISIS tonight at 10p ET #Hannity
If there was ever any doubt as 2 the level of regard Obama holds for our military, this latte salute seals the deal
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Moderate Muslims must join the fight to defeat #ISIS and radical Islamists who have hijacked their religion. #Hannity
All the gains we made in #Iraq were lost because Obama would not leave training and intelligence forces #Hannity
Have you seen Obama's "latte salute" to the Marines? Tune into #Hannity right now.
"If you're going to go to war, you go to war to win. We have to fight to win," says Lt. Col. Peters on strategy against #ISIS #Hannity
Lt. Col. Peters on airstrikes against #ISIS: tactical success isn't knocking out windows, it's acres and acres of dead terrorists. #Hannity
Obama did nothing while city after city in Iraq fell to #ISIS. He refuses to listen to any advice our military generals gives him. #Hannity
A month ago, Obama said it was a "fantasy" to arm the Syrian rebels and now that's the cornerstone of his strategic plan #Hannity
The war against #ISIS is underway as airstrikes hit #Syria. What does this mean for national security? Tune into #Hannity on #FoxNews