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Science News
Red wine’s anticancer powers prove better in moderation:
Shimmering aurora spotted at pole of distant star:
In a rooster-peck-rooster world, rank has its privileges:
Remains of Jamestown leaders discovered
Brain activity in unconscious patients offers new views of consciousness:
Under a microscope, carefully arranged diatoms form a dazzling display: #sciviz
Juvenile seahorses can grasp with their tails, but babies aren't so coordinated:
New flexible fiber could inspire improved pacemaker leads and stretchable power cords:
Truffles have unseen help concocting their prized — and pricey — aromas:
Jamestown coffins reveal four founders of English America: #archeology
Buffalo or cattle feces is not as efficient as elephant poop for dispersing seeds:
Anesthesia elicits different patterns of brain waves in the very young and very old:
Baby seahorses have the power for beyond-fast strikes at prey. But sometimes, they bumble:
Here's how your pics can help ornithologists develop a better bird photo ID tool:
Anesthesia has different effects on young and old brains:
Certain microbes may help brew signature scents that distinguish truffle species:
Laser light made inside cells: Microscopic implants trap, amplify light, track activity:
Precise count of Avogadro’s number furthers efforts to redefine the kilogram:
Pluto’s icy landscape comes into view:
Social pecking order gives roosters something to crow about:
RT @googlescifair: An in-depth look at how the brain uses internal clocks to perceive time:
Truffle terroir is a thing: #Microbiome helps truffles smell like truffles
Dr. Evil would be proud: Cells now implanted with #lasers:
Scientists have isolated a human immune protein that fights the MERS virus in mice:
Microbes’ role in truffle scents is not trifling. Here's why:

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