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Science News
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Antimicrobial compound Triclosan, found in soaps and toothpaste, may help infectious bacteria stick around
Bacteria of the hunter-gatherers' guts are substantially different from those of Westerners and even African farmers
Damsel(fish) in distress. Fish near CO2-laden reefs act drunk. @MeghanDRosen reports:
Ocean bacteria may have shut off ancient global warming:
IPCC: Rapid adoption of alternative power production will be necessary to avert a climate crisis
Saturn may be getting a new moon. Note the bright arc at the edge of Saturn's rings
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Ancient Mars may have resembled Antarctica (but without penguins)
Core of dead star lenses light of sunlike star it orbits: (w/video)
20 years ago, physicists met to explore the ramifications of quantum information. @tom_siegfried was there:
Cloning produces stem cells from adult skin:
New tools reveal new truths about fungi, flies, antibiotics:
RIP NASA’s Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer: #LADEE
The name of the fungus: Genetic advances spur mycologists to put their kingdom in order
For people with a specific gene variant, eating a lot of processed meat may increase risk of getting colon cancer
Read more about how a new study suggests that rarity increases the attractiveness of facial hair:
Our @scicurious was interviewed about the attractiveness of beards, and how it's about what's rare, not the hair
If same holds true in humans, children's sleep deprivation could alter adult behavior.
Poor slumber is bad for young flies' brains:
Protein that gets sperm into egg identified:
To do: Exhibits to explore this May in D.C. and New York
RT @ScienceNewsOrg: More visuals from today's #Kepler186f press conference available here:
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The offseason may not allow enough time for football players' brains to heal from hard hits:
Two chimps go bed shopping. What are they after? Rain protection? Cover from predators? @SarahZielinski can tell you: