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Science Museum
An electric cage & Sherrington's Cat are some of the quirky things you can see in our free #smMindMaps exhibition
We're very excited by the announcement of the new £5 million maths gallery at the @sciencemuseum. Follow the museum to be kept up to date.
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If the Large Hadron Collider @CERN could make music, what would it sound like? Find out in today's #LunchtimeReading
Missed our news? We open a great new exhibition about engineering this Dec… #EngineerYourFuture
Do you go with the flow or leave turbulence in your wake? Join our fun event at the Dana Centre tonight
We'll also share the fascinating stories of women and men who work in engineering today #EngineerYourFuture…
Striking objects that explore how engineers design, improve & test ideas will be on display in #EngineerYourFuture
#EngineerYourFuture's interactive games will put your problem solving skills to the test, bringing to life the skills engineers use each day
Introducing Astrarium - the world's first astronomical clock, 1364
What is 3D printing? The question answered in this 0.50 second animated video
Bison roam the edge of a rainbow hot spring in today's #LunchtimeReading
Book now: help @BBC broadcaster @vivienneparry choose the most inspirational women in science of all time
Go behind-the-scenes of submarines and @aardman animators in our #OpenForBusiness @MagnumPhotos exhibition
Hear @AlJean on @grimmers' @BBCR1 show talking maths & The Simpsons after our event on Fri w/ @SLSingh (2:50:00)…
Samira Ahmed chairs a panel offering new perspectives on the role of sci-fi. Tickets now on sale #SindbadSciFi
Nobel Prize-winning physicist Enrico Fermi was born #OnThisDay in 1901. Read about his 1942 nuclear reactor here…
My lab carried out an expt @sciencemuseum last year, it's great (N=>600). Live Science, application deadline 1 Oct:…
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In today's #LunchtimeReading a discovery suggests the building blocks of life may be widespread throughout our galaxy…
Went to Science Museum yesterday, these were on display. How old do I feel? Please tell me you remember them?
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We're taking part in a @sciencemuseum Lates event in November, so @RobertaWedge went on a fun fact-finding mission
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Free exhibition #MakeLifeWorthLiving: Nick Hedges' Photos for @Shelter, 1968-72 opens @MediaSpaceLDN this Thursday…
Joan Fontcuberta's Stranger than Fiction @sciencemuseum is both hilarious and beautifully choreographed. See it.
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Love museums but no plans tonight? Why not apply for @museomixuk and then remix @derbysilkmill this November…
What's the link between technological innovation & artistic imagination? Hear from a stellar panel on 15 Nov
#OnThisDay in 1928 Alexander Fleming noticed a mould, discovering what became penicillin…
Plutonium: The scary element that helps probe space's secrets… Today's #LunchtimeReading
We're seeking a new @sciencemuseum Keeper of Medicine to lead our curatorial team working on major new galleries:…
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Help science by playing a game about catchy music <- Just a few days left to be included in the first results
The first transatlantic telephone cable, TAT1, was first used 58 years ago this week…
Love museums? @museomixuk are looking for makers, curators & coders to remix @derbysilkmill. Apply now to take part…
Join us next Saturday 4 October at 11.30 and 14.30 for another free children's book reading in our Museum Shop
The Hawk T1 Red Arrows aircraft can fly at 600mph! See what its like & fly yourself in our Fly 360 simulators
Clear skies reveal water on distant Neptune-sized planet. #LunchtimeReading…
Which type of light helps bees find their way to food? Find out in our IMAX film Mysteries of the #UnseenWorld
Septembers book of the month with £5 off in our Museum Shop. Learn about the man behind the science
Tonight we're excited to welcome The Simpsons and Futurama writers Al Jean and David X Cohen to the Museum. Here they are talking hidden maths with author Simon Singh #maths #thesimpsons #futurama
What does the 40,000th digit of Pi have to do with @TheSimpsons? Uncovering hidden maths @AlJean @SLSingh David Cohen
We're excited to have @SLSingh here tonight talking maths, @TheSimpsons and Futurama with @AlJean & David X Cohen
.@museomixuk are looking for makers, curators & coders to remix @derbysilkmill this Nov. Apply now to take part…
Happy Birthday to Barnes Wallis. Born #OnThisDay in 1887, he invented the bouncing bomb c BAE Systems / SSPL
How would you have answered this 5-year-old's question? I did my best.…
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*CAREER U-TURN* I now want to be "Keeper of Medicine" @sciencemuseum because, with a title like that, WHO WOULDN'T?
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The first transatlantic telephone cable, TAT1, was first used 58 years ago today… #OnThisDay
Only 1 week until moving photo exhibit #MakeLifeWorthLiving opens in @MediaSpaceLDN. Free