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Science News
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Robo-fingers could help humans get a grip. Robot tonglike digits provide dexterity of a seven-fingered hand:
Hepatitis E may be widespread in England because of a trend toward undercooking pork:
Pinch parchment worms in the dark, and you'll see their mysterious glowing mucus:
Oddly beautiful, tube-dwelling parchment worms make a mysterious glowing mucus…
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Dust from the Sahara may have fed the Bahamas’ growth
Laser pointers are for more than cats, you can use them to measure the width of a single hair!…
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Pinch a parchment worm, and you'll get blue mucus that glows. The glow lasts for minutes. How it's made is unclear:
A new study in runners shows rivalry is linked with a performance boost
Babies’ brains practice words long before they can speak:
NASA explores the science of the northern lights. A photographer captures their beauty:
Dinosaurs may have all bundled up in flashy feather coats, new fossils suggest:
Modern science was built by more than just the giants, 'Voyaging in Strange Seas' shows. Review by @tom_siegfried:
What are fast radio bursts from space? Where do they come from? @CosmicThespian gives us some clues: #longreads
Westerners’ carb-rich diets have long been linked to high levels of cancer, and scientists have begun to work out why
The U.S. military battles adenoviruses and, with vaccinations, is starting to win:
Even toddlers take joy in the misfortune of others:
Packrats can repeatedly eat poison if they have the right gut microbes:
Mouse sperm shoot along straighter paths by ganging up
Spectacular sandstone structures form without cement:
Chocolate comes from rotting cocoa beans, and other weird materials science facts in 'Stuff Matters'. Our review:
Just when you thought quantum physics couldn’t get any weirder, it violates the pigeonhole principle:
Bacteria's bodies were thought to be deadweight in the water. Not so, a new study says:
Want to do more than watch fireflies? Firefly Counter lets you enjoy the light shows and contribute to science: