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Scott Mc☁
Want to be a doodler? Great, because we're hiring! Learn about the team and how to join:…
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Oh, look! It's me, @davaja, and a special friend. ÑAM Festival. Be there.
Yo, SPAIN! Now in Palencia. :-) 3-Day workshop starts tomorrow(Tues)+Lecture Friday. Me, Aja, Madden...Gonna be cool
We are delighted to announce that we'll be publishing @scottmccloud's The Sculptor this February in the UK!
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Hey, @jeffsmithsbone! These babies are all over Madrid Airport today!:
(All told, THE SCULPTOR has been licensed in six languages, but having trouble remembering which have been officially announced—duh! "✺__✺")
Right after @PlanetadComics' Spanish announcement, I'm stoked to report the esteemed @SelfMadeHero will publish THE SCULPTOR in the UK. ^__^
We are off to Spain in a few hours. So, what are @scottmccloud and I doing? Seeing Boxtrolls, of course!
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Read the text. Ignore the video. Swan is a very interesting cartoonist who I'm sure will produce great stuff:…
Friday's suggested #comics text 4 #BannedBooksWeek got some attention from @scottmccloud recently: _Stuck Rubber Baby_which I taught in '13!
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Comics: Planeta DeAgostini Cómics publicará El Escultor de Scott McCloud en 2015: Planeta DeAgostini Cómics ha...
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Planeta has announced the spanish edition of THE SCULPTOR! Oddly, Translate thinks their name means "Dark Horse"(??)…
☞ San Diego Central Library ☜ » TONIGHT! (Thurs) 7pm, see « ☆ Me and @larrymarder for ☆ #BannedBooksWeek & @CBLDF!
TONIGHT! 7pm San Diego Central Library, 330 Park Blvd, San Diego CA #BannedBooksWeek #CBLDF
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The Washington Post weighs in on #BannedBooksWeek and Comics: with @neilhimself, @jeffsmithsbone, @CBLDF & me.
Just watched Our Idiot Brother again. Still really like that movie! #underrated
☞ San Diego Central Library ☜ » Tomorrow (Thurs) 7pm, see « ☆ Me and @larrymarder for ☆ #BannedBooksWeek & @CBLDF!
Nice! 10 styles, 100 characters, by Jaakko Seppälä: (via @the_enigmatist)…
We are excited to announce Aline Kominsky-Crumb, Scott McCloud, Raina Telgemeier, & J.H. Williams as Guests of Honor, 2015 MoCCA Arts Fest!
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MoCCA 2015! Delighted & honored to appear alongside Aline Kominsky-Crumb, JH WIlliams & Raina Telgemeier next year!…
Good morning, SAN DIEGO: 2 more days 'til @larrymarder and I take the stage for…
Aaah! So stoked that Eleanor Davis (@squinkyelo) will (apparently) do all 4 first-day-of-the-season doodles!
Did you see @squinkyelo’s “first day of fall” google doodle today?
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Kind of in love with Dyson's all-in-one faucet dryer design. Elegant in that slap-your-forehead "but of course!" way.
Check out this great Manifesto from CCS: THE WORLD IS MADE OF CHEESE…
@scottmccloud We're doing an early #24hcd event in Leipzig, Germany next weekend:
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24 Hour Comics Day is October 4th! Ivy and I will be in Spain, but you can be at the drawing board if you want:
as impossible as making #24HCD happen the same day as a Yom Kippur gathering is, I'll take the challenge so I can mail it to @scottmccloud
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San Diego! Join me and @larrymarder at the SD Central Library, Thursday PM for Banned Books Week:…
@scottmccloud Next you'll be telling me Pluto isn't a planet...
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Okay, it's official! Quick, unscientific survey has convinced me. "Word Balloon" is passé. "Speech Bubble" it is! #mind #blown
"Speech Bubbles" or "Word Balloons"? Which do you say? And how old are you?
I know scott mccloud says the standardized term is word balloons but I can't not call them speech bubbles
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Excerpt from "In Real Life," a young adult graphic novel about gold farmers.…
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October 17th 2014 @comicartfest launches with The Magic Of Comics by @scottmccloud in person… Scroll down to book NOW!
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Well, WE knew she was a genius already:… ...but I stupidly didn't realize she's on Twitter! Following @AlisonBechdel
@scottmccloud son(8) obsessed with my copy of Understanding Comics. 'Mom, this is not a hat! It's not even a painting of a hat!' Thank you!
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Daughter #1's blind filmmaker tumblr is really kicking into high gear! Check out the fascinating discussions here:
My daughter. She impresses me daily: RT @pineappleinc I'm blind, I make movies and I have a blog. Check it out.
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Yet another Great Thing on the Internet™ that's been there for years but I'm just finding now (thnx @amandaberkeley):
Are there Polish Avant Garde comics, you ask? Why yes there are:…