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Sean Hannity
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Israel tells civilians to leave where Palestinian fighters are -Hamas tells their people to shield missiles. Go 2 #Ad
My friend @replouiegohmert filling in for me today on radio. Go to to learn more.
Hamas and ISIS are radical Islamic organizations. They want to establish a caliphate through the world. Go to #Ad
As long as Hamas and ISIS remain in power, there will be no peace in the Middle East. Go to #Ad
America's toughest sheriff @RealSheriffJoe on how more terrorists are exploiting our border security. Coming up on #Hannity
"President Obama doesn't view the U.S. as a nation that needs to lead the world," says @SenJohnMcCain. Tune in now #Hannity
Coming up, @SenJohnMcCain calls for Obama to present a comprehensive strategy to defeat #ISIS. Tune in now #Hannity
People like @anjemchoudary want an Islamic caliphate. What he doesn't understand is that we don't need to be liberated by Islam. #Hannity
Radical Islamists like @anjemchoudary have no respect for people of other faiths, and no respect for innocent human lives. #Hannity
#ISIS has declared war against U.S. They said they want to raise flag of Islam at White House, they're more ruthless than #AlQaeda #Hannity
Tune into #Hannity for Catherine Herridge's report on new assessment of #ISIS military and intelligence capabilities.
TUNE IN: @SenJohnMcCain joins me to discuss the U.S. strategy to defeat #ISIS tonight at 10p ET #Hannity
Hamas uses children to shield their weapons. To tell our leaders to stand against hate and death, go to #Ad
Bought the radio staff Burger King to show our support for their acquisition of Tim Hortons-Wow are these fries good!
My ideas for the GOP to help serve as a framework & should help inspire Americans with a clear vision of the future
Hamas allows children deaths to garner world sympathy. The media should expose & condemn, Go to #Ad
Israel's Iron Dome defense system is highly regarded across the world. This video is proof of that reputation
If you haven’t seen #HomicideHunter on @DiscoveryID, check it out TONIGHT. @LtJoeKenda is the real deal! #AD
"There is a great thirst for justice and justice will be had," says #MikeBrown family attorney on #Hannity #Ferguson
It's irresponsible for people to focus #MikeBrown case solely around the issue of race without having all the facts. #Hannity
Latest details on the hunt for #ISIS militant who beheaded #JamesFoley with Kitty Logan and Catherine Herridge. Tune in now #Hannity
This isn’t just Israel’s fight; it’s that of America and the civilized world. Go to #Ad
I will be on @seanhannity 1 hour studio audience show tonight on Ferguson MO @FreedomWorks #LNYHBT #tcot
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Disturbing: 25 people/celebs/teams Obama has made time for while ignoring Sgt Tahmooressi.@FreeTheMarine:
Let our leaders know you stand against Hamas’ depraved culture of intolerance, hate and death. Go to #Ad
Check out my assistant @MichaelaStracar new blog about her dog Bailey…
There are two sides to every story. We must not rush to judgment until we get all the facts and complete investigation #Ferguson #Hannity
Hamas used Israeli resources like electricity, cement to build tunnels. These resources should have gone to schools, hospitals #Hannity
I got a first-hand look at the Iron Dome, Israel's missile defense system and how IDF uses it to save lives every day. Details next #Hannity
#Obama admin seems to be doing nothing about the threat #ISIS poses to our country, says Bill Cowan #Hannity
New details on #JamesFoley investigation and ISIS from @SkyNews correspondent John Craig, @JenGriffinFNC, Catherine Herridge on #Hannity
Radicals behead an American journalist. Terror goes by different names but have the same goals to destroy Israel #Ad
5pm EST on radio today I'll join @radio_tel_aviv. We'll hear from Israeli people & listen to their concerns with renewed threats from Hamas
Tune in #Hannity: @TheJuanWilliams and @larryelder on #EricHolder's meeting with #Ferguson community leaders.
#Ferguson Committee member Patricia Bynes joins me next to discuss what lies ahead for her community #Hannity
My reaction to #ISIS video of #JamesFoley is one of anger. What are we going to do about this? How will Obama respond? #Hannity
Lt. Col. Ralph Peters says Obama should order intense strategic airstrikes against #ISIS targets #Hannity
#Hannity Exclusive: Former VP Dick #Cheney joins me to discuss the death of #JamesFoley and ISIS, tonight at 10p ET
"I’m at @NASA's Apollo launch pad in FL! Leaking my new song, American Flag on the Moon. Take a listen @astro_reid…
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Exclusive interview with @PRyan about his new book, “The Way Forward” on radio next hour
Someone looks tired “@MichaelaStracar: Good morning Bailey!!!
Eric Holder shouldn't be going down to #Ferguson, he said we're “a nation of cowards” on the topic of race #Hannity
Coming up: Two #Ferguson business owners whose stores were targeted by rioters. #Hannity
Obama doesn't seem to want to come to grips with just how brutal #ISIS push is for Islamic caliphate. #Hannity